A lot of people restrict depression only to humans, you did too right? But this is the most untrue thing you can believe in.

Your cats being your only source of attention when discovering the fear that you can be snatched away from them, they fall into the deep hole of depression.

Have faith in me or not, but I have brought some similar topics to get you known to certain topics that never get attention. but definitely should.

Without any further explanation, let’s get you right inside all of them.

Cat Depressed After New Kitten

Is The Older Cat Stressed By The New Kitten?

If that’s a question then,

Yes, cats can be stressed out when you bring in a new kitten in the picture. Because now they have a constant fear of their space being taken away and no longer going to be the site of attention.

When you consider introducing a new kitten into their lives, there is going to be unease for them. That’s for sure, but you need to tackle that situation by constantly showering them with love and security.

They should realize that you are going to be there with them and you should be the first one they confide in.

Never cut on their time with you when the new kitten comes, always ensure proper divided time.

Can A New Kitten Make My Cat Depressed?

I don’t mean to make you afraid but,

yes, your cat may go into a state of denial, withdrawal, and also can stop eating. The adjustment would be really hard to make. They are going to be struggling.

But you need to pay extensive care to your older cat in this situation.

Give them their favorite toys, extend their playtimes, try to be there as much as you can.

Another solution would be to get your cat checked once.  You need to be very clear about the reason why your cat is acting in such away.

The addition of a kitten could just be an added reason not the root of that cause. Being very sure of the reason would help you prevent any further miscommunication between your cat and you.

Will My Cat Be Stressed If I Get A New Kitten?

Yes, your cat is going to be stressed once you bring in a new kitten. They will develop a sense of invasion and deception would also peek into their minds.

To be precise, you are the one who needs to decide whether your cat is ready for this extreme addition or not?

You will have to see if the companion you are ready to present to them is actually what they want.

But if you have already decided, then it’s time to act parents.

Below, I am mentioning some points by which you should know your cat is stressed.

will my cat be stressed if get a new kitten?

1.Sleeps More Than Usual

If your cat sleeps longer than usual, it means your cat feels disassociated with the environment they are in. they no longer enjoy doing the usual stuff like roaming around the house, engaging in playful activities. This is a sign of concern.

2.Eats Less

Eating habits are something that would instantly tell you that something is wrong with your cat. If they seem uninterested in the food they usually use to love having, then it’s time to take action. Cats are very particular when it comes to their food, sudden withdrawal shows that your cat needs to be checked.

3.Time Is Inadequately Divided

You have divided your time in such a way where your kitten is getting extra attention or time. Cats are very Intuitive they create distance once the attention is not properly provided to them. They will feel deceptive and you need to be there to clear out the false vision they may have created.

Is My Cat Jealous Of My New Kitten?

Your cat is likely to get jealous of the new kitten. It’s very normal. But you need to be attentive to the times where your cat turns aggressive and can turn out to be harmful.

Usually, cats are considered very aloof which instills the perception of cats not being jealous.

But no, it’s not true. Cats find it disheartening when you introduce another cat to your lives. That makes them end up with jealousy, the energy they channelize into you, they will try to disrupt it by source.

But it has also been evident that after some time, cats outgrow the habit of jealousy and get used to having a new kitten around them.

Hold on buddy, this too shall pass.

How Can You Tell If A Cat Is Jealous Of Another Cat?

Your cat hisses, shows aggression, shows clingy behavior, hiding, etc .to show they are jealous of their new mate.

how can you tell if a cat is jealous of another cat?

1.They Become Aggressive

Take a deep breath below I am mentioning the points as clear as glass.

Aggression is a way through which cats show displeasure towards another cat. Usually, older cats use this method to depict dominance. They show hatred through being extremely aggressive and also telling the other cats that only they can be the center of attraction and the only ones whose territory should exist in the house.

2.Unusual Clingy Behavior

When you have just introduced a new cat to the house, your older cat is more likely to become clingy to ensure that the attention stays limited only to them. Their clingy behavior is also a sign that they are being extremely possessive of you.


