Feline species have greeting repertoires. They rub faces and butt each other with their heads. They also touch noses. It is normal for your cat to want to greet you too, except you tower out of his reach.

Think about how you seem to your cat. In her world, creatures as big as you are, are dangerous, but she knows you are not dangerous because of her experience with you.

Your very size, at odds with your friendliness, is a challenge to her balance, so she has no instinctive idea what to do about you. She cannot fathom you as you are, so her brain reduces you into “cat sized” proportions.

She is able to react to and perceive you as something roughly cat sized (or at least not big enough to want to eat her).

So, if you’re wondering why your cat wants to bump noses with you, it is simply because your cat loves you like any other member of her feline family!

The feline nose is the cute-as-a-button spot we love to “boop” and is of course responsible for the sense of smell, but a cat’s nose is also an important part of feline communication.

Besides sniffing out food or danger, one of the most important tasks it performs is to help cats feel comfortable with humans. Here’s what your cat’s nose knows.

Why Does My Cat Nose Bump Me Should I Discourage My Cat

Why Your Cat Nose Bump? 4 Reasons

4 Reasons Why Cats Nose Bump

1. Cats Share Scents

As soon as one cat meets another they touch and sniff each other’s nose. This is their social way to share scents from all their adventures and this action places both cats on equal footing and a vulnerable position.

Kittens are blind at birth but their noses still carry fully developed touch receptors!

As a newborn kitten, nose touching is the manner in which kittens make first contact with mum.

As kittens grow into adults, nose touching will remain to them the first friendly greeting they’ll use to greet other cats.

2. Nose-To-Nose Greetings

When people meet each other, we usually nod, shake hands, or hug. Cats meet ‘n’ greet each other with a nose-to-nose sniff test to curiously inquire “How ya doin’?” “Where ya been?” and determine if they’re from the same tribe.

This is a friendly, non-threatening greeting among cats meeting for the first time or housemates checking in after a siesta in different rooms of the house.

3. Nose-To-Finger Introductions

Cats may be wary of human interaction until they feel safe. When you first meet a cat, sit down quietly and extend a finger at cat nose level.

Your finger becomes a nose substitute and allows the cat an opportunity to investigate your scent. If the cat feels comfortable, you may get a cheek rub against your finger or hand or other request for further attention. Conversely, the cat may back away if he feels unsure about interacting.

4. Nose-To-Nose Hellos To Humans

Lucky you! Wet nose kisses are a wonderful sign of affection. Sure, there’s some initial sniffing involved for identification purposes, but this says you’re someone the cat likes.

If the cat really likes you, he may punctuate the nose kiss with a gentle love nip.

Why Does My Cat Touch My Nose?

Why Does My Cat Touch My Nose?

It is a way of greeting your cat.

Rubbing faces and heads is the way these felines greet each other and also touch noses.

Just the way your cat greets other cats it will also want to greet you.

Your cat trusts you even though you are so large and scary for it. Your cat has now adjusted with you well and so will come over to greet you.

Your cat treats you like you are just a part of its cat family and so it comes to touch your nose just like would do to other of its members.

Your cat will love you even if we humans are unknown to them.

They come to touch your nose just out of love and affection.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose?

Most of the time your cat might be licking your nose out of love.

Though there are also other reasons why your cat licks your nose:

Why Does My Cat Lick My Nose?

1. Bonding

When your cat licks you, it is trying to bond with you just like how a mother would lick a kitten.

If you have two cats then they would exchange scents and try to increase their bond and cats do the same with their owners too.

So by licking you it is showing affection towards you.

2. Complimenting You

When your cat licks your nose it is showing you that you are a nice part of its family and that it feels secure and safe with you.

Your cat would lick your nose only if you both share a close bond. So it is a compliment that you have been a very good part of its life.

3. Sweat Creates Taste

Your sweat tastes salty and if you sweat on your nose then maybe your cat would lick your nose.

Though if your cat is suddenly doing this then there must have been a change in your smell or taste.

Your cat might be exploring the different tastes or smell coming from you or might be licking the sweat on your nose.

4. Territory Mark

Cats mark their territory by licking and rubbing hence transferring their scent.

So when your cat licks your nose then it might be trying to imply that even you are a part of its territory.

Especially if you have one more pet then your cat will lick you implying that you are its territory and everyone else has to be away.

5. Stroke

Your cat also shows that it is grateful to you for loving and stroking its back by licking your nose.

As your cat has a rough tongue it might hurt but they feel it is good for you.

6. Get Your Attention

When you are distracted doing other things and not giving your cat attention, then it might come over to lick your nose and face so that it can get your attention.

7. Injured Or Stressed

If your cat is licking you continuously then your cat could be injured, in some pain, or stressed.

By licking you it is just trying to cope with the situation and they will lick our nose more because they are trying to get all your attention.

Why Does My Cat Kiss You With Its Nose?

Your cat kisses your nose out of affection.

Though they could first sniff you but then lick your nose indicating that it likes you.

The nose kiss is then punctuated with a love nip.

What Does It Mean When Cats Touch Noses?

When your cat touches their nose with yours it means you are a trusted friend. Your cat is left vulnerable and you might be very close to the cat if its nose touches you.

