There are many symptoms your cat would show if she still has kittens inside her.

She would not sit stable and will sit sideways to allow the kitten to come through the birth canal.

Yes, there are chances for the last kitten to die but if the delivery goes normal then the kittens are sure to be fine.

To know more about your cat’s labor, let us read the article further.

How Do You Know If Your Cat Still Has Kittens Inside Will Any Kitten Die 1

How Will I Know If My Cat Is Done Giving Birth To All Her Kittens?

While your kitten is giving birth to her kittens she will be restless and keep licking at the vulva.

The kittens tend to come every 10 to 15 minutes. Amidst the birth of kittens, the cat will lick at the birth canal and her kittens. She would keep changing her positions.

How Will I Know If My Cat Is Done Giving Birth To All Her Kittens?

She would chew the sacs and bite on the placenta. She would cry and sit in a sideways position so that she is comfortable and in line while pushing her kitten out.

As the kittens are born your cat’s attention will go towards cleaning up and sniffing the babies and the birthing process shall slow down.

Though by an hour she should have given birth to all her kittens though if you see that she is still trying to push, then call for the vet.

The vet shall conduct the process and remove the kitten soon.

You can then be sure that there are no more kittens remaining.

Soon the mom would be licking the kittens and biting the placenta, this is when you should know you are in a home stretch.

You have to make sure the airway of all kittens is free of mucus or any fluid. You should keep everything warm and quiet after the birth of all kittens.

It is not necessary that the number of nipples your cat has is equal to the number of kittens that would be born.

Hence as long as your kitten is pushing she is still not done with the delivery. Give your cat privacy during the labor period.

Your cat will be normal in the intake of food and water, her shape and size will indicate if there are more kittens to be born.

Though there are some cats who will not deliver until their owners return as they are dependent.

Though they can control for 36 to 48 hours. After which also kittens are born quite normally.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Still Has Kittens Inside Her?

Your cat’s stomach should start deflating once she has started nursing.

There are times when after birth is still left behind as your cat might have chewed the umbilical before detaching the cat from it.

What Should You Do If Your Cat Still Has Kittens Inside Her?

Though the nursing will make your cat contract and so she will pass the afterbirth soon.

Your cat is a mother will clean all the kittens’ hind areas so as to improve their digestion.

Though if there is a kitten inside your cat yet then the things you could do would be, try and gently palpate the abdomen and try to feel the lump.

This is movable inside unlike other organs that are not movable. If your cat does not deliver her last kitten then she is likely to develop a fever and the kitten might die.

If you cannot feel the movement then the kitten might be dead.

The kitten should usually be able to find its way to the birth canal and towards the center part of the lower abdomen.

You could help your cat by helping it feel around the bump and gently press it continuously above the one side of that kitten’s form so that it can turn around towards the canal.

Do not force it in any direction, if your cat is still laboring with a kitten inside her then it is normal but if she stops laboring and there is still a lump of the size of other kittens then you should take her to the vet immediately and get her labor done.

The vet can only do this though it is common for the last kitten to die, it is still possible that it is alive and will do well.

Though sometimes surgery is required to remove the stuck kitten. Though sometimes cats stop their labor due to stress and pass hours before the last kitten is delivered.

The cat must be exhausted after this process.

Though your vet might recommend a spay for your cat if she is unable to deliver the last kitten and needs surgery.

It is then your decision to agree or not.

Symptoms Of A Dead Kitten Inside A Cat

Sometimes there is no visible sign of a miscarriage in your cat.

Only if an early ultrasound detected a pregnancy then it can tell you if there has been a miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy.

The miscarriages that take place in the later stages do show some symptoms of a miscarriage.

They include-

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Abdominal pain
  • Fever

Though some cats that experience a miscarriage shall have contractions and may deliver stillborn kittens.

Can Mother Cat Deliver Dead Kitten? What Would Mother Cat Do With Its Dead Kitten?

Yes, mother cats do deliver the dead kitten.

The mother cat could perform the following behaviors with the dead cat:

1. Lick Their Kitten

It is the mother cat’s instinctive behavior to rigorously lick and groom each of its kittens.

