Albert Schweitzer once said, “there are two means of refuge from the miserable life: music and cats.”      

But what if this saying isn’t sitting well with you?  every day you look up to your cat and wonder why does your cat eats hair off the floor?

You are worried as well as extremely full of contemplations that what could be the possible reason for taking out such abnormal behavior?

Your cat is eating hair off the floor because of dietary issues. unfortunately, your cat’s appetite takes a toll whenever there is something wrong externally.

Let’s take you right inside this article that we have curated only for you to have a better and reasonable understanding.

I hope you get all your answers, people.

why do cats eat hair off the floor

Why Is The Cat Eating Her Hair?

Cats are very particular when it comes to food and their decision of eating only the best. But, not every time. I am pretty sure you have noticed your cat eating her hair that fall of the floor.

You are disgusted and afraid at the same time and just want to find an alternative to put a halt to it.

Your cat is eating her hair off the floor because either she has developed a syndrome called pica, stress can also be the reason, a big underlying disease that needs utmost attention of the vet  do have the high possibility of being the root cause of this given situation

Take a dip at the points I am mentioning thoroughly below.

why is cat eating her hair

1. Pica

This is a syndrome where a cat develops the obsessive need to eat everything that is not considered edible. Not only a cat but this is also found in dogs and mind you, humans too.

2. Stress

If your cat is under stress, she will likely do some unexpected and uncommon things to overcome that built pressure by either chewing your hair or eating her own that has fallen off the floor. 

Your cat grooming herself to a level where it starts looking obsessive, then it’s an indication that your cat is stressed about a certain thing that you need to find out through the behavior she is possessing in the recent days.

3. Medical Conditions

Your cat showing the signs of pica is also a clear indication that it’s time for her to visit the vet and for you to find out the reason why she has been carrying out such behavior.

Finding it in the initial stages will ensure it being eliminated early which would ease the issues your cat might be having.

Now the bigger question that arises here is,

How To Manage This?

You can manage this behavior, yes it’s possible.

Make sure you try your best from your end to eradicate the possibility of your cat feeling stressed or anxious.

See if your other pets are giving your cat a sense of discomfort or hurting her in any way possible.

Try to devote at least 15 minutes extra with your cat to see if it’s your attention that’s making her anxious.

Never leave your combs in such a spot where it is accessible to your cat. Clear out the remnants of hair from your brush and keep the spot clean where your cat mostly hangs or lies around.

Why Do Cats Eat Hair Ties?

Your cats eat hair ties because of fascination and that hair ties have a rubbery texture which they find amusing. Most cats tend to only play with hair ties but some unknowingly consume them.

Cats are very picky eaters if put in a comparison with dogs.  But sometimes they do get confused on what to consume or not.

What If My Cat Eats A Hair Tie?

You need to visit the vet on an urgent basis if your cat eats hair ties. It can turn out to be toxic in her system which may result in unfavorable situations.

what if my cat eats a hair tie

But how would you know that your cat has eaten a hair tie? Don’t let your mind run miles, I have picked up some points for you that would give you an indication that something might be wrong?

1. Vomiting

Notice if your cat is vomiting even without having food. You need to see the pattern and take action if you see there is no valid reason for your cat to vomit.

2. Lack Of Appetite

Your cat will lose appetite if she has ingested a hair tie. Your cat will oppose even her favorite food and would not like to carry out her eagerness towards the meals of her day.

3. Lethargy

Your cat will stop being active, stop enjoying playtime, and will try to hide from you to avoid any social interaction. She will end up sleeping a lot that is a clear indication that something is wrong.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Eating Hair Ties?

You can stop your cat from eating your hair ties by simply putting all your rubber bands, hair bands in a drawer that is not easily accessible. Don’t encourage the habit of giving them hair ties to play with when out of toys.

Always keep some toys as substitutes to provide them with to avoid the situation where you need to give them things that can toxicate their whole system.

Clear out your brushes once you comb, keep the spots they wander around clean that would make them outgrow the eating of hair ties.

Cut all the sources from which hair ties are available to them.

What Are Whiskers?

Whiskers are also known as vibrissa that go far deeper in the skin to connect with the nervous system of the cat.

Intrigues you right?

Every parent has been taking this as a mere physical trait but it looks like it is far more than that.

This acts like an antenna that collects information about the cat’s environment. For example, in which direction the wind is blowing, how close are they to the wall to when they can expect a danger.

what are whiskers?

1. Why do cats eat their whiskers?

Cats eat their whiskers because they eat fiber to aid digestion. Cats usually prefer eating leaves and grass, but they will end up eating strings or even their whiskers.

You can get a cat grass planter if the said issue is not something that sways you away.

2.What Is whiskers fatigue?

Whiskers fatigue is over-stimulation of the whiskers. If the whiskers happen to be a touch too much there is a possibility that it will leave your cat agitated or will end up sending wrong signals to the brain.

Some common systems of whiskers fatigue are-

  1. Refusal to eat favorite dishes
  2. Meowing and pacing in front of the bowl as if something is wrong.
  3. Active aggressive around food.

To combat this situation you can simply buy a whisker-friendly bowl that is easily found in stores. They have a wide opening and are meant to be shallow which would ensure cats’ whiskers do not brush against the sides of the bowl.

Why Do Cats Eat Other Cat’s Fur?

Cats eat each other’s fur because it’s their way of socializing with the other cat and also that they are ready to build their respective territories together.

But, sometimes a cat also carries out this behavior because of a syndrome that is known as pica,  which results in their being extremely obsessive with eating hair or fur.

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Eating Its Fur?

You can prevent your cat from eating its fur by making them socialize and initiate being close to them in the time they are free. You need to look for a time slot in which they take out this activity. Try to keep them busy with their favorite games and spending time with your cat.

It is possible that your cat feels lonely and to soothe itself has started eating its fur.

Understand that it is harmful to your cat and is life-threatening in many ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you stop your cat from eating its fur?

Yes, you should. If not, it can turn out to be fatal for your feline. Try to include healthy grooming habits in your cat’s daily routine.  Avoid encouraging your cat and making them driven towards eating their hair. Try to keep the floor clean in which they usually play or sleep.

Why is my cat not eating properly?

Your cat is not eating properly because maybe she has had something that’s upsetting its stomach or there is a severe medical condition that needs the vet’s urgent consultation.

How to prevent lethargy in my cat?

You can prevent lethargy in your cat by involving them in a sleep schedule that ensures proper sleep. The food that you are giving should consist of fiber and vital proteins. Include playtime with their favorite toys.  To be more clearer, get a health checkup done.

Final Words

Cats are very complex pets. They have a deep understanding of what to eat and what to not. But sometimes many factors vague their sight and they tend to get into hazardous habits.

You can prevent these habits from leaving a stamp on your cat’s health by always making sure that they are not provided with any source that can prove to be fatal and deadly to your cat.

We have chosen them so we must provide them only with the best.  If you see any behavior that’s turning out to be a habit of your cat, make sure you cross-check and reach the root cause of it.

Lastly, what are you waiting for paw-rents?  Get, set, and thrive to choose good habits and values for your felines.


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