Your cat might be sitting in the corner and staring at walls or nothing as it can hear or see something more than we humans can.

It could even be possible that your cat is sick.

It is healthy and normal though you should get a check-up done regularly.

To know more about this behavior of your cat, let us read the article further.

Why Does My Cat Sit In The Corner And Keep Staring Is It Healthy

Why Is Your Cat Staring At The Wall?

Experts and researchers have studied this behavior of cats and have concluded that cats are very curious creatures.

Your cat may pay attention to something for many hours at once while other animals like dogs can pay attention to the same thing only for a few seconds.

Your cat might be staring at something for hours which indicates that the cat is trying to figure out the sound it can hear or the particles or small movements that it can see somewhere.

If your cat finds its prey like a mouse or insect somewhere on the wall or in the hole of a wall then it will pay attention to the prey for hours, look at it with a lot of patience before it pounces on it.

To explain this in detail, here are a few reasons why your cat is staring at the wall:

Why Is Your Cat Staring At The Wall?

1. Can Hear Something You Can’t

Your cat has a sharp sense of hearing and its ears are very sensitive to noises. They can easily detect the sounds around us.

It is said that when cats used to stare at walls for long periods and keep staring at the same walls the families were alerted that there might be rodents making nests in the walls of their home.

Your cat might be concentrating immensely if its ears are only towards the wall all the time. There might be some sound that your cat can hear from there but you cannot.

Your cat will sit still while listening to a specific sound. They are not looking at the wall, they are concentrating on the sound.

2. Can See Things, You Can’t

It is proven that cats have a better vision than us humans.

The peripheral vision of your cat might increase up to 200 degrees while ours would be only up to 180 degrees. Your cat can see ultraviolet lights and the wavelength of light we cannot.

This is because your cat has more rods than you have and hence has a good vision.

Though your cat cannot see in complete darkness just like us even if a small amount of light is present then it will be able to see better than us.

Your cat might have spotted something in the air or wall, like dust or insect and hence would keep staring at it for a long while. This would be invisible to our eyes.

3. Different Brain Work

Your cat thinks very differently than you do. Being cat owners you must know that already. Your cat might often stop doing whatever they are doing and freeze if they are figuring something out.

Your cat may soon make a cute face as it might have forgotten to put its tongue back in its mouth.

Even while staring at the wall your cat may make the face called blep. Your cat is zoned out and will come back to normal soon.

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4. Cat Is Aging

Your cat might be staring at the wall as it is aging and so it Is confused and disoriented as it might have a cognitive decline.

You should visit your vet and ask about how you can care for your cat and help them out though this is an inevitable part of growing.

Is It Normal For My Cat To Keep Staring At The Wall?

Yes, it is normal for your cat to stare at the wall for a long time.

Though after some time they will be back to their normal self and keep doing what they were doing.

Though you should always consult your vet if you think the staring of your cat is something beyond normal, like a medical condition.

Your cat might have hyperesthesia.

Now there is no appropriate definition of this medical problem found in cats, there are certain symptoms-

  • Pupils are enlarged
  • They are very sensitive to touch
  • Their skin is rippling
  • Meowing and howling loudly
  • Groom the base of the tail a lot

A routine is required for your cat, this will help your cat avoid overstimulation and hence prevent hyperesthesia.

Your vet will carry out tests to find out if your cat is facing such a problem. After which there are just a few minor adjustments that are made to the home environment.

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Why Does Your Cat Randomly Stare At Nothing?

Why Does Your Cat Randomly Stare At Nothing?

Just like we mentioned earlier that even though you may feel your cat is looking at nothing, it might be looking at something you cannot see or paying attention to some sound you cannot hear.

Your cat’s senses are very keen and their eyes are tuned to the movement and so their attention will remain on something until they are sure it won’t be moving again.

They hear even the slightest squeak of a rattle then they will keep staring at their prey though they are listening.

The paws of your cat have whiskers on its backside which help them feel any ground movements.

They can easily feel the vibrations from the ground.

Your cat walks on his toes and so their feet are very sensitive and can pick up clues.

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Why Is My Cat Crying While Staring At The Wall?

Your cat could be facing some medical problem.

One of the medical problems that we talked about is hyperesthesia.

Though there is no specific reason for this syndrome. Some of the reasons that medical experts give us are stress, seizures, abnormal brain waves, etc.

There would be a few physical examinations that would be taken by your vet to find if your cat is facing any problems.

My Cat Is Staring At A Corner, Why?

If your cat has suddenly started sitting in the corner it might show that something has disrupted its behavior.

There might be some change in its daily routine or life.

If that corner of your house feels mysterious to your cat, then it will sit in that corner or keep staring at the corner.

It could even be possible that your cat might have found its prey earlier in that corner of the household and so it might be staring to find one more.

Why Is My Cat Sitting In The Corner And Staring?

Why Is My Cat Sitting In The Corner And Staring?

1. Litter Box

It is possible that your cat might use the corner as the litter box. Your cat might use the corner to urinate as they are upset.

They could be upset if they are facing a change in their life.

The litter box should be cleaned regularly and if you have a new cat then not only should you have two separate litter boxes but also make sure that your first cat does not become upset with this new change in its life and litter outside the box.

This is why your cat is usually in the corner.

2. Health

Your cat might sit in the corner bored and uninterested in activities. This is a sign that your cat might be facing some health issues.

You should go to the vet soon. If your cat is of an older age then it is likely to become more inactive and keep sitting and staring at a corner.

3. Sound

So besides the fact the cat being old and inactive stays in the corner there is also one more reason for your cat being in the corner.

Your cat is active and is in the corner as there might be something interesting there.

Your cat might be meowing in the corner or trying to catch your attention or must have sensed something there.

So if your cat is old then it might be in the corner to amplify the sounds as their hearing power is low.

Your cat might be entertaining itself or must have heard the sound of its prey.

4. Good Hunter

Your cat being a good hunter with keen senses, sit in the corner in an alert position so that it can hear its prey moving.

Your cat would be sitting with ears upright and wide-open eyes if your cat senses a moth, ant, mice, etc. crawling on the wall or corners.

Though it could also be because your cat might have found an insect in that place earlier too.

5. Other Reasons

Though there could many other reasons why your cat is sitting in the corner for long periods.

It varies from one cat to another. All cats can sense the world differently than humans. Your cat could hear certain sounds or enjoy the shadow that the corner is creating.

Other cats might like to stare at the space or the wall. Your cat could be trying to leave its scent on the wall.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Is Staring At The Wall?

Even though the fact your cat staring at the wall is not a problem as they might have seen or heard something that we are incapable of seeing or hearing.

Your cat might be thinking.

Though if you think it is a problem then your should try to make the environment around your cat more interesting to keep them happy and healthy.

You could also play with your cat and distract them.

If your cat is staring at the wall frequently then it could be a sign of a problem. you should consult your vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Cat Sleeps In The Corner, Is It Okay?

No, it is not okay. As your cat might be in some kind of pain. Your cat might be having arthritis. Hence you should go to your vet to confirm.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me From The Corner?

Your cat is very bored. And so it might be looking at you or other random things. Try to play and entertain your cat.

Should I Stare Back At My Cat When It Looks At Me?

No, you should not stare at your cat when it is staring at you, as it is a sign of aggression for your cat. They feel scared and create a lack of trust between you both.

Final Words

Now we know that your cat might be curious or on the hunt for its prey when it keeps staring at walls or nothing.

We should also be aware that if your cat stays and stares from the corner this way frequently then it is safer to take your cat to the vet.

For more queries please ask in the comment section.


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