Though one more reason that the researchers tell us is that cats nose touch when the scent gland releases the scent.

You should ever forcefully touch your nose with your cat’s nose as it should only be initiated by your cat.

If you do it, then your cat might take it as a forced action and get aggressive. It might bite or scratch you.

For your cat when it gives a nose-to-nose greeting it is a form of enquiring if you are alright and showing you that you are one of its family members now.

Why Does My Cat Rub Its Nose On My Hand?

Your cat is very scared to interact with you until it feels safe. You should sit down quietly and extend your finger or hand slowly at the nose level of your cat. This is what you should do when you first meet your cat.

At that time your hand is a substitute for your nose and helps your cat know your scent.

Soon if your cat is comfortable with you, then your cat would rub its cheek on your hand.

Why Do Cats Like Getting Their Nose Rubbed?

Cats like rubbing their nose as it is a sign of friendliness.

It is a way of greeting and mixing their scent with yours. When you want to be friendly with a cat start by holding your finger a few inches away from the cat.

If the cat comes forward to you and then sniffs and rubs its nose it means they like you and are getting comfortable with you.

Why Does My Cat Boop My Nose With Its Nose?

Your cat relies more on the scent than on their sight and so the nose-to-nose greeting is a gesture amongst their friends.

It is non-threatening and is a kind of knuckle touch.

Why Does My Cat Purr And Bite My Nose?

Why Does My Cat Purr And Bite My Nose?

1. Out Of Anger

Sometimes cat bites your nose out of anger. Biting your nose is a way of expressing their anger.

The bite could also hurt you as it is harder than your cat giving you a nip at your nose.

Your cat will growl, eyes will dilate, and would also pin their ears down showing that they are angry with you.

These signs are warnings after which your cat could bite you.

You could distract your cat with toys or treats until your cat calms down.

2. Cat Nips

There is one more reason your cat might be biting you on your nose. Though this bite is not that harsh it is more of a nip.

It is a way in which your cat is showing love and affection towards you. You have to make sure that your cat doesn’t bite you too hard.

This bite would not be harsh as then your cat would be feeling relaxed and would be purring to show that they are feeling happy and content.

3. Kitten Suckling

If you have a kitten then it might try to suckle onto you. This could happen if your kitten was separated from its mother at a young age.

The kitten might have developed the habit of suckling to find comfort.

You should not encourage your kitten while it tries to suckle on any part of your body or nose.

If you encourage the suckling of your cat then it will feel very unpleasant once your cat’s teeth grow.

4. Hypersensitivity

Your cat might not like too much affection and stroke from you. 

Though it is not clear if your cat is hypersensitive to touch or if your cat has a low level of tolerance.

Your cat might bite after peaceful exchanges of affection and lash out at you.

5. Territorial Cat

Your cat will soon mark you as their territory or property. These cats might see your nose as a vertical surface and then spread their pheromones.

These pheromones warn other cats to keep away and that you are your cat’s property only.

This kind of behavior usually takes place when you have one more pet in the house or if you have worked with any other pet.

6. Showing Love

The cat might bite your nose in the form of a love bite. Your cat might nip your nose very gently and show affection. Though you should prevent your cat from biting you.

7. Fastidious Groomers

Grooming each other is a part of your cat’s bond formation. So the cats that are good friends groom each other frequently.

So cats remove dirt by chewing. They cannot feel this and so your cat might also do the same with your nose after you have had your food.

It might not feel good to you and so you should ignore your cat and become busy, discouraging this behavior of your cat.

8. Establishing Dominance

Your cat is very independent and tries to establish a hierarchy to prevent any conflicts.

Your cat shows dominance and submission by biting your nose. 

9. Threatened Or Startled

All cats bite when they are startled or threatened. They would focus on a sensitive area to bite on, just like your nose.

Sometimes you might look into your cat’s eyes with devotion but your cat might take it as a sign of aggression.

Or sometimes your cat’s aggression on something else might be displaced onto you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when a cat touches your nose with their nose?

Cats nose poke (gently touch their nose to the other’s nose) only trusted friends, be they feline, human, canine, or equine. Some suggest its related to the cat’s scent glands; scent glands release scent when rubbed and the nose poke is a gentle touch.

Why does my cat Boop your nose?

Cats rely more on their sense of smell to recognise each other than they do sight and the nose-to-nose greeting is simply a non-threatening gesture between friends. Your cat is simply saying ‘Hey! How are you doing buddy? ‘ However, it is more of a knuckle touch than a good snog so don’t get over excited.

Why do cats touch noses then hiss?

Don’t be alarmed; it’s normal for cats to hiss at something new or something they don’t understand. Hissing is a distance-increasing behaviour. Simply put, it’s a warning saying, “Please back off, and do not come any closer.”

Do cats like it when you Boop their nose?

Cats love this kind of affection. The more we do it, the more they display, and welcome, trust. Trust is what nose booping is all about.

Final Words

As we know that your cat usually bites and likes your nose out of love and affection but if it is hard enough you should get it checked.

Your cat treats you like she would any other member of her cat family group, she butts you with her head, rubs her face on you and touches noses with you.

And here is the best thing about cats…even though you are quite a weirdo to them, they love us anyway.

If you have queries, please ask in the comment section.


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