An unneutered cat usually has a big head. though there are even different breeds of cats that have a big head genetically.

The different breeds of cats have their own unique characteristics and personalities.

To know more about them let us read the article further.

Why Do Some Cats Have A Big Head Which Are The Different Breeds Of Cats

Why Do Some Cats Have A Big Head?

Usually, the unneutered male cats have bigger and larger heads than the neutered cats.

These unneutered male cats are called tomcats.

The hormones present in the tomcats or unneutered male cats are what cause the large head on the cat.

They usually tend to have chubby cheeks too. The testosterone levels and the hormone orientation in neutered male cats are very different from those of unneutered ones.

In unneutered cats, there is a lack of testosterone and hormones which causes the head and cheek of neutered cats to grow unaltered.

The hormones and the testosterone are present in the testicles of unneutered cats and for neutered cats, it is removed.

Which Breed Of Cats Have A Big Head?

Which Breed Of Cats Have A Big Head?

1. Maine Coon

It is a breed of cat which is from the state of Maine and is a domestic cat.

They weigh up to 25 pounds they have a large head with big paws too.

Though just contrary to its looks it is a very sweet and loving cat. It loves to socialize and be petted.

2. Chausie 

This cat comes from the Egyptian jungles. It is a lean and elegant cat. It weighs up to 20 pounds.

They have athletic personalities.

They are very loving and have a good heart. They love to play and enjoy.

They seem to be a very rare breed.

3. Savannah Cat

This breed of cat is the biggest cat of all cats. It is a mixed breed.

Though their size varies and they up to 30 pounds.

They are very tall and might be the tallest of all other breeds of cats.

4. Ragdoll 

This species of cat is a fluffy cat who would feel wonderful to cuddle with.

They are very calm and sweet. They love affection and are sedentary cats. They are not that large but will limp and collapse when hugged.

They weigh up to 15 pounds in females while a male cat may weigh up to 20 pounds.

They are lovable and cuddly. They are very quiet and will like being indoors.

5. Ragamuffin

They are very similar to that of a Ragdoll. They take 5 years to reach their maximum size. They up to 15 pounds n female cats and 20 pounds in males

They have a medium-length of coat. They are very playful and adorable. They are known for their sweet nature and friendly attitude.

They love cuddling and would be a perfect fit for a family with kids.

6. Turkish Van 

This breed of cat loves water. They weigh up to 18 pounds.

They have a love for high spots in your house and have a sweet attitude.

They are very adventurous and have a strong sense to possess territory.

Not only do they love cuddling and sitting on your love but also they love to swim.

7. Siberian Cat

They come from Siberia and is a completely fluffy and furry cats.

The female cats weigh up to 12 pounds while the male weighs up to 17 pounds.

They are very affectionate and love cuddling. They will keep following their owner around. They look big due to their muscular body and fur.

Though they look like a Russian loyalty. They even have a dense and long coat to protect them from the water.

8. American Bobtail

They are the largest among the breed of bobtails.

Their eyes are round and large and the most amazing feature in the cat is its tail as the name itself specifies.

Their tail is stubby and as long as 1/3rs of a normal tail.

They weigh up to 15 pounds. They look wild but are very affectionate and adorable.

They play a lot and love getting attention. They love to jump around and fetch things.

9. Norwegian Forest Cat

Popular breed amongst Scandinavia.

They are similar to the Maine Coon. They weigh up to 20 pounds in males and 15 pounds in females.

Their fur is waterproof and is well built.

Their fur helps them fight the winters. They like the feeling of being independent but are still friendly and lovable.

They do not want much petting.

10. British Shorthair

The biggest cat with short hair is the British Shorthair.

They are very popular as they are pretty and very lovable. They are proper British as they have a dignified stance.

They are pedigree cats and weigh up to 18 pounds.

Though they are really clumsy when it comes to playing.

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Which Breed Of Cats Have A Big Head And Fat Cheeks?

Which Breed Of Cats Have A Big Head And Fat Cheeks?

1. Ragamuffin

The breed of cat called Ragamuffin has thick and rabbit-like fur. Their coat is really thick and plush.

They do not clump easily. This species of cat is known for its friendliness. They are very affectionate, lovable, cuddly, soft, and playful all the time.

