Pet owners may have discovered their cats’ apparent fascination with shoes, which includes sniffing, batting, and sleeping on, in, or near them.

Why are cats so fond of sleeping in shoes? Why do some cats take their shoes off the front porch and conceal them somewhere else?

They drag their owner’s shoes around because cats, on the other hand, like their owners’ scents, and if an object has your scent, they are likely to want to be near it because it makes them feel comfortable and secure.

Cats instinctively rub their faces against their owners’ legs or bodies, which is most certainly why your cats are rubbing their faces on your shoes.

Cats have tiny glands all over their bodies that transmit their scent to you, or in this case, your shoes, as they brush against you.

It’s a possessive thing that they quietly tell any other cats you run into to get their own damn person.

Why Does My Cat Drag My Shoes Around

Why Do Cats Drag My Shoes Around?

Cats are dragging your shoes all around because your little friend is intrigued by the intoxicating fragrance of a million different smells mashed together on the bottom of your feet, and he needs to smell where you’ve been all day.

For whatever excuse, many pet owners would admit to having or having had a cat that enjoys lying on shoes. Another explanation for cats’ complicated love of shoes is that they are reclaiming their turf if you come home and take off your shoes.

Cats have scent glands in their foreheads and cheeks, so rubbing their faces against items such as shoes, blankets, or even you is a kind of territory marking.

Your fragrance is soothing; it may sound odd, but some cats find the smell of our sweat to be soothing and relaxing, and they respond positively to it.

There are valid explanations why cats are fascinated by shoes, and knowing these reasons will help prevent potential shoe-related problems. Here are some of the reasons why cats like to be around shoes:

Why Do Cats Drag My Shoes Around?

1. Familiar Smells

The sense of scent is most likely the most significant of a cat’s five senses.

It has fourteen times the strength of a human’s and half the number of olfactory receptors in their nasal tissue.

They also have a specialised organ called a Jacobson’s organ (sometimes referred to as a vemeronasal organ) found in the roof of the mouth that most people miss.

This organ effectively helps cats to taste the scents and pheromones in the air, providing them with a wealth of knowledge about the creatures and people around them.

Cats are instinctively curious and will explore new smells, but they will also check out the scents of familiar objects that make them feel comfortable and secure.

2. Claimed Territory

Cats produce and secrete their own distinct scented pheromones in glands all over their bodies, including their buttocks. When your cat rubs up against you or an obstacle (also known as bunting), they’re leaving their mark to indicate that they’ve been there before.

This belongs in my room and gives me a sense of security.’ Cats are drawn to things that smell like them and the people they care for.

Sleeping on your shoes is clearly your cat’s way of expressing how happy they are to be in your company, how relaxed they are in your presence, and how much they enjoy you!

3. Comfort Zones

But it’s possible that your cat isn’t either resting or grooming your sneakers to show you how much they care. Clothing, shoes, and sheets that smell like you will provide warmth to your pet in difficult circumstances.

Sleeping on your shoes might be a way for your pet to self-soothe when you are gone during the day.

It may also be the reason why your cat doesn’t just sit on your shoes where you leave them, but instead moves them to another spot.

As a way of holding a piece of you close by, your cat can take your shoe to a favourite resting spot and use it as a comfort blanket. Your cat may suckle on your shoes or socks if they were bottle-fed.

This is due to the fact that cats who are weaned from their mothers too quickly acquire an oral obsession and nibble or suckle on anything that smells like their owners.

This is another kind of self-soothing, and leaving shoes on the floor for easier access is a handy outlet for it.

4. Reclaiming Your Shoes

Of course, just because you now recognise your cat’s shoe fetish and can see how it is a way for them to express their gratitude for you doesn’t make it any less annoying when you are running late and one of your trainers has gone missing.

Having to look for your shoes all of the time when your cat keeps pushing them will get old fast. However, persuading the pet to leave your shoes alone can be a difficult task.

Preventing your cat from getting into your shoes is a lot better than attempting to completely avoid the action. Keeping your shoes in a wardrobe or a lined plastic bag may be a convenient option.

Remember that cats are excellent climbers, so merely putting your shoes on a high shelf will not be enough to keep them out of reach.

If restricting your cat’s entrance to your shoes isn’t an option, you may be able to redirect your cat to something else that still smells like you but isn’t as noticeable to you. An old T-shirt or sock will suffice as a suitable substitute.

If you see your cat trying to eat your shoe, try not to startle them by screaming or behaving aggressively. These acts will only frighten your pet, and they do not equate your yelling with their shoe thievery. Even if your cat drops the shoe in alarm, it’s possible that they don’t understand why you’re mad.

Although we don’t think of shoes as a cosy place to hang out, cats think they’re fantastic because they remind them of their favourite humans.

Take a snapshot of your cat snoozing on your shoes for posterity’s sake, throw them a blanket instead, and bask in the knowledge that your cat just told you they love you.

What Does My Cat Want To Say By Carrying Shoes Around the House?

Cats, in a nutshell, are strange little animals. They do the silliest stuff for no apparent cause, but most of their antics do have a purpose – even if it is illogical.

For example, tossing your shoes around the house, leaving you with a pleasant mess to clean up in the morning is all among the notable instances. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t find a pair of socks that fit, now you know!

There are a variety of explanations why a cat could bring items around, but female cats seem to do it the most – so if your cat is spayed or not, it may be due to nesting behaviour.

It’s possible that your cat enjoys the sensation of dragging something around, or it may be a sensory issue.

