Cats, for the most part, are graceful creatures who meander around without a care in the world. They are one of the most hygienic creatures on the earth, and there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t see your cat washing and grooming themselves.

Cats want to be clean and polished at all times, and they are frequently seen as quite prim and proper.

Cat flatulence, like human flatulence, happens when too much gas accumulates in the belly. Burping is exceedingly infrequent in cats, unlike in humans, making it a less effective pathway for gas to leave the body. As a result, it passes through the digestive tract before being evacuated through the anus.

But, here’s one very intriguing question: is flatulence, or farting, also a physical response to some emotional experience of your cat? Read along as we check out if cats actually do fart as a result of being too scared, excited, or happy!

Do Cats Fart When They Are Scared, Excited, Or Happy

Do Cats Fart When They Are Scared Or Nervous?

Do Cats Fart When They Are Scared Or Nervous

Farting is not limited to when cats are terrified; it can occur at any moment, regardless of the situation.

That isn’t to suggest that cats don’t fart when they are terrified, but in this case, it is more likely to be a coincidence than their farting because they are anxious.

Cats, like all living things, experience farts and excess gas. It’s doubtful that you’ll notice your cat farting because it doesn’t happen very often and rarely creates a sound or stinks.

The body of a cat may respond to excess gas in the same manner that our own human bodies do. When we consider our personal flatulence program, we are prone to passing gas at any given moment. Your cat’s body functions similarly.

Cats also do not experience flatulence when they are nervous. When they get very nervous or stressed, cats do sometimes experience some digestive tract issues like diarrhea or constipation.

And these problems may consequently cause flatulence in them. So, in an indirect manner, being nervous, stressed, or anxious may eventually lead to them farting. But flatulence is not a direct consequence of being nervous.

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Do Cats Fart When They Are Excited Or Happy?

While being scared may not always have a relation with your cat’s stinky farts, as it turns out, it is possible for your cat to accidentally fart when it is excited or happy!

A lot of cat parents have experienced this “happy farting” by their furry little babies, especially when they were small kittens.

When kittens get really happy, excited, or nervous, they are filled with exhilaration – and this might be causing a little churn in their tiny tummies, which may eventually be leading to those accidental farts.

However, more often than not, this habit of accidentally farting when they get too excited or happy subsides as they grow into older cats.

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Do Cats Fart As A Defense Mechanism?

Do Cats Fart As A Defense Mechanism

No, cats do not fart as a kind of defense mechanism. A cat cannot control its farts. Cats produce gas to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and to ensure that their bodies continue to operate normally.

Cats do not have much control over when they fart and when they do not, and it is not as simple as pulling one out of the bag when they need to. It is a biological function that occurs when it is necessary, not when your cat decides to.

When it comes to defense mechanisms, cats have a better way to protect themselves in case of risks instead of just accidentally farting. The following are the four main defense mechanisms that your cat may resort to when it feels threatened:

1 – Fight (Defensive or Offensive Aggression)

In such a case, your cat may try to project itself as the alpha in the situation and fend off the threat.

2 – Freeze (Avoiding Attention by Laying Low)

This is where cats make themselves as less noticeable as they can. They either crouch or lay low and become eerily quiet.

3 – Flight (Escaping the Situation)

This is when your cat will put on its racing shoes and escape the threat to retreat to a safer place away from the perceived threat.

4 – Appeasement (Submitting or Surrendering)

This is very common when you take your cat to the vet for its vaccinations and injections. Your cat may first hiss and growl, but eventually, it might just give up and submit to the vet.

So, as you can see very clearly, the cats have multiple different defense mechanisms already programmed to the last detail – different defense mechanisms for different situations and different perceived threats.

And in none of the above defense mechanisms is farting a commonly seen symptom. So, if you have observed your cat fart when it has perceived a threat and is acting defensive, it is very likely that the flatulence was only a coincidence.

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Why Does My Cat Fart Whenever I Pick It Up?

Why Does My Cat Fart Whenever I Pick It Up

Is your cat farting when you pick it up? It might seem weird and you might be wondering if there is a connection between being picked up and flatulence.

To your surprise, there actually might be a connection between the two things. But it is more about how and when you pick your cat up, and not about your cat having issues with being picked up.

What is meant here is that the way you pick your cat up, and the timing of picking your cat up, could have a role to play in your cat’s flatulence. Check out these two reasons to get more clarity:

Possibility 1 – You are picking your cat up in a way that puts a lot of pressure on its tummy

If you pick your cat in such a way that there is some excess pressure being applied to your cat’s tummy region, then it is possible that your cat might end up farting because of that applied pressure.

It’s almost like in newborn babies – when you hold an infant’s legs and cycle them and press them inwards even lightly, it pressurizes the tummy area, and the baby passes gas.

Now obviously do not try holding your cat’s legs, as it may either lead to your cat being injured or you being scratched and shredded by it.

But the concept is similar. When there is a little excess pressure applied on your cat’s tummy region, especially if it already has gas cooped up in it, your cat may experience flatulence.

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Possibility 2 – You are picking your cat up either right after it eats or right before it is about to use the litter box

These are the most obvious reasons why your cat may end up farting when you pick it up. If your cat has just eaten, or if your cat is about to go freshen up in its litter box, your cat’s digestive system is in the prime functioning zone. Picking your cat up at such times may lead to flatulence.

So, the bad news is that maybe the problem here is your timing and action. But the good news is that your cat has no problem being picked up by you – you just need to adjust your timing and way of lifting a little. And then, you’ll be good to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my cat fart every time I pet her?

Petting or cuddling with your cat has no direct relation with them passing gas. A good chance is that it is a mere coincidence. However, if you have observed this behavior frequently, try observing your cat at other times too. Chances are your cat is flatulent a lot of the time – and if that is the case, then it is better to consult a vet to rule out any major underlying health issues.

Do cats fart when they are relaxed?

Not really.
There is no medical or biological connection between your cat’s sense of relaxation and your cat’s flatulence. Farting is a bodily function that your cat has no control over. Your cat cannot control its farting – when there is gas to be passed, the cat simply obliges with its body.

Can cats fart on purpose?

Not at all.
Cats absolutely cannot control when they want to fart. So, your cat is simply obliging with what its body demands at the moment.

Final Words

If your cat has a lot of flatulence and/or other digestive problems like diarrhea or vomiting, you should take them to the doctor. Bring a fresh fecal sample, if possible, to help your doctor determine what’s wrong with your cat’s digestion.

A little flatulence in cats is usually no reason for alarm. Their bodies are merely digesting what is going on around them. If you have any concerns about your cat’s digestion, your veterinarian can help you figure out what’s wrong and even make tailored diet suggestions.


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