Cats have some odd habits that might make you wonder what they’re thinking. When they do something you don’t want them to do, they may be aggravating.

Cats hide behind tv because it’s most likely a combination of the privacy and the sheer joy of being back there. Cats adore wires, and it’s in their nature to go where they’re not supposed to go.

If concealment is not an option, there are several things you can do, such as carefully tying your wires together.

Cat Hiding Behind TV

Why Does My Cat Hide Behind My TV?

Cats want warm and comforting environments. Electronics emit heat, so your cat might choose to hide behind the television since it’s nice and toasty.

Why Does My Cat Hide Behind My TV?

Cats require a warmer environment than humans. When the temperature is approximately 70 degrees, we humans are most at ease. When we aren’t exerting energy to cool down or warm up, we are in our sweet spot.

The optimal temperature for cats is between 85 and 100 degrees. If it’s colder, as it typically is in the ordinary home, they’ll have to work harder to stay warm.

It’s no surprise that your cat would burrow behind the TV to bask in the device’s warmth, at least when it’s turned on.

If you use toys, snacks, or attention to get your cat out of the area, you promote the habit by providing them with something they desire.

Cats have no idea of right and wrong behaviour. They are instead taught through cause and effect.

For example, if they claw the furniture, you’ll likely reprimand them or confine them to a location where they can’t reach it. The cat does not like the result; therefore, it ceases to act in this manner.

If your cat claws the furniture and you divert them with a toy, they will learn that scratching the furniture will bring them what they want. If this occurs, they will continue scratching until they obtain what they desire.

When you need your cat to come out for their protection as well as the safety of your equipment, it might be challenging. The simplest approach to getting them out is using bait, but this will perpetuate their bad habits.

The easiest approach to prevent your cat from getting behind the TV in the first place is to dissuade him from doing so in the first place.

Why Does My Cat Go Behind The TV And Meow?

Cats go behind the tv and meow because this behaviour indicates insecurity or tension in your cat. 

Why Does My Cat Go Behind The TV And Meow?

They’re craving for your attention, and you’re giving it all to the screen, so they’ve got something to say about it.

When cats are agitated, they become talkative; therefore, if your cat is doing this, they are most likely attempting to seek your attention.

See if they respond well to some fun or caressing; the extra attention will most likely calm your cat down and make them feel more relaxed.

If you’ve recently acquired a new pet, your cat may be displaying signs of stress, and erecting a ‘baby gate’ in one of the room doors may also be beneficial.

That way, your cat has a secure place to go other than behind the TV to gain some distance from the new animal.

Finally, switch off the television. If your cat stops meowing when you do, it’s a clear sign that they want your attention.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Behind The TV?

Cats sleep behind the tv because he finds the place warm, comfortable and cosy.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Behind The TV?

Cats, like us, love sleeping in a pleasant warm location. Cats like a warmer environment than humans; therefore, it’s normal to seek out warmer areas than the ambient temperature.

For this reason, you may notice your cat napping in a beam of sunlight entering through the window. It’s also why they sleep in front of the television.

Your cat is most susceptible while they are sleeping. Although they are safe in your house, they have the instinct to sleep in a secure location.

This may lead to them making their bed behind your television. It appears to be secure and private, making it ideal for napping.

Wires, probably even more than string, are a favourite of cats. Because they move back and forth, they like swatting at them. They’re also a lot of fun to assault because of this. Some cats prefer to play with wires, while others chew on them.

Cats require a secure environment in which to feel safe. Some cats prefer to be up high, while others prefer to be close to the ground. Because it’s a fantastic hiding location, your cat may be found on top of your bookshelf, beneath your bed, or behind your television.

When cats are terrified or feel threatened, they will hide. They do, however, conceal when they want to unwind and spend some time alone.

Your cat may be anxious if they hide a lot. Hide and seek is, nevertheless, a natural aspect of cat behaviour.

How To Keep Cats From Going Behind The TV?

You have to distract and engage the cats in other activities to stop them from going behind the tv.

Distraction is usually the greatest defence for getting cats to do anything. Toys can keep them engaged, and they may become tired of hiding behind the television and quit. If not, cats respond effectively to smell repellents.

Cats are highly scent-oriented, so if they don’t like the way it smells back there, they will most likely ignore it. Many cats dislike the sticky tape feeling on their paws so you may use double-sided tape instead.

Citrus-based ‘cat repellant’ fragrances can also assist. New toys for your bored feline should also be considered since those wires behind your TV most likely appear like a lot of fun.

Enclosing the space so your cat can’t get in is the simplest technique to keep them from getting behind the TV. Cats are, without a doubt, agile and clever creatures. Your cat may be delighted by your attempts to keep them out of their favourite spot.

You can acquire a box for the wires if you can’t completely seal off the area. This will keep your cat from dragging on the wires, becoming tangled in them, or gnawing on them. At the very least, this makes them and your gadget safer when they’re in front of the TV.

How To Keep Cats Away From TV Wires?

The cables are the most concerning aspect of cats loitering around the television. Many cats like gnawing on electrical cables. Maybe it’s because of the way they taste. Perhaps it’s the fragrance or the feel of the rope that attracts them.

Regardless of the motive, preventing your cat from chewing on them might be tough but necessary.

1. Deterrents

Many pet owners utilise odour or taste deterrents to keep their pets from chewing. These can be quite useful. They do, however, need to be reapplied from time to time. They won’t hurt your cat, but they won’t like the taste or fragrance.

The odour deterrents mentioned before are also beneficial in this situation. Citrus and menthol fragrances are among them.

When it comes to wires, though, you may utilise taste-based deterrents. Many repellent sprays incorporate disagreeable aromas and tastes to deter your cat from chewing. The most common store-bought spray for this purpose is bitter apple spray.

Your cat will also be deterred by citrus-based products, menthol-based treatments, and aloe gel. These, on the other hand, may be poisonous to your cat. If you have a dedicated chewer on your hands, you may unwittingly cause them to become ill.

Use flavours that are both unpleasant and safe for your cat. Hot sauce, in addition to bitter apple, is quite effective. Your cat will not be harmed, but the burning will be unpleasant for them.

2. Cord Box And Protector

Your cat will not access the cables if you use a cord box. It’s a plastic box with all of the cords enclosed within. It may maintain the environment nice and orderly and shield the cables.

Cord protectors are also a viable option. Plastic sheaths are wrapped around the wire. They have a bitter apple flavour to them. They add a layer of protection between your cat and the wire while also preventing gnawing due to the unpleasant taste.

3. Duct Tape

It’s not the best option, but it’ll suffice in a crisis. Duct tape may be used to secure the wires to the floor and conceal them. This makes them more difficult to chew and offers some protection if they do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it dangerous for a cat behind the TV?

As long as your cat isn’t chewing on the cables, they’re probably simply enjoying the solitude of their new hideaway. Everything should be alright if you organize it a bit to keep things safe.

Could my cat topple over my TV on a stand?

If your TV stand is a little shaky, your cat has a good chance of knocking it over. Cats have extremely powerful legs, and while it is unusual, a misjudged jump or wobbly stance might be fatal for your cat.

Why does my cat go back behind the TV when I move it?

Your cat is intrigued about what you’re doing, and that particular place has the finest view. While it’s completely safe, if you want to stop your cat from doing this, a little double-sided tape can help.

Final Words

Cats love the warmth behind the tv, so they often go behind the tv to spend some quality time. If you get a good stand and bundle all of your cables, you can reduce the odds of your cat getting into mischief.

Ask your questions in the comments section below.


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