Many parents don’t have the time to stay at home and take care of their furry babies, so what do they do to minimize the work of cleaning and keeping the house immaculate? They get litter robots that help them do so.

But what if, your cat won’t use it? And it’s big trouble for you.

Today, I have summed up a whole article for you for this purpose. Get in, and know exactly why this happens and how to get your kitty off your nerves.

cat wont use litter robots? lets know why.

Why Did My Cat Stop Using The Litter Robot?

Your cat seems to have stopped using the litter robot because usually litter robots are very small and enclosed, your cat is born to be prey so it feels like harm to their territory. They don’t feel safe can be the second thing why this situation takes place.

Adding to that, it’s possible that it’s not something your cat can get into. Most of the litter robots need to be longer than the size of a cat which most of them are not.

Usually, mechanical litter robots happen to make noises at random intervals which don’t sit well with any cat. Your cat needs to feel safe and secure in the moment of vulnerability.

What Do You Do If Your Cat Won’t Use The Litter Robot?

Your cat is not using the litter robot because you haven’t given them an environment where they would feel safe and inside the safety net. Litter robots are a new addition which they need to feel like using without any exterior force.

Mostly what happens is, we try to introduce something impulsively to our cats which should never be the case. cats need time and assurance in fathoming the fact that something can no longer harm them.

To do so, I am listing below some points that might help you in solving your current situation, lets get you right in.

what do you do if your cat wont use the litter robot

1.Leave It Off

In the initial stage of introducing your cat to the machine, keep the litter robot off until your cat has used it. The sound that the machine generates can make your cat fearful leaving no chance for them to return to the habit.

Wait for about 7 minutes until the waste clumps and then on the machine to start the cleaning process.

You need to keep the machine always on semi-automatic until you realize your cat has started using it regularly.

2.Keep The Older Litter Box Close To New

Make sure you haven’t change the kind of environment they like to be in.  move the previous litter box nearby the new litter robot to create the same safe environment.

Make the litter robot smell familiar to the older litter box by scooping the latter.

3.Use Treats Or Catnip

Lure your cat with their favorite treats. You can keep some in the entrance and some on the inner globe which would make them likely to the habit of coming for more. Create a safety net where you reassure them for their every move and reward them.

4.Make The Older Litter Box Less Desirable

 If your cat is still stuck with the older litter box, then try to make it look undesirable for them. Cats like to be in a clean environment. Let the waste be on their site. Keep the litter robot clean and nearby them to let them know it’s safe and clean for them to use it.

How Long Does It take For Cats To Use The Litter Robot?

Unfortunately, there is no timeline for it, the more inviting and comfortable the mechanical machine feels to them, it’s more likely that they will pick up the habit soon.

You need to keep in mind that noises and sudden sounds make them conscious and fearful.

Try to take slow steps and keeping the robot off when not in use. It would give your cat the perception that it’s safe to use.

Keep the sand of their previous litter box in the litter robot to tell them it’s all part of their territory and there is no harm associated with it.

Are Litter Robots Safer Than Litter Boxes?

Yes, litter robots are safer and cleaner than the litter boxes that most people use for their cats.

It practices healthy cleaning after which you don’t have to worry about the need to clear out the waste every consecutive hour.  Litter robots are safe and cat-friendly which are exclusively made to cope up with your busy schedule.

Litter robots are also in trend these days keeping in mind that cats like to be in a cleaner environment that helps to build that for them. cats are born with having the urge to be only close to cleaner and spotless places and this litter robot helps them find that place on their hour of vulnerability.

How Do You Get A Scared Cat To Use The Litter Robot?

how do you get a scared cat to use the litter robot

You can get a scared cat to use the litter robot by giving the new litter robot the same spot as that of the older litter box, make sure you lure your cat in the initial stages by giving them their favorite treats and you can also try to be right there when your cat is getting used to the new litter robot.

Cats have a high tendency to decline any new thing being introduced to their environment as they are very particular about what to let enter their boundaries.

Create the litter robot in such a way that your cat feels used to and is not foreign to the newly brought machine.

You can also try to cover the litter robot with cardboard as every furry baby is extremely playful and amused around boxes, make sure you leave the hole cut out for entry and the drawer.

make sure you sit and be there at the entrance of the litter robot to keep them assured that there is not going to be any harm once they get inside it. build a new foundation of trust to make it easy for them.

How Do You Acclimate A Cat To The Litter Robot?

Most of the cats adapt to the habit of using litter robot while some of them might have a hard time getting around the robot.

The reason for it happening is simple. The litter robot doesn’t resemble that of their old ones.

Make sure in the starting days of training your cat to use the newly brought litter robot, you need to keep in mind that It resembles the old litter box.

Below, I am mentioning some points that could help you if the given situation occurs.

how do you acclimate a cat to the litter robot

1.Leave The Litter Robot Off

Keep the litter robot off whenever your cat is around, the first step has to be letting your cat known about the new object that’s been brought in home. Give your cat certain instructions depicting what this object is all about and what it does. 

Once your cat is all known, keep the robot in semi-automatic mode when you are around. Don’t keep the machine on when you are not there to reassure your cat.

Yes, people, cats do have an excellent memory.

2.Start Using The Play Approach

Whenever you are playing with your cat, start including the litter robot as a toy,  I know, it sounds not essential but it is fellow paw-rents, start pointing to the robot and tell them how to use it.

This will instill a vague notion in their minds and will make them want to include it in their daily schedule.

3. Use The Old Stills Of The Litter Box

Cats are way particular about what to let enter their life and what not, what about giving them the site that they are only using their old litter boxes?

You can scoop the old waste from the previous litter box and put it in the litter robot. Cats need to feel home, cats need to know that it’s their place to be. Create a fake notion that it’s the same thing they used to be in.

Scents are the things that cats remember for a long time. Try to create that around their new litter robots.  Keep in mind the spots shouldn’t be changed. Make them know nothing is alarming towards it and they can have an approach towards the new litter robot.

4.Be There

Cats need to get a full session of affection, security, and reassurance before they get into the habit of enrolling any new thing into their lives. For that, you need to be present there with your cat.

Try to stand in the entrance once your cat starts getting close to the litter robot. It will ensure that they are feeling comfortable and would make them want to do it because of having you around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can kittens use litter robots?

No, it’s not advisable for cats below 2.25 kg weight to use the litter robots in unattended automatic mode. Kittens below the given weight wouldn’t be able to activate the cat sensor.  Always keep it in semi-automatic mode. Kittens that weigh more than 2.25 kg can use the litter boxes in presence of somebody in the initial stages.

How many cats can use the litter robot?

Its recommended for 3-4 indoor cats per single litter robot.  Too many cats per single litter robot may result in the litter bed not being clean. It could also leave no room for the waste to be clean resulting in it being accumulated.

Where should I put my new litter robot?

Your new litter robot should be put in the spot or somewhat close to the older litter box which would make your cat want to explore the new one and will give them a sense of familiarity with the new one.

Final Words

Causing a new change in the life of your cat can be difficult and sometimes the change can be hard for your cat to manage and settle to.

Your pet and your furry babies should only practice clean health habits.  Litter boxes can develop untidiness in your cats.

Getting them used to litter robots is a fast and easy way to get them into the habit of using them and practicing useful sanitary values.

You need to be patient and calm during the whole process, remember your cat has certain territorial issues that they are trying to overcome through your constant nudges. You need to respect that and let them enjoy the whole learning period.

At last, I will put a full stop to my words by telling you a fact that you should know.

“Humans being for one reason or another may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” – Ernest Hemingway


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