By nature, cats are solitary animals. Learning that they are pregnant might cause some significant changes in their behavior, and it is only reasonable to wonder why they have suddenly stopped using their litter box. 

Questions regarding their behavior are especially common when it comes to their cleanliness.

We will learn how to better care for our felines during pregnancy as we read this article.

First things first, Cats who are pregnant do not urinate everywhere. However, pregnant cats are more likely to urinate more frequently, which might result in unintentional leaking.

Inappropriate urination may be brought on by a urinary tract infection, hormones, or pregnancy.

Although a cat’s urination may increase during pregnancy, this shouldn’t cause your home to smell like cat urine.

You should keep a watch on any negative conduct like this since it can be a sign of something more serious.

Stay with us until the end of this post to discover more about how your cat’s behaviors may alter when she is pregnant.

Why does my pregnant cat pee everywhere?

Do Pregnant Cats Pee In The House

The likelihood of your pregnant cat urinating indoors may increase during the ending term of her labor.

Your cat has two additional challenges during pregnancy: elevated hormone levels and pressure from one or more pups on her bladder.

Although it might be more challenging for your cat to get to the litter box, she might not be anticipating urinating outside of the litter box in your home.

However, you do not have to deal with this during your cat’s pregnancy. To make things simpler, try some of these suggestions:

  • Include a second litter box in your home. Your pregnant cat is more likely to utilize it if it is easier to get to.
  • Use pee pads as an alternative. Pee pads will smell strong, but if your cat has an accident, they can save your carpet or rug.
  • Try using cat-specific diapers. Although it might not be enjoyable for you or your cat, this alternative can prevent accidents from occurring.

Why Is My Pregnant Cat Suddenly Not Peeing In The Litter Box?

If your pregnant cat is urinating on your bed, she may have a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection.

Why is my Pregnant cat suddenly not peeing in the litter box?

So your cat is not urinating on your bed because she is pregnant, but because of an underlying medical condition, therefore you shouldn’t dismiss it, as something more grave may be taking place.

There is a good possibility your pregnant cat may have a bladder or urinary tract infection. Felines could also get a urinary tract infection, whether they are pregnant or not.

Expect your cat to start using the litter box less frequently since they have no other way to communicate with you that something is wrong. You should keep this in mind at all times.

If your cat urinates on your bed, check the area first before wiping it up. If you notice blood in your cat’s pee, a urinary tract infection is almost certainly the cause.

While many infections may resolve on their own, your veterinarian may also recommend medication that can hasten the healing process for your cat.

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Understanding UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection )

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are rather rare in cats, although urinary tract abnormalities are fairly prevalent. Cats with UTIs may pee a great deal, pass only little volumes of urine, strain to urinate, scream out or whimper while urinating, and their urine may include visible blood.

Another warning sign that anything is amiss with the bladder is urinating outside of the litter box.
And last, a UTI may be present if you often lick your behind.

A UTI often develops when germs ascend the urethra and enter the bladder.

The urine in the bladder should be sterile, but if bacteria get into the bladder they can multiply and develop, which results in a UTI. With or without a UTI, some cats can develop bladder stones, which can lead to other health problems.

What Are The Symptoms of Urinary Tract Problems in Cats?

The bladder and urethra are parts of the lower urinary system. The bladder is where urine is created and is where it is held until the urethra allows it to exit your cat’s body.

Your cat simply wouldn’t be able to urinate regularly if those bodily parts get contaminated or blocked. When your cat has a UTI or other urinary system issue, you can observe any of the symptoms listed below:

  • Frequent urination, yet only a tiny volume of pee is excreted
  • Urinating outside of the toilet
  • Urine with blood in it
  • Effort to urinate
  • While urinating, crying out in agony
  • Increased licking of the urethra

Do Female Cats Spray While Pregnant?

Even while pregnant, your female cat may continue to spray.

Despite being one of the main causes, not all cats who spray do so because they are not fixed. Your cat could still spray even if she is fixed.