When you will try to move your cat after the arrival of the new one, there is pretty good chancing that your older cat will exhibit jealousy through scratching the floor or many good household items.

Parents, beware.

4.Not using the litter box

Cats have the inbuilt habit of keeping themselves clean. All in all, the cat likes being in a clean environment and surroundings. So when they start defecating outside their litter box, they are making their unhappiness, jealousy, and discomfort evident.

Will My Cat Hate Me If I Get A New Kitten?

No, but there will be a sense of fear, your cat will feel threatened and withdrawal is the thing which you can expect in this time period.

Your cat will take some time in seeing the changes around and sitting well with them.  Cats take a great deal of time to acclimate to new changes in their lives.  A new kitten is a very big addition for them.

 The only thing they are more concerned about is you.

 You need to tell them where they stand in the hierarchy and how they are too very essential for you.

Once you provide the reassurance, they will know that the relationship you two share cannot be amended and will get used to the new kitten.

Does A Cat’s Personality Change After A New Kitten?

A cat’s personality can change when a new kitten is introduced to life. But as much I have researched and dug the whole of the internet, I have come to a conclusion that it happens just for a time being.

Yes, cats show some changes in the initial stages, but it’s not common where the issues had persisted.

It goes away with time.

Here’s a list that can make you be cautious in advance once the kitten arrives. Let’s not wait, and dive right into them.

does a cat's personality change after a new kitten

1.Don’t Feed Them Together

Your older cat is likely to lose its appetite in front of your new kitten. To avoid that, don’t feed them together in the initial stages of them knowing each other. Although, try to feed them snacks together which would let your older cat know that something playful and friendly can be done with your new kitten.

2.Allow Interaction Only When You Are At Home

When it’s all-new, try to only put them together when you are there to assure them. When they can know you are around to provide security and sanity to them.

This helps to avoid severe personality changes in your older cat.

3.Train Them To Be Together

Remember, I said to train not to force.

Once in a week get some time to train them to be together, where you put it clear that aggressive is forbidden.

You strictly are in charge of noticing what are points that trigger them when they are around each other.

And the things they can develop an interest in.

These should be the points where you need to work in the next session.

 Why Did My Cat Stop Playing After The New Kitten?

Your cat stopped playing after you brought in a new kitten because it’s their way of showing displeasure towards them. This also shows that your cat is stressed with the new addition and needs your extremely tender care.

your cat may be in a state of acceptance where it is contemplating many things which is making them distant from the playing time. this is normal.

But keep in mind, that if your cat has developed a disliking towards playing In general then maybe it’s time to visit a vet.

How Long Will It Take For My Cat To Accept My New Kitten?

If your cat is younger that it would take about 3 weeks or a couple of months.

I know, even this seems too long to you.

But keeping in mind that cats don’t really like to confide in, it also depends on how much your cat is friendly and accepting towards the new environment.

Talking about the older cats, I am afraid to say that it may take some more time.

As you older cats have already built a social sector around you, it would be hard to settle somebody else into the group.

And it also depends.

If your cat has had a great social outlook in a kitten then it won’t be a problem to get familiar, but if not, then it’s going to take some time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get my cat playing again?

Take out time and try to not leave your cat alone whenever they are playing, this can also be the reason why your cat is refraining away from playing. Take them out to play whenever they are reluctant to play indoors.

Why my cat doesn’t leave me when I come home?

It’s a sign that your cat needs extra time and the time you are providing is not enough, it’s a clear indication that your cat misses you when you are not around.  Also ensure proper access to food, toys when you are not at home.

Final Words

Cats are very less expressive. They will not make it clear to you that what are the points that are triggering them.

Which results in sinking into depression.

When you decide on getting a new kitten, invest your time in your older cat to keep them secure. Keep them protected.

Tell them that their territories are only theirs. There will be no harm to them once the new kitten arrives.

At last, I would end my words by saying that, pets are very giving. They ask for only love as it’s the only thing they expect from us.

Be affectionate, be very clear that they don’t have to give up on anything and they will comply.


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