1. How can we stop an older male cat and three female six month kittens from using the carpet that’s close to the litter boxes that they don’t want to use.

    Thank you for taking time to answering my question.

    1. Hello Thomas,

      The most common thing I would suggest you to change is the position of a litter box.

      Also, check if they are comfortable with the existing litter box or not. You can try changing litter box also.

      Happy Cat Parenting

  2. Trying to stop an 8 year old female cat from pooping on the carpet all over the house. She has been checked by our vet and there are no physical problems. I have aluminum foil all over the house, changed to a scent-less litter and tried different litter boxes. Nothing seems to work. We are, frankly, at our wits end trying to eliminate this problem. Any other suggestions?

    1. Hello Cheryl,

      I can totally understand your frustration. It’s really annoying when the cat keeps pooping on the carpet.

      Any Suggestion?

      Patience is the KEY

      Try out various methods already suggested in the article and give your cat time to be trained.

      Happy cat parenting

  3. anyone got any ideas, my outside cat has recently started pooping inside the house, she has never done this before.
    she will go outside then come in to poop, i have cleaned it up and hopefully got rid of scent, as she has done it in multiple places. its now most days, help

    1. Your cat is likely feeling anxious or stressed. He only urinates inside the house because he feels safe doing so. Keep a few litter boxes around your home to encourage people to use them instead of carpets for bathroom breaks.

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