1. My 2 cats (3 yrs and 10 mths) will wake me up in the morning to feed them wet food. They always have dry. The older one will tap me on the face until I get up. If I shoo her away and don’t get up the younger one will pee on me. I think it’s because I always jump up when she does it. How do I stop it is my dilemma.

  2. The stray cat (Fluffy) I brought with me to my new house was peeing on me because I had to keep her inside for 6 weeks. She also had worms that were treated. I thought we’d turned a corner as I was finally able to let her outside to explore again but she hesitates at the door to come back in. After sitting on cold tiles with a back door open to freezing weather at 2.30am I gave up at 3am but came back down at 5am calling for her from the window in-between times. Finally she ran inside around 6.30am because the bin truck scared her. But she was definitely vocal and unhappy she was out all night in the cold. When we got upstairs she let me pet her on the bed then picked a spot to pee but I pushed her gently off and picked her up and placed her in the kitty litter. She was even ignoring her treats. Eventually I went over to the cat tree and gave her a scratch telling her I was sorry lol so she purred a little then jumped on the bed to let me pet her but soon
    got up and picked a spot to pee yet again and again I pushed her gently to stop but she peed on the clean duvet set I was about to put on the bed of all things! Luckily I had invested in a waterproof fitted sheet and throw for the bed. But I’d really like her to lose this habit. Was she peed off with me or marking her territory as her and my adopted cat Millie are not friends unfortunately.

    1. That is one of a kind story!
      Start by providing her with more litter boxes and some training.
      Make sure the location of the boxes are reachable by your cat. Consult the vet for better advice on this situation. You cat may have an undiagnosed infection.

  3. I have 12 inside kitties. Just kind of happened because we rescued so many. Not taking in anymore as it’s too many. For the most part, they get along other than the occasional fight. My three male cats started marking their territory but I have solved one of them doing this by letting him have his own room. He comes out now and then, but he’s quite happy being by himself or with his sister. Both of the other two males will mark spots and I just have to keep cleaning. Today, I was sitting on my bed watching tv and one of the male cats came up (no other cats were on the bed) and he peed right on me! I was so aggravated at him! He’s never done this before. What would cause him to do this now?

    1. Cats often mark their territory by spraying urine on objects and surfaces in their environment. This behavior is more common in male cats, but it can also occur in females, particularly if they are not spayed. In your case, it is likely that your cat is marking his territory because he feels threatened or anxious in some way. This could be due to a number of factors, such as the presence of other cats in your home, changes in their routine or environment, or even changes in your own behavior or mood.

      To help prevent your cat from marking his territory in this way, it is important to address any underlying causes of his anxiety or stress. This might include providing him with a separate space where he can retreat if he feels overwhelmed, or making sure that he has plenty of opportunities to engage in activities that he enjoys, such as playing with toys or scratching posts. It can also be helpful to provide your cat with plenty of hiding places, such as cardboard boxes or pet tents, where he can go if he feels scared or anxious.

      Additionally, it is a good idea to clean any areas where your cat has previously sprayed urine, as the lingering scent can trigger him to mark the same spot again. You can use a commercial enzymatic cleaner to remove the urine odor, or you can make your own cleaning solution by mixing one part white vinegar with three parts water. Be sure to blot up as much of the urine as possible before cleaning, and avoid using any cleaning products that contain ammonia, as this can mimic the scent of urine and trigger your cat to mark the spot again.

      Overall, it is important to be patient and understanding with your cat, and to provide him with the support and care that he needs to feel comfortable and secure in your home. With time and patience, you can help to prevent your cat from marking his territory in this way.

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