If you have a female cat, you are undoubtedly well-versed in the behavior and sounds she makes just before mating. But when your furry friend is already pregnant and still acting in the same way, it can be understandably perplexing.

So, why is your pregnant cat calling as if in heat?

There could be various reasons why your cat is calling as if in heat. Your cat, for instance, might not be expecting kittens or might have an enlarged abdomen as a result of certain illnesses. She might also be about to give birth, which would make her vocalize her need for attention more.

Keep reading this article to know more about why your pregnant cat is calling as if in heat.

Pregnant Cat Calling As If In Heat

Do Cats Act Like They Are In Heat Before Giving Birth?            

Yes, some cats could act like they are in heat before giving birth.

Do Cats Act Like They Are In Heat Before Giving Birth?            

If you are certain that your cat is indeed pregnant, another possibility is that her due date is approaching.

When a female cat is about to give birth, she will probably act like she is in heat and call for you because she wants your attention and your presence nearby.

The enlargement of your cat’s mammary glands, a decline in appetite, alterations in behavior, and a drop in temperature are additional indicators that she is in labor.

You can get ready to welcome the new kittens soon if you see all those at once.

Before giving birth, some felines will demand more care and might even act a little more needy and loving than usual.

If your cat starts to experience contractions, the kittens should arrive soon.

Do Cats Get In Heat When Pregnant?

Yes, although it is extremely rare, cats can get in heat when pregnant.

It’s possible that your cat is experiencing a false or pseudo-pregnancy rather than being truly pregnant.

This occurs when a cat experiences every sign of pregnancy but doesn’t give birth to any kittens.

This is brought on by a hormonal imbalance that results from a cat mating but experiencing a false pregnancy rather than a real pregnancy.

It’s also possible that your cat is pregnant and acting like she’s in heat because the extra weight on her belly is making her uncomfortable.

She may be meowing loudly as a result to express her desire for love and attention.

Now that you think about it, you’re probably wondering, “How do I know if my cat is pregnant or not?”

You should keep an eye out for specific behaviors in your canine companion that may be a sign that her family is about to expand.

Nipple swelling, vomiting, significant weight gain, increased appetite, and personality changes are some of these symptoms.

However, your best course of action would be to speak with a veterinarian because an x-ray or ultrasound test and the discovery of kittens inside your cat’s abdomen are the only ways to confirm that your cat isn’t going through a false pregnancy.

If these examinations are negative and your cat continues to act as though she’s in heat, the pregnancy is probably a false one.

Don’t worry; a fictitious pregnancy has no negative effects on your cat’s ability to become pregnant again and have healthy kittens in the future.

Until you are certain that your cat is pregnant or not, it is best to keep male cats away from her because, if she is, a subsequent attempt by a male cat to impregnate her could be harmful to both her and the kittens.

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Why Is My Pregnant Cat Calling As If In Heat?

The most common reason for a seemingly pregnant cat to be calling as if in heat is false pregnancy and this can be serious as it may be a sign of Cancer of the mammary gland or Infection of the uterus

Why Is My Pregnant Cat Calling As If In Heat?

Cats rarely have false pregnancies. A trip to the vet is the only way to determine whether a cat is truly pregnant or just acting pregnant.

If a cat exhibiting pregnancy symptoms wasn’t near a male cat during her heat cycle, as false pregnancies sometimes resemble serious conditions, it’s crucial to visit the vet right away.

False pregnancies, also referred to as phantom pregnancies, pseudocyesis, or pseudopregnancies, happen when a fully matured female cat exhibits all of the symptoms of pregnancy without in fact being pregnant.

Normal false pregnancies take place six to twelve weeks after the cat has been in estrus, also referred to as “heat.” A cat’s future ability to reproduce in subsequent pregnancies is unaffected by a false pregnancy.

After the cat has been in heat for six to twelve weeks, symptoms start to show up, and they may last for several months after a false pregnancy has been identified.

These signs consist of:

  • Enlarged mammary glands
  • Brown-tinged fluid or water secretion from the mammary glands
  • Self-nursing
  • Pink nipples
  • Displaying nesting behaviors, such as using blankets and papers to make a nest
  • Mothering inanimate objects, such as toys, stuffed animals, and shoes
  • Behavioral changes, such as being extremely affectionate, depressed, or guarded
  • Swollen abdomen
  • Vomiting
  • Weight gain
  • Mucoid vaginal discharge
  • Loss of appetite

It is unclear what causes false pregnancies exactly. Its development is thought to be influenced by prolactin and progesterone hormonal imbalances.

If a female cat breeds with an infertile male cat while she is in heat, her body will ovulate and create a corpus luteum.

The body of the cat is thought to lose the ability to distinguish between a true pregnancy and a false pregnancy once the corpus luteum is produced.

