I don’t think you would want your cat to go into heat as soon as she got pregnant, would you?

Having said that, cats have various heat cycles once they reach maturity, so it is not unusual for them to go into heat.

The question is, does she ever go into heat if a cat is pregnant since she doesn’t rush for her next estrus cycle?

Keep reading to find out more about it.

Can A Pregnant Cat Go Into Heat?

Can A Pseudopregnant Cat Behave Like She Is In Heat?

Can A Pseudopregnant Cat Behave Like She Is In Heat?

Female cats frequently call, cry, or throw tantrums as though they are in heat due to phantom pregnancies.

In contrast, a pregnant cat will cry and demand your attention when it is time for it to give birth, and male cats will be drawn to the discharge they have.

During the pregnancy, they could behave in a heat-like manner. As it is not uncommon for them to have two separate litters simultaneously, spaced approximately three weeks apart, they may even occasionally be in heat.

Here are some ways to know if your pregnant cat is in the heat:

1. Calling

Your cat may cry, groan, or meow more frequently than usual while she is in heat. Her sobbing may seem troubling, and you might even lose sleep over it.

If your cat is naturally loud, look for other indicators to help you figure out if she is in heat, as calling is one of the most prevalent symptoms of pregnancy as well.

Cats communicate by vocalizing their feelings in order to express their desires.

2. Restless

Cats generally have a normal pregnancy where they do not generally become lethargic until the last few days before labor. She doesn’t necessarily stay hyperactive either.

If you notice her acting restless during the initial stages of pregnancy, that may be because she is going into heat.

3. Grooming

A cat exhibits extreme grooming behavior when she is in heat. When she is ready to mate again (whether she is already pregnant or not), her genitals will get swollen. As a result, she will lick and groom herself to stay clean.

4. Posture

The mating posture for your cat may involve her buttocks being raised in the air and her tail being tipped to one side.
You will need to put in more time and effort to care for a cat that is in heat.

A female cat might get pregnant with yet another litter and give birth to kittens. Your veterinarian should spay your cat if you don’t want to breed her in order to break this cycle and reduce the possibility of an unwanted or unplanned litter.

5. Escaping

Your cat, pregnant or not, would want to escape the house and wander outside if she is in heat. She does so to spread her scent, as the male cats are receptive to it.

If you have a cat flap, make sure to lock it so no other cats can enter or exit via it.

Can A Female Cat Be Pregnant And Still Go Into Heat?

Can A Female Cat Be Pregnant And Still Go Into Heat?

Yes, a female cat can get pregnant and still go into heat.

Early on in the pregnancy, when it’s more prevalent, it frequently leads to the birth of two litters simultaneously without your knowledge. Rarely, it might also occur two months into the pregnancy.

You should be aware of the following information regarding your cat’s estrus cycle:

  • Year-round, a cat may go into heat as frequently as every two to three weeks.
  • Your cat can become pregnant as early as the first heat.
  • Since cats don’t go through menopause, they continue to come into heat well into old age.
  • A cat’s heat can be detected with testing at your veterinarian’s clinic, but it’s usually discovered through the behavior of the cat.

Having kittens with your cat can be a remarkable experience.

Furthermore, it makes sense that you would want your furry friend to be related to more generations of cats. However, having children is not a decision to be made lightly.

The health of a pregnant cat in heat is highly susceptible to risk, so it must be carefully checked.

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Can My Cat Get Into Heat During Pregnancy?

Can My Cat Get Into Heat During Pregnancy?

Cats, unlike humans, have no problem conceiving another litter while already being pregnant with a different bunch. So, yes, cats can get into heat during pregnancy.

A female cat is in the heat for four to seven days on average. Her heat could, however, linger anywhere from two days to three weeks.

Queens are polyestrous, which means that they frequently go into heat several times a year.

