Being a cat owner, have you ever looked at your pet and wondered why it does the things it does? It might be something weird, unusual, or downright despicable that your cat does, and you find yourself questioning their activities.

Moreover, people are drawn to cats more than they are to cat owners.

Nevertheless, as a cat owner, you might be approached by different people when you are out for a walk with your fur friend and encounter the strangest questions to which you must know the answers.

The questions may be abundant, but more often than not, the questions are the same over and over again. Given below is a list of a few of the most strange questions that cat owners need to answer.

Strangest Questions As a Cat Owner You Must Know The Answers For

1.   How frequent and how much does your cat go outside, eat, or go to the toilet?

Even though it’s not a strange question, it’s probably the most important one. As a cat owner, you will need to know the basic routine that your cat has. You will need to figure out what food you need to feed your cat and how much quantity.

After its feeding schedule, you will also need to understand its toilet habits.

Cat owners need to know when their cat uses the bathroom to keep a plastic bag handy when going on a walk outside or to someone’s place.

2.   How do you deal with good and bad cat manners?

Cats deserve to be petted and given treats irrespective of their good or bad behavior. But that does not mean that cats can be allowed to behave inappropriately or ignore your commands.

As a cat owner, you need to learn what cat commands they will follow and if not then how to teach them to do so. When the cat follows the command, consider rewarding them.

However, cat owners need to deal with misbehavior too. In such cases, you need to find out what would make the cat behave otherwise.

3.   How does the cat behave while on a walk?

The way a cat behaves while cat owners take them on a walk is something to find out through experience. Experience is the only way to find how your cat behaves differently from other cats.

For instance, some cats might act weird or strangely if the person at the end of the leash is someone different than a usual person.

All you can do is be prepared and try acting compassionately with your pet.

To be on the safer side, it is a good idea to learn how it behaves when there is a loud noise, when surrounded by other animals and people, and what you can do to avoid making the cat uncomfortable.

You also need to find answers to questions such as does the cat behave well on or off the leash? Can you trust them to listen to your command when off the leash? If you are unsure of the questions, it is best to leave it on a leash until you’re sure.

4.   What are the cats’ favorite games and toys?

When it comes to cats, the importance of playing and game equals food and water to them. All cats have their favorite toys and games to play.

Moreover, they have their way of letting you know what they want to do. Given how cats feel loved when played with, pet owners need to be attentive to what their cats are willing to convey in matters of toys and games.

A few questions that you might consider include- do they jump in excitement or love to play rough when happy with their environment?

Additionally, for accidental cuts and bruises, supposedly during a rough game, you would need to keep antiseptic medications for dogs and cats handy for the little fingers.

5.   What do you need to do in times of medical emergency?

Information about medical emergencies is something that every pet owner must have the answer to. Be it a cat owner or a cat sitter, emergency medical services for your cat must be readily available. Locate the preferred veterinary close to your location.

Cat owners are recommended to have a vet’s contact close at hand, that is, as a note on their phone or stuck to a visible surface such as the fridge.

Additionally, if the pet owner is staying away for a long period or will be out of the contact range, someone else must know what to do if something worse happens. It is best to be prepared to prevent the cat from facing any unfortunate accident.

6.   What are the things that the cat is most scared of or reacts to strangely?

Be it any pets, they are always terrified of loud noises such as storms, fireworks, or noises coming from a construction site.

As a cat owner, you must be prepared to prevent animals from being terrified of these events. You need to question whether there is any comforting behavior that you can learn to make them less stressed.

For instance, cats like to be hugged or wrapped up in a blanket during fireworks or storms.

7.   What to do when there is a ‘no cats allowed’ sign?

Cats can be taken everywhere unless there is a sign that reads, ‘no cats allowed’. Pet owners are likely to face the question ‘could you please take your cat outside’ when taking your pet to the bank or a store.

A few restaurants, grocery stores, similar princes do not allow cats, and you need to be prepared as such instances can occur now and then.

The best thing to do is to know if the place you are visiting allows cats or not. If not keeping them at home ought raining them to stay outside while you get your job done are also the ideal ways to go about it.

8.   Why do cats love being catted over and over?

The simple way to answer this is to understand that cats feel nice when petted. However, there is a better answer as well. As much as human beings enjoy compassion and affection from those they love, so do cats.

Just as humans feel safe and secure when hugging someone close to them, cats also feel relaxed, loved, and safe when catted by their owners. When it comes to cats, pampering and petting are usually related to them feeling praised in a way.

For instance, an ear scratch or calling them a ‘good boy’ has a positive impact on their response skills.

It is quite well known that catting has a beneficial impact on both the cat and the human. Just as cats feel safe and calm when catted, it is a great way to create a stronger bond. Every cat must have its way of receiving love.

While most cats and dogs love catting, not all would prefer so. Each cat has its tastes and dislikes, and as a cat owner, you need to be aware of their body language and behavior before going all in.

9.   What do you need to do to clean up a mess?

If you have a cat but expect it to not create a mess then you are wrong. Whether it is a dog or a cat, cats do create a mess because they love to! Pet owners cannot stop their cats from messing up furniture and carpets.

This is why they need to be prepared with cleaning equipment and keep a carpet cleaner handy because carpets and cats are a match made in heaven!

However, just as much as your home furniture and decor is vulnerable to your cat, your cat is also vulnerable when hiding behind the TV or fiddling with power cables and wires. There is no particular way to anticipate what might happen in the future.

But, prevention is better than prediction. This is why most cat owners consider getting cat insurance to enable them to take care of their cat without being financially burdened.

10. Is cat insurance worth it?

The answer to the question- ‘is cat insurance worth it’ is similar to asking if healthcare insurance is valuable. You must understand that even if cats cannot talk, they have similar if not equal medical expenses and are susceptible to you getting hurt.

Apart from food, treats, toys, and other expenses, cat owners also have to spend on routine wellness and veterinary check-up. These expenses mostly fall under out-of-pocket expenses.

Additionally, the cost of medical emergencies might even be on the owner’s finances. This is where cat insurance covers expenses related to health care.

For instance, if you have a cat, consider getting cat insurance to cover expenses for unexpected injuries, illnesses, surgery, medications, etc.


Being a cat parent is indeed a loving experience as your fur baby makes most of your days happy and happening. There is no dial time when you have cats around as they lighten up every place they go.

However, it is the cat owners’ responsibility to chalk out what their cat needs to provide them only the best.

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