A veterinarian will need to rule out other conditions that might be causing the same signs that cats are experiencing a false pregnancy.

These circumstances include:

  • Cancer of the mammary gland or uterus
  • Infection of the uterus
  • True pregnancy

If this is the cat’s first false pregnancy, there is no need for treatment. Although they can last for several months, signs and symptoms typically go away in two to three weeks.

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The following treatments might be suggested by the vet if the cat has had repeated false pregnancies:

1. Surgery

For persistent false pregnancies, an ovariohysterectomy might be advised. A cat’s ovaries and uterus will be removed by the veterinarian during an ovariohysterectomy.

While the cat is unconscious from general anesthesia, this is done. A small abdominal wall incision will be made by the veterinarian.

Along with the uterus, the two ovaries are tied off and taken out. Sutures will then be used to close the cat’s wound.

2. Hormonal Supplementation

A hormonal imbalance is demonstrated by multiple false pregnancies.

The veterinarian may recommend hormonal supplements to address these imbalances and avoid further false pregnancies.

How Can You Tell if your cat Is In Heat While Pregnant?

These are some signs you will notice when your cat is in heat while pregnant: –

How Can You Tell if your cat Is In Heat While Pregnant?How Can You Tell if your cat Is In Heat While Pregnant?

1. She Is More Vocal

Your cat may wail, moan, or meow more frequently than usual while she is in heat, a behavior known as “calling.”

Her sobbing may sound distressed, and you might even lose sleep over it.

If you have a natural vocal cat, look for other indications that she is going into heat.

2. Being Restless

Her inability to unwind or settle in could be an indication that she’s in heat, particularly if this behavior is accompanied by calling.

3. A low Crawl

If your cat is in heat, she might low crawl while also wailing. This is not a sign that your cat is in pain; it is simply normal oestrus behavior.

4. Extra Affection

She might touch objects, doorways, and in particular your ankles to spread her scent, which has subtly changed throughout this cycle.

This signal is a fairly good indicator if she doesn’t show affection typically.

5. Excessive Grooming

Your cat may spend more time grooming her genital region during this time since it is likely to swell and feel uncomfortable during this period.

6. Urge To Go Outdoor

Your cat might want to wander outside while in heat to spread her scent. She might also want to meet a male cat who is open to her.

Make sure to lock any cat flaps you may have if you want to prevent her from leaving (or other cats from entering).

7. She Assumes The Position

The mating position for your cat may involve her buttocks being raised in the air and her tail being tipped to one side.

Cats in heat will protrude their hind ends and flatten the front of their bodies on the ground to attract potential mates. This makes mating with them simpler for male cats.

You will need to put in more time and effort to care for a cat that is in heat. Additionally, a female cat could always get pregnant and give birth to kittens.

Your veterinarian should spay your cat if you don’t want to breed her in order to break this cycle and reduce the possibility of an unwanted or unplanned litter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to diagnose a cat with false pregnancy?

The vet will need to know the cat’s full medical history, the times of the cat’s previous menstrual cycle, when the symptoms first appeared, and what kind of symptoms they were.

The vet will examine the cat and feel the abdomen to check if there are any kittens. She will also look for swollen mammary glands and indications of nipple discharge.

A complete blood count, biochemical profile, and urinalysis are just a few of the blood tests and labs that will be performed. Lab results that are normal should indicate a false pregnancy.

Additionally, an x-ray or abdominal ultrasound may be taken. These tests can check for organ enlargement, find a true pregnancy, find out if there is a uterine infection, and check for fluid buildup in the abdomen or uterus.

How do cats recover from the treatment of false pregnancy?

In order to receive further treatment, cats who have an underlying condition that led to false pregnancy symptoms must be followed up with the vet.

An Elizabethan cone must be worn to stop the cat from licking or biting the sutures if the cat underwent an ovariohysterectomy.

Can I spay my cat while she is in heat?

Although many veterinarians advise waiting until your cat’s heat cycle is over, you can have your cat spayed while she is in heat. A cat’s reproductive organs swell with blood during the heat cycle.

Because of this, spaying takes more time and, depending on the facility, may be more expensive than when a cat is not in heat.

Even if your cat is in heat, you should have her spayed as soon as possible if preventing pregnancy is your top priority.

Final Words

Your pregnant cat may call as though she is in the heat for a variety of reasons. You should first check with your veterinarian to make sure she is indeed pregnant.

Once you’re certain of this, your cat’s behavior is most likely being caused by superfecundation or the fact that she’s almost ready to give birth.

 It is advised that you have your vet perform additional testing on your cat’s condition if your vet’s examination revealed that she is not, despite appearing to be, pregnant.

If you have any questions, ask us in the comments section.

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