Being a cat parent is definitely a very huge responsibility. It is hard to predict what this naughty creature is up to and what if she does some harm to herself.

Medicine, food or drink everything should be as per the requirement of the cat’s body.

A few days ago I made some Chamomile tea for myself and like an emotional parent I wanted to share it with my cat but I had to hold my urge and know if the chamomile is safe for my cat. Here’s what I got to know;

Chamomile is a herb extracted from a daisy-like plant. Cats cannot chew the leaves of chamomile as the concentrated oil might cause harm to them. though cats can drink a very small portion of chamomile drink for the stomach. But a large amount of chamomile can harm your cat by causing digestion issues.

This is not the end! This research leads me to many aspects of cats and chamomile and I found it easier to compile my knowledge and prepare a good part of the information for my readers.

Cats And Chamomile. Here’s What You Should Know About Chamomile Before Serving It To Your Cat!

Can Cats Eat Chamomile Plants?

No, cats cannot eat chamomile plants. The presence of oil in it can cause various stomach problems in cats which include; diarrhea, anorexia, and vomiting. It can also irritate the skin, oral cavity, and bleeding problems.

can cats eat chamomile plants

The chamomile plant is basically a herbal or medicinal plant that belongs to the family Asteraceae. There is no doubt that the plant is very beneficial for living creatures. In fact, it is also known as a relaxing plant.

But things aren’t the same for our little friend.

Being strict carnivorous, cats cannot consume any kind of plant. Their body will reject the body which may cause bowel irritation in cats. Though few kinds of plants can be edible for cats chamomile is definitely not one of them.

In fact, chamomile can be poisonous for them except for Matricaria chamomilla ( also called german chamomile ) It is not the plant that is beneficial but its extract.

Chamomile plants can notably be of various types; German, roman, English, morocco, Egyptian, etc. out of which cats cannot consume any of the types!

This sweet-smelling flower contains various dangerous substances like bisabolol,  tannic acid, anthemic acid, and chamazulene. The presence of volatile oil can also be toxic. If your cat consumes any part of the chamomile plant let it be;  leaves, pollen, root or stem it will be equally toxic for the cat.

The presence of fiber and fat makes it worse for felines as their body cannot digest too much of them

In short, cats are allergic to chamomile plants.

Do Cats Like Chamomile Plants?

We don’t know if cats like chamomile plants but the smell of the plant can definitely take the attention of your cat. Cats have a strong sense of smell and so they judge their surroundings through their nose.

Chamomile plants have a sweet smell that might catch the attention of cats. Being a curious creature she would definitely like to have some taste of it. The different textures of plants can be the reason your cat wants to try them.

Apart from this, your cat’s liver cannot break down the enzymes for better absorption so the chamomile plant is not a good idea.

Do not let your cat eat that they can cause various stomach problems in cats. oil is not a good friend of the cat’s body.

Can Cats Have Chamomile Tea?

Can Cats Have Chamomile Tea?

Yes, cats can have a small amount of German chamomile tea but it should be strictly used for healing the stomach. Too much tea can be dangerous.

Yeah, I know in the previous paragraph I stated that chamomile plants are not good for cats but the tea can work differently if given in proper proportion. A small amount of tea will help your cat to relax and can also cure her stomach.

We need to understand that cats are not like us! Their body has their own options and anything outside that option can be dangerous.

Cats generally should not be served with tea and herbs as their body does not allow its digestion. But in certain cases, it becomes necessary for cats to drink some for health purposes.

The same goes for chamomile tea. This tea is good for cats but in limit. It cures the digestive issue of your cat and can also relieve the nerves of the cat but too much can give vice versa reaction.

So, chamomile tea has supplementary properties which will be good for your cat. 

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Is Chamomile Tea Harmful For Cats?

The reaction of chamomile tea on the cat depends on the amount of tea she takes. A small amount of chamomile tea is beneficial for cats while too much can be dangerous.

Yes, the amount and kind of chamomile tea will decide the health of the cat.

How? That’s simple. A small amount of chamomile tea can help a cat in;

  1. Relief in an upset tummy
  2. Sooth down nerves

On the other hand, too much chamomile tea will show opposite reactions like; diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite, and vomiting. It can also be toxic.

What Does Chamomile Tea Do To Cat?

Chamomile tea is a herbal supplement that is rarely used for cats. Chamomile tea can help cats in the following ways;

Anxiety And Sleep Aid

Chamomile tea is a kind of tranquilizer that soothes the nervous system of a living creature or cat. it functions like Benzodiazepines, an element that reduces stress. Hence, reduction of stress and good sleep act vice versa.