It may also just be a form of entertainment that your cat engages in to pass the time. Even if you give your cat more treats, I’ve found that they still like to pull clothes around if they can reach them – even if they have plenty of toys!

Is it Safe For Your Cat to Carry Shoes Around?

Is it Safe For Your Cat to Carry Shoes Around?

While it seems that your cat loves wearing sneakers about, it isn’t the best pastime.

If your cat enjoys playing with shoes, they will almost certainly like all of the strings and laces that come with them – and strings aren’t necessarily a safe thing to have around cats.

First and foremost, limiting the amount of shoes your cat has access to is the safest way to guarantee their wellbeing. Keep your shoe rack tucked up, your rack door locked (that’s a whole other storey), and your closet doors shut.

Things like this can become a kitty’s obsession, so make sure they don’t get any more!

But it is not forgotten. If you want your cat to have a little fun, you should always leave safer clothing pieces nearby, such as towels.

They can bring certain things around for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it has your smell and they want to be near you. We certainly wouldn’t want to go that route.

Why Would My Cat Steal My Shoes And Hide Them Under My Bed?

Cat steal my shoes and hide them under my bed because cats are natural kleptomaniacs who enjoy preying on innocuous household products and piling them up under sheets, sofas, refrigerators, and anywhere else that your hands can’t reach them.

They’re cunning beings that use theft to get publicity, play, and food, or they’re literally acting on their animal instincts. Though a cat’s proclivity for taking and hiding the shoelaces and hair ties is relatively benign.

When your cat takes your belongings, she may be looking for love or games.

Your cat might even be hanging a necktie from its mouth like a confident hunter because he is dissatisfied with his cat food or feeding routine.

Cats in the wild feed at regular intervals during the day, which is sadly not the case with domestic cats while their parents are out most of the time for the rest of the day. In the wild, cats will sometimes hide their food so that they can consume it later.

Cats can imitate this food-related behaviour when they steal and hide objects.

Why Does My Cat Cuddle And Play With My Shoes?

Cats like to cuddle and play with shoes because they rely on their sense of smell even more than humans. Cats are instinctively attracted to shoes because they have a common smell.

Most people will tell you that they have (or once had) a cat who will never leave their shoes behind. Although this can seem amusing, we attempt to comprehend such pet activity in order to cope with it and appreciate that these pets like it.

My cat enjoys burying her face in my shoes, particularly when they have unexpectedly fallen off my feet; she does this not only with my husband’s shoes, but also with those of our children and guests because she prefers comfortable slippers that encourage her to stick her nose from heel to toe.

I didn’t take it seriously at first, but as time went by, I began to understand why she is so fond of shoes.

The following are some of the potential explanations why cats adore cuddling shoes:

Why Does My Cat Cuddle And Play With My Shoes?

1. Acute Sense Of Smell

Cats have a keen sense of smell, and the enjoyment they get from the perfume emanating from the shoes causes them to remain attached to them.

Snuffling about your pair of shoes might be a pet’s way of saying, “How was your day?” because the intoxication of different smells blended together in your feet intrigues the animal.

She needs to see where you were during the day so she can smell you.

2. Taste And Smell Of Your Sweat

Human sweat contains pheromones that appeal to cats in the same way that catnip does. This is a gesture of gratitude for the visceral bond that exists between humans and cats.

Additionally, sweat makes your shoes salty, and the salty taste of your boots can entice the cat due to the different scents that linger in the shoes from outside.

3. Marking Territory

Another factor cats like shoes is that they can be used to regain their turf when you come home and remove your shoes.

Cats have smell glands in their cheeks and forehead, so they can mark their territories by rubbing their faces against your shoes or even you.

She may even be brushing another animal to strengthen the bond between them. Playing with shoe laces adds to the fun.

4. Comfort

This is the reality, as weird as it might sound. Some cats are calmed and relaxed by the scent of your sweat, and they respond positively to it.

Shoes are usually kept on the floor at a perfect height for cats and other pets. One of the reasons why most cats grow fond of shoes is because of their comfortable location.

Since the shoe leather resembles the cat’s favourite straps, the cat can’t resist chewing, cuddling, and playing with it. Some cats are simply playful, and they will play with anything that comes their way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my male cat drag my clothes around?

There are a variety of explanations why a cat could bring items around, but female cats seem to do it the most – so if your cat is spayed or not, it may be due to nesting behaviour. It’s possible that your cat enjoys the sensation of dragging something around, or it may be a sensory issue.

Why do cats drag your clothes around?

Your cat is making an attempt to please you. Outdoor cats are notorious for bringing in prey and bringing it to you. Despite being a little disgusting, it’s a social gesture and a huge complement. Clothes, especially warm and worn ones, will elicit the same impulses, and your cat can ‘kill’ and carry this ‘prey’ to you.

Why is my cat rubbing her face on my feet?

Some cats seem to love chewing on socks, shoes, or paws, or rubbing their faces on them. One potential cause is that your smell is focused on your paws, which attracts your cat’s attention. To assume possession of things, the cat uses the scent glands on its buttocks.

Final Words

It’s one thing to pay attention to your shoes, but if your cat becomes obsessed about them, particularly if they lash out or hiss at you as you attempt to remove them, there may be something else going on.

Anxiety is one of the most frequent causes of repetitive behaviour in cats.

When cats are nervous, they want to spend more time on shoes and other sources of the smell, so being more cautious of shoes is a typical indication.

If you have any questions whirling around your mind, do not hesitate to put them down in the comments section below!

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