You may come into a kitten or a group of kittens who are really obstinate from time to time. And, for some reason, no matter what you do, it will not wean. As a result, you might be wondering how you might keep them happy and at ease.

Weaning (the process of moving a kitten from its mother’s milk to solid cat food) is one of the most important stages in a cat’s life. Kittens frequently require extra attention during this period to ensure that they are getting the right nutrients in the right amounts and that they are on track to become independent.

You can wean a stubborn kitten by showing him food and using the finger feeding method to feed them which gives an exact feeling of the mother cat’s nipples.

You may be especially eager to wean them off of their mother’s milk and transition them. Let me show you how to do it for a stubborn cat through this article.

How to Wean a Stubborn Kitten

Kitten Doesn’t Want To Wean

A kitten doesn’t want to wean because he feels that it is not the right time.

Kitten Doesn’t Want To Wean

If you’ve observed that your cat isn’t weaning her kittens, it might simply be that she doesn’t think it’s the right time. The mother knows what is best for them, and even if it isn’t in the 3-4 week range, she may believe they require additional time.

Weaning is the process of a kitten shifting from its mother’s milk to solid cat food. It is necessary to mature them and make them more self-sufficient.

Cat breeders are looking forward to this ending since it will allow them to find new homes for their kittens.

Typically, mom cats will wean their kittens. This is not always practicable, and a person will be required to intervene. However, the mom cat is expected to do it, and this is the preferred technique.

If a cat is not weaned by its mother, it may develop separation anxiety later. Anxiety and other behavioral disorders might result from this.

You might be questioning why this is necessary at all. It’s an excellent question. However, there are times when weaning is absolutely necessary.

For instance, the kitten may be orphaned and separated from its mother (more on that later), or the mother’s milk supply could be disrupted.

At What Age Kittens Are Weaned?

Weaning can begin as early as four weeks of age for kittens. If they are orphaned from their mother, though, this might happen much sooner.

You may observe that a kitten will attempt to wean itself by attempting to consume her mother’s food on her own. Their mother’s customary response is to push the children out of the way until they are ready for solid nourishment.

How Long Does A Kitten Take To wean?

Weaning a kitten might take anything from 4-6 weeks. This is true whether they drink from your bottle or are fed directly by their mother.

It necessitates a certain amount of patience and cannot be rushed. As you may expect, some kittens will wean sooner than others. It is mostly determined by their personality as well as their physical and mental development.

When To Wean Kittens From Bottle?

Bottle feeding while weaning is required until the kitten reaches the age of four to five weeks. When the kitten reaches that age, there are a few signals to look for that indicate the kitten is ready to start the weaning process.

When To Wean Kittens From Bottle?

The weaning process normally begins when kittens are approximately four weeks old and lasts until they are eight to ten weeks old. If you’re weaning an orphaned kitten, keep in mind that weaning shouldn’t begin too soon.

Solid food can be safely offered to a kitten after its eyes are open and able to focus, and it is stable on its feet.

The weaning procedure may alter somewhat if you have an orphaned cat simply because their mother will not be present to help the process. As a result, I’ll outline some actions you can take to wean her off of bottled milk.

The first step is to simply provide her with a different food source. This is a kitten milk substitute that will help them adjust to the process.

The idea is to persuade it to eat in the same way as it would if it were being nursed by its mother.

There’s a potential she’ll become frustrated with the offer. As a result, you should have a backup bottle on hand just in case.

When your kitten begins to eat the meal replacement from the dish, gradually mix it with regular cat food, also known as gruel, such as regular cat food. Start gently, though. The plan is to progressively increase the amount of real food consumed over time.

If everything goes well, your kitten should be completely weaned off the bottled milk by the conclusion of the process.

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What Happens If You Wean A Kitten Too Late?

If you wean a kitten too late, you run the danger of your cat developing additional health problems later on.

You’ll need to bottle feed them kitten milk replacement formula if they’re less than four weeks old. Inquire with your veterinarian about the best formula for them.