The licking of the mother cat helps the kittens in breathing and in the removal of the placenta. The rigorous licking will remove the liquid from the lungs of the kittens.

During this process when the mother sees that the kitten is not moving or breathing then it would lick and cuddle the kitten trying to give it warmth and breathe so that the kitten responds.

Though it should give up soon after a lot of tries and take care of the surviving kittens.

2. Eating The Kitten

Yes, it does sound horrifying for a mother to eat her own kitten but they do eat their dead kitten.

This is an instinctive behavior of cats to eat meat to get nutrients.

The dead kitten provides the mother with the nutrients. These nutrients will add to the milk of the mother and hence pass on to the kittens.

A cat also eats up the placenta as it gives the cat nutrients for the milk just like a dead kitten provides.

3. Get The Dead Kitten To The Pet Parent

When the owners are very lovable, the mother cats would really trust the owner in such times. The mother cat would go to their owner and lay the dead kitten at their feet looking for love care and help.

Not all cats do this but one’s who do are showing their owners that they trust them to take care of them and help their dead kitten.

Not all mother cats do this because they are very protective of their kitten and don’t allow anyone next to their kittens.

4. Burying The Dead Kitten

Such a scenario is unusual but your cat might dig up the ground and bury its dead kitten later covering the dead body of the kitten with mud.

She might lay there and weep or just stay there for hours. Though she would have to leave soon as she has her other kittens to take care of.

Though some mother kittens might just leave the dead kitten to protect the other kittens from any health risks.

What Would Happen If A Kitten Is Stuck In The Birth Canal?

What Would Happen If A Kitten Is Stuck In The Birth Canal?

If the mother cat has a narrow pelvic canal it can get tough for your cat to pass her kittens through or the kitten might be large and cannot pass.

Though there are many chances for your cat to get dystocia.

The uterus of the mother cat and she herself would get tired if the kittening is prolonged.

The mother cat might have to be admitted for treatment and monitoring by the vet if they are suffering from dystocia.

There will be blood tests, X-Ray, and ultra-sound scans for better treatment.

The vet shall be able to help the cat in delivery if the kitten is stuck in the pelvic canal. Though the safest treatment is a cesarean section. It is safe for the mother cat and the kitten that is stuck.

How To Know If The Cat’s Labor Is Over?

The cat would bite the umbilical cord after it has given birth, though if she cannot do it then you will have to help her out.

Though if you are confident in doing so then you should consult your vet immediately and let them handle the birth process.

Though the entire delivery process could take up to 5 hours or sometimes even an entire day.

The kittens born are up to 4 to 6 kittens usually. You should give your cat all the time to clean up and settle its kittens.

Do not interfere much in the process but keep an eye out. If your cat is not taking care of its kittens then you should be consulting your vet soon.

After giving birth rearing might be necessary sometimes.

You should always keep in contact with your vet after the process.

How Can You Help The Mother Cat To Deliver Her Stuck Kitten?

  • Sometimes after your cat has given birth, it might be tough for her to cut the umbilical cords and that is when you can help her.
  • Clean your hands and wear disposable gloves.
  • Tie a dental floss around the cord, which should be 2 inches from the body of the kitten.
  • Again tie an inch away from the kitten
  • Cut the umbilical cord between the ties.
  • Though make sure not to cut it too close to the kitten.
  • The mother cat will chew the long ends on the thread, so trim it off.
  • If the mother chews close to its kitten then try to do it.

Though you could consult your vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Kittens Can A Cat Give Birth To At Once?

Mother cats can give birth to4 to 6 kittens at once. Though some even have several. Young cats give birth to around 3 kittens in their first litter.

Do Cats Cry Will Give Birth To Its Kittens?

Yes, it is very common for your cat to cry while giving birth to its kittens. It is because the cat is distressed.

Can My Cat Give Birth At Night?

Yes, cats usually give birth at night. They find it calm and can deliver on their own.

Final Words

It is a tough time for your mother cat. You need to make sure that you are observant and can take care. 

Always consult your vet if there are any emergencies during the labor of your cat. Your cat should go through check-ups too.

You will have a litter of kittens to love, good luck!

For more queries, you could ask us in the comment section.


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