Playing with your cat is an essential aspect of their growth. It sharpens their innate reflexes and keeps them attentive.

Cats learn how to utilize their body and interact with the environment around them through playing. For you, it’s also a lot of pleasure.

Wild cats do play peek-a-boo in a survival sense, and tame cats utilise it to practise concealing and refine their stealth. When they strike, they conceal catching any prey or opponent off guard.

Let’s see how much fun is playing peekaboo with your feline companion!

Do Cats Like To Play Peek A Boo?

Why Do Cats Like Playing Peek A Boo?

Cats are sensitive to search for this behaviour since they are the ultimate predators. Playing peekaboo imitates this behaviour, so they think; “Game on!” when they see it.

Kittens like playing this game and will attack in an exaggerated manner if they wish to “capture” the victim.

Why Do Cats Like Playing Peek A Boo?

Stalking is at the very foundation of what a predator does. When their prey looks in their way or pops its head out of a hole or from behind an item, they become specialists at freezing.

When the prey can’t see them, they move closer. In this game, you’re the prey, so allow him at least a full second between peeping and letting him “win” by capturing you.

This isn’t going to work for every cat, but it’s worth a try. Attract your cat’s attention by darting around a corner. Peek your head out and look the kitten in the eyes.

The cat should remain still. Return behind the corner for a bit, and then look around the corner again. Your sly cat should’ve gotten a little closer.

There are many cat toys available, but teaser wands with feathers on the end are one of the easiest to deal with. Simply wave one in front of your cat, and they’ll be unable to resist the opportunity to rip it apart.

However, the toy is preferable than your new couch. Try a ball of yarn for a less expensive toy. It won’t be a ball for long, but unravelling it will be a lot of fun for your cat. Make sure you don’t flash the laser in your pet’s eyes.

You’ve undoubtedly seen a cat try to catch a laser pointer, but have you ever tried it? Simply take a seat and watch your cat attempt in vain to catch the light. You can have a good snuggle after they’re all tired out. Make sure they don’t have kitten cataracts!

Have you ever returned home from work and been unable to locate your feline companion? Only traces of cat fur are seen in the favorite resting locations. No response when you call him name and shake a bag of treats.

Then you start to worry whether he left the house and start looking for him. Finally, you’ve located him! He’s in the hamper, the dresser, the back of the closet in the darkest corner, or beneath the bed between two storage bins.

You’re relieved, but you’re perplexed as to why he would do such a thing when he’s secure in his own house.

Continue until your cat reaches the corner, and then brace yourself for a pounce. It’s not that they’re playing a game of peekaboo with you; it’s just that cats are naturally interested, and if they notice something and it vanishes, they’ll chase it down and figure out where it went.

And they’ll figure it out because they’re patient when it comes to figuring out what they saw that appeared and then vanished.

Why Does My Cat Play Peekaboo With Me?

Your cat loves to play peekaboo with you because it’s a natural inclination for them.

Cats hide for a variety of reasons, some of which are instinctual, such as the desire to recharge, watch, and feel protected. Knowing why they’re hiding won’t make it any less strange or ridiculous, but it will help you understand how they’re feeling at the time.

Why Does My Cat Play Peekaboo With Me?

1. Little Spy

Cats prefer to look around and see what’s going on in their surroundings. This may entail adopting a voyeuristic attitude and hiding somewhere to observe the world without being noticed.

A quiet nook, a dark corner, or the inside of a paper bag will suffice. Cats prefer to take a backseat and watch, especially when there is a lot of action in the house.

If you’ve ever been cooking or cleaning the kitchen, your cat could be observing you from the top of the refrigerator. He’s keeping an eye on you and his domain.

2. Hunter Kitty

Cats start hunting by hiding. They make certain that they can observe and pursue prey without being seen.

Your cat is honing his hunting skills and ninja stealth when he emerges out of nowhere and strikes that down feather that has been blowing across the floor! He might potentially assault the thing before turning around and fleeing. It’s all a lot of fun to see.

3. Hide and Seek

Sometimes cats just want to have a good time. It’s a playful manner of hunting, and a good hiding location means he gets to surprise you.

Have you ever walked by a doorway or sat on your couch and had a paw slap your foot? Your cat is having a good time. If the claws come out, you’ll know it’s serious!

It’s in their nature to hide. It offers them an edge in a scenario and, on occasion, provides them with the safest place to sleep without being disturbed.

You’ll know why your cat is napping beneath the sheets on the bed or under the sofa the next time you see him, but it doesn’t make it any less charming or entertaining.