Follow the instructions on the package for the amount of milk to use and how often to feed your baby.

What Happens If A Kitten Is Weaned Too Early?

If a kitten is weaned too early, then he will be facing medical issues.

What Happens If A Kitten Is Weaned Too Early?

Neonates are very young kittens who have not yet been weaned. Over the last decade or two, there have been some modifications in how certain animal control agencies or shelters deal with orphaned kittens that are too young to eat on their own.

There are additional factors to consider even if you locate a willing volunteer to take on the duty of parenting orphaned newborn kittens.

There is a method for feeding and washing kittens, for example. Because these kittens are too young to feed themselves, they must be bottle-fed a warm kitten milk replacement formula.

The kittens must be kept warm and tidy as well. In order for the kitten’s genitals to work properly at first, they must be stimulated. Humans utilize a wet cotton ball instead of the mother cat’s sandpapery tongue to accomplish this function.

It’s difficult to obtain adequate nourishment at this age, but even if you can get the entire milk substitute into the newborn kitten, there’s still more to think about.

Weaning at a young age should be done with caution. When the kitten is roughly four weeks old, you can begin. Due to health difficulties or variances in weight or size, some kittens may require more time in their mother’s milk.

To identify the optimal time to wean, use your best judgment and follow the kitten’s lead. If your pet’s health or energy level changes throughout this procedure, you should immediately resume giving it milk.

How To Tell If A Kitten Is Weaned

You’ll notice that kittens have gotten more mobile and can stand on their feet while holding up their tails when they’re ready to wean.

They’ll also have their canines and incisors at this stage, and they should be using play to explore their environment.

It’s too early to start weaning if your kitten can’t stand, play, or concentrate its eyes. If the kitten shows indications of being ready, you can start weaning as early as three weeks. Make sure your kitten is receiving enough food by keeping a careful check on them.

How Do You Transition A Kitten From Bottle To Wet Food?

You can start with a little spoonful of wet food mixed in with the formula to help the cat get used to the new proteins and tastes.

You’ll gradually increase the ratio so that more wet food is provided at each meal as the kitten grows more accustomed to eating meat. Remove the obstinate kitten from its mother cat for a few hours each day to diminish its need for her milk and presence.

You must provide your kitten with its own food, drink, and litter. When the kitten discovers it can survive without its mother, it will feel more at ease being away from her.

How To Get A Bottle Fed Kitten To Drink From A Bowl?

In a small bowl, pour kitten milk replacer. Place your kitty near the bowl. Touch her mouth with fingers dipped in milk replacer. She should suck the juice from the tip of your finger.

Several times offer a milk replacer on your fingers. Slowly direct her to the liquid with a fingertip in the bowl. She should follow your finger, figure out what you’re doing, and begin drinking from the bowl.

Be patient as kittens lap slowly at first. If she only drinks a tiny amount from the bowl, give her a bottle of milk replacer or give her access to her mother to fill her stomach.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my bottle-fed kitten to drink water?

You may also moisten the cat’s dry food with water. When you put some dry food in the cat’s bowl, mix it in with some water to ensure the cat gets the water it needs. It should be enough to give them roughly two teaspoons of water. Bone broth can also be added to your cat’s dry diet.

Do kittens wean themselves?

Weaning is actually a fairly simple and natural procedure, especially when managed by the mother cat. Her kittens are one of her most reliable cues that it’s time to wean. They start attempting to eat her food at the age of a few weeks, and she has to push them away.

Do some kittens take longer to wean?

Weaning takes around 4 weeks on average, but it can take up to 6 weeks or more for cats to eat totally solid food. The length of time it takes to wean depends on a number of circumstances, including whether or not the mother is present and how the solid food is prepared. By the age of 8 to 10 weeks, most kittens have entirely weaned themselves.

Final Words

Not all kittens are created equal. Treat each pet as unique, pay special attention to difficult animals, and be patient as you wean.

Check on them to see if their health or energy levels have changed, and make any necessary adjustments. It’s recommended to take your pet to the vet if difficulties arise.

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