So your cat farts a lot! It always makes you giggle before the fragrance of their ‘bottom burp’ strikes you square in the face!

It’s entirely normal, and we all let out a little gas now and then — even adult cats and cute kittens. If you’ve ever been having a nice time around the home with your favorite kitten sitting on your knee and you’re suddenly assaulted with a horrible stink, you know how unpleasant these episodes of gas can be.

While the occasional toot isn’t a concern, an extremely gassy kitten may be a major issue. Excess gas not only stinks up your house, but it might also be an indication of a serious underlying problem.

Many common diseases/illnesses that kittens might get as they grow can be effectively controlled with increased moisture in canned meals, because cats originated in the desert, they are not predisposed to drink a lot, thus feeding them canned food helps enhance water consumption.

All kittens should eat wet food, but not all wet meals are the same.

Best Cat Food For Gassy Kitten

Best Food For Cats That Fart

Best Food For Cats That Fart

Kittens are growing cats, thus their food requirements differ from those of adult cats.

Wet meals created particularly for kittens will help them grow healthy and strong, will allow them to chew and swallow even if they don’t have all of their teeth, and will be an excellent method to wean them off of nursing.

Here are our in-depth assessments of the top 8 gassy kitten cat foods for 2022.

Many kittens produce gas, which is largely odorless, from their digestive tract. Farting is a regular occurrence in cats. Though most flatulence (gas) is innocuous, some red flag situations necessitate the care of a veterinarian.

The release of intestinal gas (flatus) through the rectum is known as flatulence. It occurs as a result of accumulated gas in the feline’s digestive tract. In many cases, kitten flatulence is caused by your cat swallowing too much air, or it might be caused by dietary allergies.

The best technique to treat gassy kittens is to change their diet. You can begin feeding a new diet that is low in fiber and soy. Avoid making a drastic alteration in their typical diet.

Get recipes that are low in fiber and high in digestibility. If necessary, get guidance from a veterinarian.

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According to Dr. Blackburn, “Canned goods with gravy, such as shreds, chunks, and so on, are very high in carbs, especially those that come with gravy.” The traditional paté is the greatest tinned food.” Ingredient differences might also make it difficult for a kitten owner to select the best-wet food for their kitten.

Rich protein, low fiber, and digestible components will be found in the finest cat food for gassy kittens. They will also be devoid of soy, wheat, and maize.

Gas can be released by cats owing to damaged food, poor feeding habits, parasites, and other factors. As a result, our collection includes diets from a variety of categories.

Continue to the bottom of the page to discover more about each cat recipe in detail.

1. Recipe for Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Chicken Best Overall Cat Food For Gassy Kitten: Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

The first five ingredients are: Menhaden Fish Meal, Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Tapioca Starch

Verified Product Analysis: 40% Crude Protein, 20% Crude Fat, 3.5% Crude Fiber, and 9% Moisture

Caloric Content: 3,954 kcal/kg

Product Type: Grain-Free, High-Protein, No Corn, Wheat, or Soy

Stage of Life: Kitten

Best for: Controlling gas in kittens with the best formula

2. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Turkey & Chicken Liver Pate Canned Kitten Food | Best Wet Food For Gassy Kittens

The first five ingredients are: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Turkey Broth

Verified Product Analysis: 12 percent crude protein, 7.5 percent crude fat, 1% crude fiber, and 78% moisture

Caloric Content: 1,273 cal/kilogram

The best-canned kitten food for gassy kittens.

Product Types: Grain-free, gluten-free, corn-free, wheat-free, soy-free, pea-free

Best for: Managing gas in kittens with the best moist cat formula

3. Feline Health Nutrition by Royal Canin Dry Cat Food for Spayed/Neutered Kittens | Best Food For Gassy Kitten Weight Management

The first five ingredients are: Chicken By-Product Meal, Brewers Rice, Corn, Powdered Cellulose, Corn Gluten Meal
Verified Product Analysis: 32% Crude Protein, 10% Crude Fat, 13% Crude Fiber, 8% Moisture

Caloric Content: 3,274 kcal/kg

The best diet for controlling weight in gassy kittens.

Product Type: Weight Loss, Dry Food

Stage of Life: Kitten

Best for: Controlling weight and gas in kittens with the best cat recipe.

4. Merrick Purrfect Bistro Kitten Dinner Grain-Free Canned Cat Food – The Best Diet For Gassy Kitten Muscle Development

The first five ingredients are: Natural Flavor, Deboned Chicken, Chicken Broth, Chicken Liver, Deboned Salmon

Verified Product Analysis: 9 percent crude protein, 4% crude fat, 1.4% crude fiber, and 78 percent moisture

Caloric Content: 1131 kcal/kg caloric content

The best combination for maintaining muscular growth in gassy felines.

Product Type: Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Corn-Free, Wheat-Free, Soy-Free, High-Protein, Pea-Free

Stage of Life: Kitten

Best for Muscle growth for gassy kittens.

5. Hill’s Science Diet Best Indoor Cat Food For Gassy Kittens | Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food

The first five ingredients are: Whole Grain Oats, Chicken, Wheat Gluten, Brown Rice, Chicken Fat

Verified Product Analysis: 33.5 percent crude protein, 16.5 percent crude fat, 3.5 percent crude fiber, and 8% moisture are guaranteed.

Key Feature: Best indoor diet for gassy kittens.

