1. My cat has lymphoma on steroids. Doing fairly well the last three months today he stopped eating. He is walking around smelling, sniffing licking different things. Is that a sign that he may be getting ready to die?

    1. Dear Donna Hodges,
      I know how heart-wrenching it must be for you to see your feline in such a situation, I advise you to make an appointment with your cat vet on an urgent basis as your cat has stopped eating which you mentioned.
      While I want to clear this out for you that sniffing is a way by which cats acclimate to the new additions of the environment, it is quite possible its a sign which indicates your cat has lost sense of smelling which makes it do so.
      Whatever the situation, make it customary to visit the vet once in a while as your feline is in steroids.
      It’s not a sign which depicts your cat is is ready to die.

  2. Hello,
    Recently I had my house going through some fixing due to a leaking. My cat stayed in the bedroom more time than normal due to that, which was not ideal. After all was done I had a person cleaning my home and unfortunately she used a product with very strong smell of desinfectant. Later at the same day of the cleaning my cat attacked my wife in what seemed out of the blue. However, once I managed to calm my cat down he started to smell everything. It seems the house was no longer his after that strong desinfectant smell. I went to the vet and tried Felipão in the house. This seems to help but often I still see my cat sniffing around like he is not comfortable with his surroundings.

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