When you use products for your cat, you are sometimes paranoid that the product is not safe for your cat. Imagine the paranoia if your cat is pregnant. The wariness increases tenfold as you think if the product causes harm to your cat.

Fleas are a common occurrence in cats and they are easily curable. They sometimes can be fatal if not taken care of. Cats when exposed in the open can easily get infected by fleas. The same goes for pregnant cats.

If they are exposed they may get infected by fleas, but the real question lies in if we can use the same products on an expecting cat that we use for a normal cat.

Let’s find out.

What flea treatment is safe for pregnant cats?

Is Frontline Plus Safe For Nursing Cats?

Yes, frontline plus is safe for use on nursing cats. It is approved to be used on pregnant or nursing cats and does not cause any significant side effects.

Frontline Plus is a known name for flea treatment. Even though the product states it is safe for use on pregnant cats we are sometimes not so sure about it. The doubt about its competence always creeps up in the back of our heads.

But it is verified by vets that you can use the product on nursing cats. Not only on nursing cats you can also use it on newborn kittens 2 days after their birth.

Frontline offers a variety of products for flea treatments based on the preferences you have and they offer options for you to choose from. But not all their products are verified to be fit to use on nursing cats.

The  Frontline Plus and frontline are spot on, the variety is licensed and proven safe to be used on pregnant cats but the Tri act variety is not proven safe for dogs. 

If your pregnant cat gets infected by fleas you can use frontline plus treatment for it. Apply the product all over the cat’s body once for 3 weeks.

This is enough for you to get rid of fleas on your cat’s body and you can even use it on your pregnant or lactating cat too without worrying too much about their well-being because the products are approved.

Is Advantage flea treatment safe for pregnant cats?

Is Advantage flea treatment safe for pregnant cats?

Yes, the advantage flea treatment is safe for pregnant cats. It is registered and licensed safe to be used on pregnant cats. It is also known to cure fleas in kittens due to its proximity to the mother cat.

The advantage flea treatment is deemed safe to use on pregnant or lactating cats too.

So when you use this product on the lactating mother cat, the kittens that are close to the mother kitten would also get cured due to their closeness.

This also proves that it is highly effective as even being in the proximity of the animal receiving the treatment is effective, so it surely is competent enough to be used regularly. 

So if your pregnant cat gets flea infected you can use advantage flea treatment on it.

Consulting your vet before doing so would be a better option as they are more familiar with your cat’s pregnancy and its medical history and would be better equipped to advise you if you can use the flea treatment or not.

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Is Revolution Safe For Pregnant Cats?

Yes, revolution is safe for pregnant cats, but it is advisable to check its composition before buying it. Revolution is known to contain some ingredients that could harm your cat or cause side effects. If you have the choice you should go with a safer and tested product.

Fleas are not predictable, you may want to protect your cat but fleas generally come from the outside and you can prohibit your cat from going out because they also need exercise.

Revolution also like Frontline provides a range of treatments, but that does not mean each one of them is safe to use on your cats.

The product,’ Revolution Plus’ is not tested and it is probably not safe to use so before buying any flea treatment product from Revolution you should verify that it is tested and verified by your vet and deemed safe to use.

Using any treatment on your cat could add additional health problems to the cat adding to the already sensitive situation of its pregnancy.

So make sure you double-check the suitable products used and see if it suits your cat or not. This should also be your practice when you use any flea treatment on your cat at any point in its life.

Pregnant or not, this is a common procedure you should follow for the safety of the cat.

Is Capstar safe for pregnant cats?

No, Capstar is not safe to use for your cat. Not only for your pregnant cat it is also not safe for a non-expecting cat. Even though they claim that it is safe to use, it is actually not recommended by professionals. If you use it on your pregnant cat it could cause problems or diseases to the cat and it could also affect the unborn kittens.

If you choose to use the product you should know that it can cause side effects like birth defects in the babies which could go undetected in the earlier years of their lives.

There are also chances that your cat could give birth prematurely, which is a big deal and it could even kill the unborn kitten. Another possibility is that it may induce labor which could result in premature birth.

The final outcome is that you should not be using Capstar for flea treatment on your cat especially if it is pregnant.

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Is Bravecto Safe For Cats?

Is Bravecto Safe For Cats?

No, Bravecto flea treatment is designed for dogs and not for cats so you should not use Bravecto on cats.

Bravecto is made to kill fleas on a dog’s skin and fur, not on cats so if you use a product designed for dogs on cats it is bound to backfire on you. 

Dog flea treatment products contain chemicals that are toxic for cats and can be lethal. They can kill the cat too, so if you use it on your pregnant cat you could lose the cat and also its unborn babies. 

So do not ever make the mistake of using Bravecto or any other dog flea treatment for killing fleas on your cat’s fur because instead of killing the fleas it might kill your cat.

Natural Flea Treatment For Pregnant Cats

Natural Flea Treatment For Pregnant Cats

If given the choice what would you choose for your cat?  i.e. using chemicals on your pregnant and sensitive cat or using a natural remedy to get rid of fleas on its skin. 

Personally, I would choose a natural remedy as it would have close to no side effects on the cat’s skin and it would not even cause any other reaction due to the absence of chemicals on the cat’s skin or fur.

You can use apple cider vinegar in water and apply it to your cat’s fur to get rid of fleas.

But there are things you need to remember before using apple cider vinegar.

  1. Make sure the solution is diluted enough as if it is concentrated it would cause itching or discomfort to the cat which would stress it and we don’t want a pregnant cat stressing do we 
  2. Make sure the solution does not smell too strong, cats generally do not like strong smells and they make them anxious and cause them a lot of stress.
  3. The vinegar solution is to be applied to the cat’s fur it is not supposed to be ingested by the cat. May pet parents make the mistake of feeding the cat the solution instead of applying it to their bodies, make sure you do not make the same mistake.
  4. Make sure any other procedure you use is not too smelly or harsh

Keep in mind the facts above and you would be good to go and you could treat your cat’s fleas at home.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can pregnant cats get infected by fleas?

Yes, pregnant cats are at the same risk as non-expecting cats to get infected by fleas. generally, fleas infect cats outdoors, so pregnant cats can easily catch fleas when they go out for exercise or other purposes.

Are Flea collars safe for pregnant cats?

You need to make sure with the veterinarian as not all cats react the same to flea collars so you should make sure your vet approves before using flea collars


Fleas are unwanted problems that affect most cats once in their lives. Even though so common fleas can be fatal to cats if they go undetected. Imagine if a cat is pregnant and gets infected, as a pet parent it becomes a real challenge to choose the right products and use them properly.

There are a lot of brands available in the market which claim to be safe on pregnant cats but it is not possible that they are 100% safe. There is also a wide variety for you to choose from and you could easily get confused and get the wrong time. 

Take note that you can use brands like frontline plus, revolution, and advantage as they are claimed safe for cats and even classified as safe for pregnant or lactating cats. 

But all of these are based on a generalized opinion, your cat may not react to these products in the required way so make sure to consult your vet about the issue as, the vet may be more familiar with your cat’s medical history, allergies, and overall health.

If your cat gets fleas would you be their doctor and decide or would you consult a vet

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