Can You Play Peek a Boo With A Cat?

You can definitely play peekaboo with your beloved kitty because cats like both playing and giving surprises to their owners.

Can You Play Peek a Boo With A Cat?

Everyone recalls the game of “peek-a-boo.” You’ve almost definitely played that as a kid. You may, however, play the game with your cat, and you don’t need to be a child to do so.

Almost every cat owner enjoys playing with his or her feline companion. Would you, on the other hand, actively participate? Then have a game of peekaboo with your cat.

Peekaboo is a game that cats like. Every location is welcome, whether it’s in a tunnel or behind a closed door. Feel free to seek out a creative location, since this will keep your cat occupied for a long time.

Cats also prefer to get inside boxes since they are good hiding spots. Cats are excellent at inventing new hiding spots.

The game appeals to their innate desire to hunt. Cats utilize three distinct hunting tactics to catch their prey. Ambush, stalk and pounce, and fishing are the three options.

Crouching and intensely focused on their prey is the first step in the technique. The cat waits carefully wherever it won’t be noticed, then leaps and snatches the prey at just the right time.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to have fun, since it is a simple way to link games to excitement and intellectual stimulation.

You may deepen your relationship with your cat by playing with it on a regular basis. Cats who have been playing with their owners since they were kittens will want to do it again when they grow older.

Playing with your cat strengthens your relationship and boosts your self-esteem and affection. Playing with your cat has several advantages. It gives both mental and physical stimulation for both the cat and the cat owner. Keeping your cat busy might also help to prevent bad behaviour.

You’ve undoubtedly observed that your cat hides in the oddest places as a cat owner. Many cats prefer to hide in tight spaces in a closet, tunnel, duvet, or beneath the sofa, for example. Cats also like it when they believe they are concealed but are still visible.

My cats, for instance, are sitting peacefully in the centre of the play tunnel. They believe they are concealing themselves, but I see them in the tunnel. The large eyes trail me throughout the room. I know they enjoy the game if I pretend to be hunting for them.

Is It Ok To Play Peekaboo With Your Cat?

It is absolutely ok to play peekaboo with your cat because playing allows kittens to exercise their muscles and senses while also exposing them to enemies in order to learn how to protect themselves.

What we think of as harmless play for our own enjoyment is actually Mother Nature’s way of preparing each young kitten to live by refining the instincts she has given them.

Every day play involves important tactics such as concealing, stalking, pouncing, and successful killing.

Furthermore, every day, kitty’s senses are sharpened and developed in order for her to become a more effective and successful hunter, since once mother says enough is enough, you’re on your own, friend.

Play is the most essential and crucial period of their life, since it provides them with all of the necessary skills and information to survive. That is why it is critical to provide a kitten with as much time with their litter as possible.

A minimum of twelve weeks is required. They require this time in order to gain expertise and self-assurance. You’ll have a well-rounded, confident, and placid cat that will provide you delight for the rest of their life once they’ve completed their ‘basic training.’

Domestic kittens play in the same way, but they maintain some kittenish behaviour since we continue to feed and provide for our cats even after they develop (at least, most of us do). Pretending to be stalked or followed by a colossal monkey with enormous paws is also a lot of fun for cats!

Domestication improves human connection with the animal, not the animal’s ability to survive in the wild. The more active a cat can be the better.

If they consider capturing mice to be a pleasant pastime rather than a once-in-a-while hunting impulse, they are more inclined to do it all day. To get more use out of their hunting talents, we’ve made cats more playful over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats peek at you?

If your cat is staring at you and appears comfortable and peaceful, it is most likely because they are pleased and want to show you affection.

Does playing with cats make them aggressive?

The most prevalent kind of aggressive behavior directed by cats against their owners is play aggression. Young cats are said to learn to restrain their bites and sheathe their claws when swatting by playing with each other.

What do cats like to play with the most?

Many cats like playing with ordinary household things such as a newspaper, a plastic milk jug ring, a bottle cap, or anything else they can throw back and forth like prey in the wild. Many cats find waffle-type plastic golf practice balls to be very amusing.

Final Words

Cats are sensitive to search for this behaviour since they are the ultimate predators. Peekaboo is a game that simulates this behaviour. Kittens like playing this game and will attack in an exaggerated manner if they wish to “capture” the victim.

Cats prefer tiny areas to hide and get away from it all because it makes them feel safe and comfortable. If you have a frightened cat, this may be the ideal hiding place for them.

Feel free to clear your doubts by asking in the comments section below!

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