Caloric Content: 544 kcal/cup

Product Type: Indoor, Dry Food

Stage of Life: Kitten

Best for: The most effective indoor formula for reducing gas in kittens.

6. Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food – Best Highly Digestible Food For Gassy Kittens

The first five ingredients: Corn Gluten Meal, Rice Flour, Soybean Meal, Chicken, Chicken By-Product Meal

Verified Product Analysis: 40% Crude Protein, 18% Crude Fat, 2.5% Crude Fiber, and 12% Moisture

Caloric Content: 3,885 kcal/kg

Product Type: Indoor, Dry, High-Protein Food

Stage of Life: Kitten

Best for: Gassy kittens on a highly digestible diet

7. Grain-Free Organic Kitten Recipe by Castor & Pollux Best Organic Cat Food For Kittens With Gas-Canned Cat Food

First five Ingredients: Organic Dried Egg, Organic Chicken, Organic Chicken Liver, Organic Pea Protein, Organic Coconut Flour 

Verified Product Analysis: 9 percent crude protein, 7% crude fat, 1% crude fiber, and 78% moisture

Key Feature: Best organic feed for kittens with gas issues.

Caloric Content: 1327 kcal/kg

Stage of life: Kitten Type of Product: Organic, Grain-Free, No Corn, Wheat, or Soy, Non-GMO, Natural

Best for: Gassy kitties who need a formula with organic components.

8. Diamond Naturals Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food – Best Cat Food For Digestive Health In Gassy Kittens

First 5 Ingredients: Grain Sorghum, Chicken Fat, Dried Yeast, Chicken, Chicken Meal

Verified Product Analysis: 34% Crude Protein, 22% Crude Fat, 2% Crude Fiber, 10% Moisture

Caloric content: 4,052 cal/kilogram

Key Feature: The best diet for gassy kittens’ digestive health.

Product Types: There will be no corn. Wheat isn’t allowed. Life Stage: Kitten (no soy, no peas)

Best for: Controlling digestive health and gas issues in kittens.

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What Cat Food Does Help With Gas?

What Cat Food Does Help With Gas

Choosing the correct cat food for your feline buddy is a great place to start when it comes to flatulence management. Choose a food plan that includes all of the essential vitamins and minerals and is appropriate for their size, age, and level of activity.

For example, while fiber is beneficial to a cat’s digestive tract, too much fiber might create excessive flatulence.

Your veterinarian may suggest a therapeutic cat food, such as Hill’s, that is particularly prepared for healthy feline digestion in some circumstances.

Cat farts are also one of the reasons you shouldn’t feed your cat human food, in general. According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials, several foods, including some fruits, are suitable for cats in moderation (AAFCO).

However, consider the consequences of consuming too much fiber. Consider what would happen if something happened to your cat. Isn’t it terrible?

Always check with your veterinarian before giving human food to your cat to confirm that it is safe to do so.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Cat Food For Gassy Cats 

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Cat Food For Gassy Cats 

1. Grain-Free Kitten Food

For starters, many kittens suffer from grain allergies, which can result in excessive flatulence. Second, many grains are difficult for cats to digest. One of the causes of flatulence is indigestion. The best option is to eat a grain-free diet. Avoid wheat, soy, peas, maize, and other difficult-to-digest substances if at all feasible.

2. Protein-Dense

The body of a cat requires a lot of protein to function properly. If your pet didn’t get enough protein, it wouldn’t be able to digest the food it ate.

Intestinal gas is produced as a result of this scenario. Aside from that, a shortage of protein causes serious health problems.

3. Less Plant-Based Ingredients And More Animal Sources

Feeding a meal with more animal protein than plant nutrition to your beloved friend will help manage gassiness. Diets that include a lot of animal protein in the top five components are the best.

Make sure to select recipes that use primary ingredients such as turkey, chicken, hog, lamb, and beef.

4. Natural

An excessive amount of processed food in their diet might lead to gas production. You may avoid it by giving your cat a new cat food made with natural or organic components.

5. Ingredient-Restricted And Novel-Protein

Consider limited-ingredient diets with new proteins, as dietary allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances are frequently the cause of gassy kittens. The majority of limited-ingredient recipes are free of allergy-inducing ingredients.

Novel protein allergies are quite uncommon. As a result, you may give your gassy cats diets including venison, kangaroo, and rabbit protein.

6. Wet Food

The ideal feline food for gassy kittens should be flaky or pate-like in texture. Wet formulations include more water in them, which makes it simpler for your pet to digest. Additionally, canned meals can assist cats with stomach issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does wet food make cats gassy?

Because each cat is different, some cats may produce less gas when eating dry food than when eating wet food, or they may respond better to specific components than others. It’s usually the components that are the issue.

Do cats fart when they are stressed?

When cats are terrified or worried, they may fart. When you’re placing them in the carrier for the vet, this might happen. As a person, you may be familiar with the adrenaline rush that causes your stomach to churn before a test or during a frightening event.

Final Words

Flatulence in cats can be reduced by feeding highly digestible, low residue, low fiber, moderate fat, and additional moisture diets.

You may pick a specific diet from this list after diagnosing the reason for gas development in your beloved friend.

It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for kittens. If you’re unsure, talk to your veterinarian and inquire what they believe is best for your kitten. It’s vital to have an accurate diagnosis, and expert help may go a long way toward relieving your kitten’s gassiness.

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