The stages of a pregnant cat’s heat cycle are:

1. Proestrus

The queen may draw unneutered males when in proestrus, but she is not yet ready for mating. Proestrus usually lasts one or two days. Queens in proestrus usually don’t exhibit any visible symptoms.

2. Estrus

The queen may vocalize loudly, roll about, rub objects, and lift her rear end during this phase. She might also feel less hungry.

When a queen mates while in estrus, ovulation is brought on. Ovulation is triggered by hormones that are produced during mating.

To become pregnant, queens normally need to mate four to six times while in estrus. When the queen is in heat, she may mate with a number of males, giving birth to a litter of kittens with many fathers.

3. Diestrus

The queen would enter the diestrus phase if she got pregnant. Progesterone predominates at this stage, and the queen’s fertilized eggs develop into embryos.

4. Interestrus

The queen will enter interestrus if she does not mate or become pregnant when in estrus. The time in between heat is at hand. She has a reduction in estrogen levels but shows no outward symptoms.

5. Anestrus

The queen is currently in a latent reproductive phase. Her estrus cycle is not active, and neither is her reproductive hormones.

Seasonal heat cycles occur from spring to fall in feral and outdoor cats. This is because the longer days’ light stimulates the queen’s hormone production.

Do Cats Show Signs Of Heat When Pregnant?

A cat can show various signs of heat even when she is pregnant. However, it is frequently mistaken for pregnancy symptoms and ignored as a result.

Although the typical age of the first heat cycle for most female cats is between five and nine months, unspayed female cats may experience it as early as four months of age.

21 days after becoming pregnant, pregnant cats can go into heat.

It is best to get your kitten spayed as soon as your veterinarian deems it safe if you want to keep her from going into heat.

Here are some of the specific symptoms of a cat in the heat:

  • Make funny sounds
  • A low crawl
  • Affectionate towards other people, objects, and animals
  • Assume a new mating position
  • Urinate to mark her territory
  • Become satiated

You most certainly have a cat in heat on your hands if it exhibits one or more of these symptoms.

You will allow your cat to become pregnant with a fresh litter once she enters her heat. This exacerbates the issue of pet overpopulation throughout the world.

Numerous cats and kittens are in shelters looking for homes.

Why Is My Cat In Heat While Pregnant?

Hormonal changes may be the reason why a pregnant cat can go into heat again.

However, sometimes you may mistake some other health issues with pregnancy. Such a situation is called “false pregnancy.”

Its development is hypothesized to be influenced by prolactin and progesterone hormonal abnormalities.

If a female cat breeds with an infertile male cat when she is in heat, her body will ovulate and create a corpus luteum.

The body of the cat is thought to lose the ability to discriminate between a true pregnancy and a fake pregnancy after the corpus luteum is generated.

Other conditions of a false pregnancy include:

  • Cancer in the uterus
  • Cancer in the mammary gland
  • Infected uterus

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How Do I Get My Cat Out Of Heat While Pregnant?

Every cat goes through a natural and healthy cycle of heat.
However, if you want to prevent your cat from going into heat, then do these things:

  • Keep male cats away from your female cats.
  • Place a heating pad, warm cloth, electric pad, or blanket nearby for her to sit on.
  • Try using catnip
  • Utilize “Feliway” or different artificial cat pheromones
  • Clean up the litter box.
  • Make your cats exercise

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are male cats attracted to my pregnant feline?

Because lactation tends to decrease ovulation, many mammals exhibit post-partum oestrus, in which they go into heat as soon as they give birth and mate before giving their young their first meal.

So that they can have a second litter as soon as the first one is weaned, the cats carry a second litter while nursing the first one.

Male cats become aware of this circumstance and take advantage of it. Although it might seem inappropriate, cats naturally do this.

Final Words

That’s all about pregnant cats and them going into heat.

From why they go into heat to how to calm a pregnant cat in heat, I guess this article has cleared all your doubts.

Let us know in the comments if your pregnant cat has ever exhibited this kind of behavior. Do you have a neutered kitten, perhaps?

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