1. We have feral kittens around our house we’ve been feeding.
    Two got pregnant. They both had they’re babies. But we can’t find them. One doesn’t look like she has milk left. The other looks like she does. But they both hang around for hours and don’t go to they’re kittens. It’s been about five weeks for the first kitten with babies, about three weeks for the other. No kitty noises either.
    We saw three newborn kittens the first mom had, she then moved them and they haven’t been seen since. We’ve looked everywhere and we can’t find them. At this point we think they killed them. They are kitties themselves, is this possible? Are they too young to be moms to take care of these kitties? If so, would they eat the bones and all with no evidence left behind?
    There is a lot of bushes, trees shrubs and even a space under the shed. We’ve looked to the best of our abilities, but nothing.
    If they are alive, will the moms eventually bring them out to us?
    Could they have gone somewhere else to be brought out?

    1. Dear Cindy,
      I am so glad that you are actually analysing the whole situation and want to know proper answers to your apprehensions.
      Firstly, let me tell you when a cat is too young to give birth, they will have no maternal instincts for their kittens and will try to maintain a distance from them.
      Your cat has moved her kittens away because it’s the initial stage and your cat might doesn’t want anybody to leave their scent on her kittens.
      If you have detected a situation where it seems your cat has killed her kittens, then it can be because she found a congenital defect on her felines, cat mothers do so to not feel obligated to raise them and feed them.

      Lastly, your cat may want to keep her kittens away from the site and is taking some time out to feed them when needed.

      Stick around, maybe they will come along.

      1. Hi my name is Charlie i have a very feral female cat an she had 2 kittens one minute I seen the all the kittens, and last night the mamma cat was caring for them, and I went outside this morning to feed them and they were gone from were they were I’ve searched every where and can’t find them I see mamma cat around then she is gone but I don’t know how to find them, can you give me any advice that will help?

        1. Hey Charlie,

          I’ve been there with my own feral cat. Mama cats often move their kittens to safer spots, especially if they feel their current location is exposed. Here’s what you can do:

          1. **Stay Observant**: Watch where the mama cat goes. She’ll lead you to them eventually.
          2. **Look for Hidden Spots**: Check under bushes, in dense vegetation, or any quiet, hidden areas around your property.
          3. **Leave Food Out**: Keep feeding her at the usual spot. She’ll keep coming back for food, and you might catch her heading back to her kittens.
          4. **Listen Carefully**: Early morning or late evening, you might hear the kittens mewing.

          It can be worrying, but trust that she’s just trying to keep her babies safe. Give it a bit of time, and you’ll likely spot them soon.

          Good luck!

  2. Hey Abigail,

    Great article, I read it a few weeks ago because I was in a similar situation. I was feeding a semi feral cat who got pregnant outside and I couldn’t find the kittens. I took the easy route and got a GPS tracker for her to find them.

    Unfortunately she gave birth in a compound I can’t get access to, she initially had them around 170m from me now they are around 100m from my property but still just inside compound.

    The cat comes over twice everyday for food and pets, her kittens are 5 weeks old now. We are definitely her main good source and I wanted to get her inside but not without the kittens.

    What are the chances she will bring the kittens to us? Any advice is appreciated.


    1. Hey Ronan,

      Its hard to predict that will she comeback with her kittens or not.
      But at this moment what i can suggest you is to keep nursing her with utmost care and love.

  3. Hi my name is Stephanie Dewson i have a feral female cat an she had 5 beautiful kittens one minute I seen the whole kittens last night an mumma cat was feeding them an bathing them an I went outside this morning an they were gone from were they were I’ve searched every where an carnt find them I see mumma cat around then she is gone but I don’t no where as it is dark now an I don’t go outside after dark

    1. Cats hide their newly born kittens due to privacy. She does not like to have people around when she is feeding her babies. This a normal behavior in cats and nothing to be worried about.

  4. Hello my name is Charlie and I have been feeding a very feral cat and she will not let me pet her, she recently had two kittens under my shed and then moved them, i am surrounded by a lot of forest and I don’t know where she would have moved them. Can you give me any advice on how to find them and where? Please help me, I have been very worried for their sake.

    1. Hey Charlie!

      I totally get your worry. I’ve had a feral cat mama do the same thing. They usually move their kittens to a spot they feel is safer. Since you’re surrounded by forest, she’s likely found a hidden, quiet place.

      Here’s what you can do:
      Stay Calm: She’s doing what she thinks is best for her kittens.
      Look for Tracks: Check for small pathways or tracks leading into the forest.
      Listen: Early mornings or late evenings, you might hear them mewing.
      Stay Consistent: Keep leaving food out; she’ll come back, and you might catch her going to the new spot.

      Just give it some time. Feral cats are super protective and smart about hiding their babies. Good luck!

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