Your cat meows when you pet her because she feels good and enjoys it. So it is obvious that she likes it.

It also helps you communicate better with your cat. They enjoy your company.

To know more about how you can share a closer bond with your cat and how to pet her let us read the article further.

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Pet Her Does She Like It

What Does Meowing Of Your Cat Indicate?

To begin with, meowing is a way of communication that your cat uses.

Cats also use body language as a way to not only talk to other cats but also to their owners.

Though the meowing of your cat could have many reasons like-

What Does Meowing Of Your Cat Indicate?

1. Welcoming

This is when your cat starts meowing when you enter the house. Especially if you return home from work. Your cat also would meow when it returns from outside and it tends to be a happy welcoming.

2. Satisfy Want

When your cat would want something from you it will meow in a clear tone. They will meow consistently. Majorly it happens when your cat wants food when they see you eating. The more intense the want is, the more consistent will be the meowing.

3. Shocked

This meow will be loud like a scream, but will not last for long. If they are shocked or surprised this will be the sound they will make. Such a meow could be possible in scenarios when their tail is stepped on by someone or something, they see another animal, or if they are happy seeing their favorite toy or food, etc.

4. Sexual 

This is possible if your cat is in heat.

If your cat is not spayed or neutered then they will vocalize in general. Your cat’s meows will be consistent in such cases, especially during the mating season. These meows can get irritating after some time.

Though this behavior should reduce almost completely after sterilization.

5. Interaction

Your cat might like to interact with you a lot. It will try to have conversations with you through meows.

There will be some similar kinds of meows which you can identify and then know how your cat feels.

They would also give similar meows to you depending on the similar kind of tones that you would use.

6. Grabbing Attention

Your cat will give a low and soft meow to you to get your attention. They tend to do this when they are bored.

They will call us to pet them, and give attention to them.

This kind of meows usually does come out of boredom and so you need to entertain your cat with something more around it.

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7. Place 

Our cats consider us to be their security and their protector.

So, as you take care of your cat and because it trusts you, it will give a loud cry of meow to call you when they are lost.

8. Need Help

Whenever your cat needs help it may meow or growl.

If your cat is injured or is in danger and stressed then it may meow to call you to help it. The intensity of meowing depends on the intensity of the injury or danger.

9. Displeased

Cats feel morally disgusted sometimes and would growl softly or meow.

If anything around would displease them then it is their response to it.

They could feel displeased with the food, the place they are in, or the people around it.

Why Does My Cat Meow When I Pet Or Touch It?

It usually is a sign of affection from your cat.

Some cats love to be petted. Though sometimes cats meow as they do not want you to pet them.

This may be because they might have had a bad experience in the past with some humans.

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Where To Pet A Cat?

The best places to pet your cat include the following-

Where To Pet A Cat?

1. Head

The cat might like you to pet them on their head.

Sometimes if your cat gently hits you with its head while you are petting it, it indicates that your cat would like you to pet on its head.

2. Back

This part of their body is very safe to pet and your pet will tend to like you petting it there.

Even the people who are unknown can pet your cat there and it will like it.

The back is not as worse as any other part of the body of your cat.

3. Paws

You should not risk petting your cat in its paw as they do not like their feet being touched.

The paw pads of a cat are very sensitive and so they may not enjoy you petting it there.

4. Stomach

Your cat shall let you pet on its belly only if it trusts you as that is a very crucial place for the cat.

Though if they are not comfortable then your cat shall feel attacked and can harm you in the process of defending itself.

Why Does My Cat Chatter When I Pet Her?

Chattering is caused by the neurotransmitters like dopamine, at this time hormone cortisol is released into the system.

The cat wants to usually hunt when it chatters.

This chattering usually happens when the cat is attracted to a visual stimulus like a bird or a rodent.

The cat might want to hunt then. There are physical changes in your cat when they chatter. These physical changes would include pupils dilating and eyes widening, ears tilting forward, and severe concentration on its prey.

If you are petting your cat in front of the window and if the window is separating your cat from the prey it will chatter showing how frustrated it is.

Your cat may even chatter when you are playing with it. The toys that look like prey to your cat will make your cat chatter. Though you should not let this behavior get into your cat.

Why Does My Cat Meow If I Pet It While It Is Sleeping?

Your cat might be meowing when you pet them while they are sleeping as it enjoys you petting it.

It might enjoy you rubbing its back.

It indicates that your cats want this behavior of petting to be repeated by you.

They meow and show that they trust you and they are opening up to you. They treat you as a family to it and let you pet them.

Your cat enjoys your petting while it is asleep because:

Why Does My Cat Meow If I Pet It While It Is Sleeping?

1. Stress Reduction

When a cat is petted while it is sleeping it reduces the stress and depression in its body. It lowers their blood pressure and keeps them relaxed.

2. Strong Bond

If your cat likes you petting them then it shall even sleep next to you, thereby increasing your bond with your cat.

It assures them of safety.

3. Cuddly

When you pet your cat it will feel warm if it gets cold easily during the night.

4. Enjoy Your Company

Your cat might enjoy your company and want you to keep petting them. You will also feel a good friendship with your lovely little cat.

My Cat Squeaks Sometimes When I Pet Her, Why?

The squeaking of your cat indicates that it is not feeling well.

Wither they want your attention or they are sick. If your cat makes such noises daily, then it is not something to worry about, but if it rarely makes such noises then it might not be feeling well or wants you to pet them.

They like you petting and ask for more of it by squeaking as it makes them feel better.

Though you should always consult your vet.

Why Does My Cat Trill On Being Touched?

Trilling of your cat indicates that your cat is super excited or happy. Your cat is trying to express itself and trying to vocalize with you.

They make a different range of sounds, trilling is a soft sound and produced with a closed mouth. The trilling sound indicates positive emotions.

Trilling is a very pleasant sound that your cat makes. It indicates the friendliness or playfulness of your cat.

So when you touch your cat they might enjoy it and feel extremely happy and joyous hence they might trill.

Your cat would only specifically trill for you. The more your cat trills the more social they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Reason For My Cat’s Chirp When I Pet Her?

A cat would generally chirp to indicate to her kittens to follow her and for her kittens, to pay attention to her.
Though if your cat is chirping around you it is trying to seek your attention.
This might be because it wants to show you something urgent or wants you to pet it.
Chirping is an indication that your cat is in a happy mood.

Why Is My Cat Screeching?

When your cat is scared of something it might screech. Though it can even be during a catfight when your cat is aggressive and angry.
This screech has two reasons one that your cat is scared and another it is angry.

Is It Common For My Cat To Meow When I Hold Her?

Yes, it is common and okay for your cat to meow when you hold her.
This is because your cat feels good when you hold her, and she is enjoying it.
She feels secure and trusts you.
So the cat is showing that she wants you to keep holding her when she is meowing.

Final Words

You should know when to pet your cat.

If your cat trusts you, it will let you pet it or hold it. You should respect your cat’s comfort zone.

But if you notice something unusual in your cat’s meowing or any other noises then you should consult your vet soon.

For more queries, you could ask us in the comment section.


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