Stomach Aid

Apart from being a good aid for anxiety, chamomile is also a good herb for the stomach. The carminative properties of the chamomile tea reduce the gas and bloating which indicates an upset tummy.

Reducing the gas heals the abdominal pain caused by gas. Hence, chamomile tea aids the digestive issue.

German chamomile is recommended for cats.

Can I Use Chamomile For Cats Eyes?

No, you should not use chamomile tea for cat’s eyes. The tea might not worsen the case but it cannot guarantee a better eye. But the chamomile can cure the redness, irritation, and swelling of the eyes.

Is Chamomile Safe For Cats Eyes?

Who does not want to use herbs and homemade ingredients for better treatment but don’t do this with your cat?

Cats can develop various eye problems like flu, ulcer, Feline Infectious Peritonitis(FIP), Cherry eye, conjunctivitis, respiratory infection, and injury.

Now to cure them it is better to consult a vet rather than using home remedies.

Chamomile cannot totally cure the eye problem, what if your cat has any virus chamomile won’t be able to cure that.  It does not even provide quality treatment.

Is Chamomile Safe For Cats Eyes?

Chamomile might not be very good in curing the eyes of cats but it will not possibly worsen the case. Still, it is better to use it cautiously. DIY medicine can be irritating

First of all, if your cat has an eye problem then consider talking to the vet rather than experimenting. Your cat cannot use everything which is good for you. The homemade medicines are generally more painful and irritating. So it is better to consult a vet.

Is Chamomile Safe For Cats To Breathe?

No, chamomile is not safe for cats to breathe as it can be toxic and can cause asthma.

Sitting on your bed after a hectic day and smelling the relaxing smell of chamomile oil is probably the best way to reduce your stress but what about your cat? is this smell good for your cat? if you did not think about this then better be more careful.

Essential oils are not very good for cats. They can be too strong for your little pet which may cause a respiratory issue. The presence of substances like bisabolol, chamazulene, and volatile oil makes it an allergic element for cats.

So next time make sure you are alone in the room.

Is Chamomile Toxic To Cats?

Yes, chamomile can be toxic to cats as it has elements like tannic acid, anthemic acid, chamazulene, bisabolol, and volatile oil. These can cause allergic reactions in cats. it can also cause diarrhea vomiting and contact dermatitis. But if the dose is small then it can be beneficial instead.

The poisoning is possible when the cats eat the chamomile plant. This can cause indigestion.

the toxic can reach the cats through any part of the plant.

What Are The Symptoms Of Chamomile Toxicity In Cats?

The symptoms of chamomile toxicity in cats can be;

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Anorexia
  • Skin irritation

If your cat is consuming it for a long time then it may also cause allergy and bleeding in cats

What Should I Do If My Cat Eats Chamomile?

If your cat eats the chamomile plant then take her to the vet instead of self-medication. Normally it takes 24 hours for cats to heal after consuming the chamomile plant.

The vet will remove the plant from your cat’s body and if your cat has not vomited then she will be given certain medicine which will prevent further absorption. Medicines like Kapectolin and Sucralfate for stomach irritation.

By the end of the treatment make sure to hydrate your little friend as she might become dehydrated due to diarrhea and vomiting.

Which Chamomile Is Safe For Cats?

German chamomile is safe for cats in comparison to roman or English chamomile.

The chamomile plant can be of different types which include; German chamomile, roman chamomile, Egyptian chamomile, and morocco chamomile. Out of which only German chamomile tea is suitable for cats.

Even German chamomile should be used as prescribed by the specialist otherwise even it can be toxic for the cat. other chamomiles are already toxic to cats.

Surprisingly even humans can consume only two types of chamomile herb i.e  Matricaria recutita and anthemis Nobilis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can kittens eat chamomile plants?

No, kittens cannot eat chamomile plants. It can be dangerous for them and can cause indigestion.

What is the difference between the chamomile plant and tea? How do they act differently for cats?

The chamomile plant is natural and can be toxic as it contains oil and fiber On the other hand, Chamomile tea is filtered and dry. This alters the presence of any element which can be dangerous for cats.

Final Words

It is surprising to know how some filtration changes the element and usage of a plant.

Try to research thoroughly before providing anything to your cat. if you want to use chamomile for your cat for herbal use then consult a vet and do not make a fast decision for your cat.

Make sure to check the kind of chamomile you are using. every single thing will affect your cat.


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