You’ve probably seen your pregnant cat kneading at some point, rhythmically pushing its paws in and out against a soft surface, like a blanket or even your lap. Since the action is similar to kneading dough, it is also referred to as “making biscuits.”

So, is it yes normal for a pregnant cat to knead?

Yes, it is normal for a pregnant cat to knead. Pregnant cats frequently knead to express their delight. To express their love and contentment, your pregnant cat may knead on your lap. A pregnant cat who is stressed may knead to create a soothing, calm mood.

Keep reading this article to know more about why your pregnant cat kneads.

Pregnant Cat Kneading

Do Pregnant Cats Knead More?

Though it is not necessary, pregnant cats can sometimes knead more.

Do Pregnant Cats Knead More?

Kneading (also known as making biscuits) is a common behavior observed in domestic cats in which a cat will push out and pull in its front paws against a surface such as a piece of furniture or a carpet, often alternating between right and left limbs.

Each stroke is accompanied by a claw-grabbing motion as if the cat were kneading dough.

Baking is another name for it.

Pregnant cats knead blankets or other soft objects for a variety of reasons.

Pregnant cats frequently knead to express their happiness.

Your pregnant cat could also knead, to express their love and contentment. An anxious pregnant cat also kneads to create a soothing, calm environment.

Cat kneading is an instinctive behavior that they develop as kittens.

Kittens will paw at their mothers’ tummies to encourage milk flow from their teats when they feed from their mothers.

Since they are anticipating the milk that is used to accompany the movement, pregnant cats may dribble while doing it or suckle at a soft object such as a blanket or cushion.

While it may appear unusual that cats continue to knead as they age, experts say it’s actually a huge compliment for you because it means they feel happy, safe, and comforted with you, just like they did with their mother!

Why Is My Pregnant Cat Kneading So Much?

Your pregnant cat could be kneading so much to show that she is content and happy.

Why Is My Pregnant Cat Kneading So Much?

While nursing from their mother, kittens begin to knead.

A nursing kitten kneads instinctively to stimulate the mother’s milk production.

But why do they knead past the nursing age?

Your pregnant cat may knead blankets, stuffed animals, or other soft objects around the house.

Even though kneading a soft surface does not produce milk, adult cats will always associate the motion with the rewarding comfort of nursing.

What if your pregnant cat enjoys kneading people, specifically you?

If your pregnant cat curls up and kneads your lap while you’re petting her, she’s reciprocating your affection and telling you she loves you.

Unfortunately, this can be quite painful, because the happier she is, the deeper her sharp nails will dig.

Never punish your pregnant cat for this behavior because she isn’t aware of how much it hurts.

Try putting a soft, thick barrier between your pregnant cat and your lap.

To ensure both your and your pregnant cat’s comfort, keep your pregnant cat’s nails trimmed with nail clippers or invest in nail guards to cover your cat’s nails.

Pregnant cats are natural yoga practitioners who enjoy working out all the kinks left over from napping.

Consider this: if you have sore shoulders, it feels good to grab onto something and pull against it.

Kneading their paws is one of the many ways pregnant cats stay limber between naps.

Here are some other reasons: –

1. Making A Nest

Another theory for pregnant cat kneading is that it is a wild cat behavior passed down through generations.

Wild cats will paw at piles of leaves or tall grass to make a nest in which they and their young can relax and sleep.

By doing this to the ground, they are not only creating a soft nest akin to how we fluff pillows, but they are also searching for predators, prey, or dangerous things hidden in the foliage.

So, when your domestic pregnant cat does this to your lap, it could be a learned behavior from their wildlife!

2. Marking territory

Since their paws contain scent glands that release pheromones, one possible explanation for why pregnant cats knead is to mark their territory.

They may be doing this on your lap to mark you as their own and warn other cats to back off by pushing their paws in and out, which activates these scent glands.

3. Going Into Heat

When female cats are in heat, they may knead (also known as oestrus). According to experts, doing this shows male cats that they are ready to mate.

Along with this, they may exhibit other behaviors such as being overly vocal, displaying more affection than usual, and begging to go outside.

If these behaviors are related to oestrus, neutering or spaying may reduce them. Of course, neutering can help prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as certain diseases.

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How To Stop Pregnant Cat From Kneading You?

You can stop a pregnant cat from kneading you by following these steps: –

How To Stop Pregnant Cat From Kneading You?
  • Keep your pregnant cat’s claws trimmed short to avoid sharp hooks.
  • Encourage your cat to knead somewhere else. Use a pheromone-based spray to persuade your pregnant cat to knead on a blanket rather than your lap.
  • Redirect her attention with treats or a toy. Cats are easily trainable, and you can quickly teach her a different behavior, such as sitting or chasing a toy, instead of kneading.
  • If your pregnant cat kneads with her claws, consider placing a special “kneading-only,” thick blanket on your lap to protect you while also indicating to your pregnant cat that she is only allowed to knead on that blanket. Alternatively, place her gently on the ground and distract her with a treat or toy.
  • Never punish your pregnant cat for kneading. If she is punished for her natural, instinctive behavior, she will most likely react negatively and aggressively. Instead, use redirection and distraction techniques to keep your cat’s trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I consult a vet for my kneading pregnant cat?

Inquire with your veterinarian about any behavioral issues. Some behaviors, such as kneading, may pass your cat by. Other behaviors could indicate that something is wrong.

It’s natural to believe that negative behaviors will fade away with time. Instead, speak with your cat’s veterinarian about your concerns.

What is Eclampsia?

Calcium deficiency in the bloodstream can cause eclampsia, a potentially fatal disease that can occur in the later stages of pregnancy.

Calcium supplements can help high-risk cats avoid this problem. You should introduce supplements in consultation with your vet.

How do you prepare a cat to give birth?

Provide a safe and warm environment for your cat to give birth. Make a nest in a box filled with washable blankets and towels. Place her food, water, and litter in close proximity.

Final Words

Your pregnant cat could be kneading for a variety of reasons, including affection or heat.

There is no need to be concerned about any of these causes for pregnant cats kneading, so you can relax and enjoy watching your cat be super cute.

If you have any questions, ask us in the comments section.

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