When you have a pregnant cat everything you do around them is done after careful consideration. Even mundane activities like playing seem too harmful with everything in the vicinity seems like a danger. 

But the real danger is small and sometimes goes by unnoticed i.e. fleas. Fleas are common in cats but the risk they carry increases tenfold if they affect a pregnant cat.

If you are a pet parent you would not want your pregnant cat to be affected by any such thing. But what if you land in such kind of situation, you may wonder if the regular way of treating fleas in cats is safe or not.

Let’s find out if it is safe or what are your other options  

Pregnant Cat Flea Treatment 

Can You Give Flea Treatment To Pregnant Cats? 

Yes, you can give flea treatment to a pregnant cat in fact it is strongly recommended by vets but you have to obtain or enquire about the products that are safe to use and would not cause any significant side effects to your cat.

Fleas not only are fatal for cats but if pregnant cats contract fleas they may even pass it to their kittens. Fleas on kittens could kill them. They suck blood from their bodies and can cause anemia which could be fatal for newborn kittens.

There are products available in the market that not only get rid of fleas from the cat’s body but also can cure newborn kittens in close proximity to the cat. You can enquire your vet about the safety and directions to use such products.

Flea treatment as such does not have any side effects hence vets recommend that it is safe and you should use flea treatment on pregnant cats.

Is It Safe To Use Flea Treatment For Pregnant Cats?

Is It Safe To Use Flea Treatment For Pregnant Cats?

Yes, it is safe for you to have flea treatment on your pregnant cat.

But this predicament would vary from cat to cat as not all cats have the same health conditions and medical history so if your cat has any underlying allergies or infections that could get affected by any of these products, hence you should cross-verify with your vet.

Many products like Advantage, Frontline, etc are approved to be used on pregnant or lactating cats and could be safely used for cats. 

It is not only safe but encouraged to use flea treatment on your cat if it is infected and pregnant because it reduces the risk of the newborns being affected by the fleas. 

Fleas are contagious for cats and can easily spread. So when a mother cat gives birth the fleas quickly pass on to the kittens due to contact. They are fatal for newborn kittens, they can be saved if the fleas are detected early but they could lose their lives in a matter of days because newborn kittens are susceptible and have very weak immunity. 

So if the mother cat has fleas before birth, they would likely pass on these fleas to their babies. 

Can Pregnant Cats Wear Flea Collars? 

Can Pregnant Cats Wear Flea Collars? 

Yes, it is absolutely safe for pregnant cats to wear flea collars. There is a wide range of such collars available in the market so before buying one ask your vet for a suitable option. You should buy collars that do not need to be replaced for at least 12 wells after the birth of the kittens.

Flea collars may be the safest way to control the flea manifestation in the cat family. But at times they are proven to be not safe. They are effective for shorter periods of time and if your cat is pregnant you may need something that has long-term effects and is also safe.

Flea collars may be a safer option but they are not as effective as flea treatments.

If you are wondering how are they the safer option is because they do not cause the kittens any harm and the chances of any sort of harm due to physical contact are pretty low.

Can You Use Flea and Tick Shampoo On Pregnant Cat?

Yes, it is safe to use flea and tick shampoo but the approved brands on pregnant cats. Make sure you use the right amount of shampoo and do not use it excessively while giving a  bath to the cat. 

Brands like revolution, advantage, and frontline provide a variety of products that you could use on a cat while it is pregnant or lactating.

But these brands have some product lines that are not yet approved to be used on a pregnant cat, just check before buying that you do not end up buying anything like that. 

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Points To Consider While Giving Flea Treatment To A Pregnant Cat

Points To Consider While Giving Flea Treatment To A Pregnant Cat

 When taking care of a pregnant cat you have to make sure you take all the safety measures you need in performing anything with the cat even playing. 

So when you give your pregnant cat a flea treatment you should keep these points in mind:

  • You should use products that your vet recommends or approves as the vet is more qualified and familiar with your cat’s medical situation and would be in a better position to comment on the product being used.
  • If you use a homemade flea treatment i.e. something like alcohol make sure you use a diluted solution as concentrated ones could cause them discomfort 
  • After giving flea treatment to your cat, sanitize your surroundings too as fleas can recur if they linger in spaces around the cat. 
  • If you are wary of using chemicals you could use products like flea combs or flea collars but these are not as effective 
  • When using flea treatment on your pregnant cat apply the product very gently preferably with a dropper applying a few drops and rubbing them all over the cat’s body.

Make sure you take these little precautionary steps because these small steps could cause large impacts. 

Can I Flea My Cat After Giving Birth?

Yes, you can flea the cat after they give them birth. You cannot bathe the cat for a few days after they give birth so the option of using shampoos is out of consideration.

So you can choose options that would not stress the cat as it is already exhausted after giving birth and the added stress can take a toll on its body.

Although if the mother cat is infected it is likely that the kittens would even be affected by fleas so the positive part about this is you can bathe the kittens, it is also recommended, that Dawn dish wash can be used on the newborns as it is proven safe to use on them. 

When Can I Flea My Cat After Giving Birth?

You can flea your cat after it gives birth, but you cannot bathe it for at least a few days, so you can use other methods to flea it, but any option that includes bathing your cat is out of consideration. 

If you are using some treatment that affects your cat in any way you should not consider those options until the cat recovers.

Your vet would be in a better position to recommend what can be done or not because there may be underlying issues during or after the birth which the vet could deal better with.

So this decision should probably be taken under a vet’s advice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I use flea shampoo on the cat after it gives birth?

The use of flea shampoo would require bathing the cat which is not recommended. You can use other products that do not involve bathing the cat. The newborn kittens can be bathed but not the mother cat. At least not for a few days.

Can I use dish soap on pregnant cats for flea treatment?

Dish soap is considered safe for use and is even proven effective on kittens but you should not take risks and confirm with your vet before using dish soap on expecting cats.


If you have a pregnant cat at home and if it contracts fleas you have to be very careful and safe as your course of action would affect the cat’s health along with that of unborn kittens. So the biggest question is that is it safe to use flea treatments on pregnant cats.

Yes, it is safe to use approved products on your pregnant cat but you should consult your vet before choosing the product it is also likely that your vet may even recommend safer options considering your cat.

There are other ways to flea cats instead of using flea treatments you could use dish soap, flea combs, or flea collars. Even apple cider vinegar has proven to be effective. 

You should also clean the surrounding areas as it may be possible that the fleas may reoccur if not flushed out completely 

So if you had to make the decision would you go to the flea treatment products or would you go with a home remedy option?

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