2. Russian Blue

These cats have a really unique personality and a different coats.

They are a naturally upcoming breed and are found in Arkhangelsk.

These cats are also called Archangel Blue. As it is believed that these cats were first found in a place called Archangel island in England and Northern Europe by sailors.

This species of cat is very intelligent and playful.

While they develop very close bonds with their owner they are really timid around strangers.

3. Chartreux

These cats have a very fluffy and stocky body with really thin legs. These cats sometimes are also called a potato on a toothpick. They are very loyal and bond closely with their owners. These cats are very active and athletic. A Chartreux can jump up to a height of six feet, so beware of your furniture.

It is loving, fun, and does not do well alone. They are very intelligent and curious.

4. Scottish Fold

The special feature of the Scottish field breed of cats is a dominant gene mutation that causes their ear cartilage to have a slight fold. The cat then has an owl-like appearance.

They can easily adjust to the environment and other animals. They are very affectionate and feel very attached to the owners.

5. British Shorthair

These cats were crossbred with the Persian cats so as to improve the thickness of their coats. These cats have thick, dense and plush coats. Their eyes are large and have varied colors of eyeballs.

Their cheeks are really chubby and soft and have a round head.

They can tolerate children and interactions. They like being indoors and are really stable.

6. Exotic

They have a short coat but the body and head types are similar to that of Persian cats. They can be groomed easily and are loyal.

These cats are very affectionate and are very lively.

They are very playful and would be suitable to be in a family with children.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat

They have a strongly built body with a bushy and full tail. Their size is larger than that of an average cat.

Their coat is thick and water repellent, and the woolen undercoat is thick at its legs, chest, and head.

They are good at climbing as they have strong claws. They are good and friendly with all but will make loud sounds if left with a dog.

They love getting enough attention.

8. Persian

They are lazy and easy to handle. They love cuddling and are very lovable and affectionate. They will rather cuddle than play.

Which Breed Of Cats Have A Small Body?

Which Breed Of Cats Have A Small Body?

1. Munchkin

It is one of the most well-known species of small cats. They have a small size due to the gene mutation.

They are shorter than normal and have dumpy legs. They are kitten-sized throughout and are very delicate.

They cannot climb up to much height. They are fast and active.

2. Singapura

They also remain kitten-sized throughout their life. They are half the size of a normal cat.

Their body is very delicate and is a good climber.

They love to snuggle and cuddle on your lap.

3. American Curl

They are of different sizes and are petite. They have a curled ears and hence need extra cleaning as compared to other cats.

They are very loving and affectionate. They are friendly with all.

This breed of cat loves to play around.

4. Cornish Rex

These cats have a curly coat and they only have hair down which is very soft to touch. They have agile toes.

They are really small and weigh around 8 pounds.

They have a kitten-like appearance and a cute attitude too.

5. Siamese

They are very lightweight but have a long body. They have a height of around 30cm.

They have a glossy coating with blue eyeballs which makes them extremely popular.

6. Devon Rex

They have genetic makeup similar to that of Cornish Rex and have a weight of about 10 pounds.

They have a small size with a soft coat.

Their eyes are round and big and even their ears.

They would like to be the center of attention and are on its owner’s shoulders most of the time.

They are indoor cats.

What Should You Know About Flat-Faced Cats?

  • Their flat face is due to the genetic trait that involves the skull shape to give a broad appearance.
  • You need to give them special attention to factors like their health.
  • These cats are high-maintenance cats.
  • They have long hair which has to be regularly groomed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Some Cats Have Chubby Cheeks?

Chubby cheeks are seen in sexually matured cats. These are the powerful muscles in the jaw of the cat to improve its ability to fight and create a great appearance.

Should I Worry If My Cat Still Looks Like A Kitten?

No, you should not worry if your cat still looks like a kitten if it is healthy. Though you could confirm with your vet for safety reasons.

How Much Will A Healthy Cat Weigh?

A healthy cat should weigh between 8-10 pounds approximately. Though your vet can give you a better opinion. So make sure you give your cat regular check-ups.

Final Words

Cats tend to have big heads based on their levels of hormones and otherwise genetic influence.

Each breed of cat has its own strong identity and is lovable and cuddly.

You would know the best species of cat that would suit you and your family.

For more queries, you could ask us in the comment section.


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