Humans when fart, it is embarrassing for a lot of people. But I don’t think it is anything to be ashamed of or be embarrassed about. 

Have you ever given thought that your cat may feel the same? I’m sure it would have felt foreign to your ears listening to that cat’s fart too, but it is the truth.

Adding to that they may even feel the same about farting as most other people do. Cats are known not to fart in places they are not comfortable in or around people they don’t feel safe with or feel any sort of displeasure in their presence. 

That is similar to humans who also do not fart around people they are not entirely open and comfortable with. But ever wonder why cats fart? Because when I first heard this I really wanted to know.

Let us find out why cats experience flatulence. 

Why Does My Kitten Fart So Much?

Is It Normal For The Kittens To Fart A Lot?

Just like humans cats also experience flatulence or in simpler words farts. Kittens more often than cats experience this phenomenon. It is completely normal for cats to experience this. 

Flatulence in cats is very normal and it is a common cause of swallowing air or indigestion. Farts could mean something if they are accompanied by other symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, or restlessness in cats. This could be a sign of a disease like Tritrichomonafoetus.

The frequency of farts in cats is pretty low. Initially, it surprises them too when they fart. 

At times you won’t even be able to hear a cat when it farts. The elegance of their species can easily be observed even in common things like farts.

They aren’t very common occurrences but they aren’t unheard of. You shouldn’t think of t much unless something feels out of place. Matters would be concerning if the farts are too smelly or if the cats show other symptoms along with incessant farting. In that case, you should get your cat checked out as soon as you can.

If all of this does not happen you can relax and let your cat be, it could be a simple case of indigestion that would pass on its own after some time.

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Why Does My Kitten Fart A Lot?

Why Does My Kitten Fart A Lot?

When kittens fart it could be because of a few reasons. Young and untrained cats do not know how to properly eat food.

Sometimes they swallow a lot of air, this excess air inside their bodies can cause issues like hiccups or farts. 

Another prominent reason could be allergies in cats. Allergies to things like pollen or certain food allergies could cause the cats to have flatulence. Young kittens also experience these things as sometimes allergies go undetected.

Cats can also have gas due to the consumption of dairy-based products. Kittens when they grow up become lactose intolerant, giving a cat dairy-based food could cause flatulence and discomfort to your cat.

When cats groom themselves, they usually use their tongues to clean their fur, and sometimes hair from their bodies, gets collected inside their bodies, and forms hairballs, these hairballs cause a lot of problems to your cat. Hiccups and farts are common things a cat experiences due to hairballs.

Too much fiber in the cat food could also be held guilty if your cat is experiencing flatulence. This is a common problem with humans too.

Excess of anything is not good, as they say. you should make sure your cat has a balanced why do cats fart smell so bad diet and not consume too much or too less of any nutrient. 

Another likely possibility for farts that is mostly seen in abandoned cats or cats that get separated from their mothers is the underdevelopment of bacteria in a cat’s gut.

Lack of proper nutrition, i.e a mother’s milk could cause these issues. But this is not common and is a very far possibility. It is not even observed in all cats.

Farts in a cat aren’t concerning but if you feel something is wrong, get your pet checked. If you want to ease your cat’s gut make sure you consult with the vet and get the cat’s diet checked.

The vet would probably suggest the necessary changes in your little kitty’s diet and the problem would go away as soon as it comes.

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Do Kittens Fart More Than Cats?

Do Kittens Fart More Than Cats?

Yes, it is observed that kittens fart more than grown-up cats. This could be because the main cause of farts in cats is because of swallowing too much air. Older cats are better trained and experienced than young cats in every way including the way they eat. 

Younger kittens tend to swallow air as they are not trained to eat and experience farts more than older cats.

Older cats commonly experience flatulence due to allergies to food or other things in nature. Consumption of dairy-based food could also be one of them.

Cats when younger are not as lactose intolerant as they are in their older age. So older cats may not fart so much due to gaining experience and also they understand a little about the things they should or should not eat.

Cats are a royal species, when they fart you cannot even hear it at times, let alone worry about it smelling bad. When they grow comfortable around someone or something they won’t hesitate to fart which they typically do.

So if your cat farts around you, should feel special that it feels comfortable around you instead of thinking too much about it and unnecessarily panicking.

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Do Kittens Fart Out Loud?

Do Kittens Fart Out Loud?

Cats are small animals. They are not very huge in size, sometimes when you see them you may wonder how they fit everything inside this little body. So when they fart out loud sometimes it makes you look back and recheck if it is from them.

Cats fart out loud most of the time but it is not uncommon for them to not make a sound while doing so. 

Sometimes human farts too are soundless and just smell bad, but cat farts are denser as they have a small digestive system compared to humans and hence they sometimes they smell much worse.

Kittens fart differently than humans, and the muscles in the nether region work differently than the ones in humans. Cats release farts only if they feel comfortable around someone or something. They need a safe environment and a comfortable setting to release flatulence. 

Their farts may or may not be accompanied by sound. sometimes, they may not even make a sound and you won’t even know that your cat just released a fart. 

The soundless nature of the farts can be considered a part of the elegant demeanor of the cat species. This in any way does not mean that their farts are always soundless it is just that you cannot guess or predict something like this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cat farts tell something about their emotional state?

Yes, cat farts can tell about the emotional state they are in. cats are known to fart when they are scared or anxious. So if your cat seems uncomfortable and is also farting it is probably stressed. You should do something about relieving the stress of your cats 

Do pregnant cats fart more than non-pregnant cats?

There is no distinction between how much a non-pregnant or pregnant cat should fart or not but if your pregnant cat is farting it could be because of worms. Worms could have been picked when outside the cat may have gone out or due to interaction with a different environment. 

Do cats fart as frequently as humans?

Cat farts are not as frequent as human farts but they do fart sometimes. At the maximum, they may fart a few times a day but they do fart less than human beings. Sometimes they may even fart only a few times a week but that is completely normal.


Cats also experience farts. yes, you read it right, cats also fart sometimes loudly, sometimes silently but they do fart too.

In your head, you might be wondering why does it happen and how, and there is more than one reason for that.

Dairy-based food or food with too much fiber in your cat’s diet could cause flatulence in cats. Food allergies or hairballs may also be a reason your cat is farting.

Unless your cat’s fart smell it is not a matter of concern. If your cat’s farts are smelly and are accompanied by other problems such as diarrhea or vomiting it could be a disease and it would be best to get your cat checked out by a vet as soon as you can.

Making necessary changes in your cat’s diet would be enough to resolve the issue. You can consult your vet for the same. It is a very common and discerning matter. You should not fret over it much.


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