Even while in labor, your cat may have a tendency to spray for several reasons, such as:

  • Stress and difficult circumstances
  • Inactivity
  • Especially if you took in a pregnant stray cat from the outdoors, a changed living situation
  • Even when you’re expecting, dealing with a cat that sprays may be aggravating.

However, you should keep in mind that your cat is also under stress. She is undergoing a lot of changes and is not at her best.

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Do Cats Leak When Pregnant?

Although your cat may leak more when pregnant, not all of the leakage is caused by urinating.

Do Cats Leak When Pregnant

Your pregnant cat may urinate more frequently, for instance. Of course, that’s the reason you’re here.

Your cat may cause this when she leaps, stretches, or stands up, but it’s not her fault.

You could also notice that your cat is dribbling milk from her nipples as she gets ready to give birth. Any moist patches on the bed may also have another cause of this.

As labor approaches, she could also start to bleed from her vulva, although this will happen very immediately before she gives birth. Throughout her pregnancy, this leakage won’t continue on a regular basis.

How Do I Stop My Pregnant Cat From Peeing In The House?

Some of the standard advice you read online may not be helpful if you’re attempting to get your cat to quit urinating in the house since she is doing so while pregnant.

How Do I Stop My Pregnant Cat From Peeing In The House

Here are some methods you may attempt to stop your cat from urinating if you feel like you’ve reached your breaking point:

  • When your cat is getting near to giving birth, keep her in one part of the house. In some homes, pregnant cats are kept in extra bathrooms.
  • Replace the litter box. Your cat can have trouble climbing the edge of the litter box if she is pregnant. Encourage her to use a disposable baking pan filled with litter by offering it to her.
  • Consider a relaxing collar. Just make sure it’s pregnancy-safe first!
  • On the areas where your cat urinates, apply Nature’s Miracle. It won’t prevent your cat from urinating for the first time, but it could prevent her from doing so in the same place again.

The most successful strategy, in our opinion, is to confine your cat to a single room in your home. Although isolating your cat from the rest of the home might be challenging, she can get accustomed to that particular space.

When Should You See The Vet

Having a pet that might be expecting is exciting as it gets! But with the excitement comes responsibility and concern for your cat giving birth. Understanding when is the correct time to visit your vet is crucial.

Let’s address your concerns about your pregnant cat and the signs you should watch out for to know when you should consult with the vet.

If your cat is in labor and exhibiting any of the following symptoms: loss of appetite, extreme agitation, irritated yells, and restlessness. Letting out the unwanted material is a basic need and if not fulfilled it may lead to your pregnant cat peeing everywhere to gain your attention or exhibit an underlying disease. In case it happens, you should seek immediate medical attention.

If not handled right once, any of these symptoms might become a health hazard for our cat and the kittens to come, therefore be a little observant when it comes to a pregnant cat and look out for any signs mentioned above.

Why did my pregnant cat pee on the floor?

She could urinate more frequently than normal since the kittens are putting pressure on her bladder. The body’s hormones might potentially be the cause. Or your cat may be experiencing hidden urinary tract issues that you were unaware of.

Why did my pregnant cat poop on the floor?

It indicates that she will give birth in the next week or two. She is losing control of her muscles as a result of the baby’s pressure on her tummy. Very soon after she gives birth to her kittens, it should stop.

Do pregnant cats have diarrhea before giving birth?

In the days before giving birth, many cats suffer diarrhea to cleanse their bodies. It is typical and is brought on by the body’s hormonal fluctuations. 

Final Words

When pregnant, excessive or constant urination may be an indication of something to be aware of and address, or it may indicate a more serious underlying medical problem.

To help you understand why your cat is in labor and how you can support them, we’ve gathered important information regarding the causes of peeing everywhere in cats during pregnancy and several treatment options.

Whether you can do it yourself or with a veterinarian’s help, it’s important to follow the necessary steps to facilitate your cat’s recuperation.

You’re well on your way to developing a positive, cordial connection with the newest member of your family now that you have all the information you need to litter train your new cat.


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