1. I’m a bit confused if turmeric works as an Anti-inflammatory spice why does it elevate kidney disease in cats?

    1. Hello Kaitlyn,
      Actually turmeric has oxalates which can increase the risk of kidney stones. So excessive intact of turmeric should be avoided.

      Keep in mind that occasionally in normal quantity, turmeric is totally safe for cats.

      Happy cat parenting.

  2. I use Advanced Turmeric with Curcumin Meriva 500mg by Webber Naturals for myself and wonder if giving my old arthritic cat that doesn’t have kidney disease some if it would work better than the food grade turmeric as it is formulated for high absorption.

    1. For cats, turmeric is a reliable anti-inflammatory mainstay. It eases their indigestion, arthritis pain, and other symptoms.
      You can speak with your veterinarian about whether it is okay to use human-specific products for cats.

  3. my cat sophie has cancer of the ear. if i use turmeric, how soon could i see if it is working. she is 12 years old. i’m hoping i wont have to send her to the rainbow bridge. thanks for your help.

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