1. Regarding using a hair dryer to dry your cat – I would say DO NOT DO IT! A few days ago I left one of my cats at a boarding facility close to my home for 3 days. I had asked them to bathe her while she was there. They used a hair dryer on her and she had a heart attack (out of fear I suppose) and died.

    Be safe and use a towel please. Be kind to your cat. I can only imagine the fear that my cat had and I feel REALLY guilty for having them bathe and use a hair dryer on her. Part of the reason for her death was due to her older age (about 17 years) but still, this shows that you should not use a hair dryer at all…way too traumatic.

    1. Sorry to hear about your loss.

      And I am totally agree with you regarding not using hair dryer to dry a cat after bath.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

    2. I took my 15 year old cat Boomer to a groomer she did not dry him off he was soaking wet and cold he died there soon after the bathing by the time I got there he passed away in front of me I’m so depressed he was my best friend either he had a heart attack or his body got too cold it cold of been prevented

    1. Hello carla,

      Usually cats are scared after bath as they are not used to be wet. So make them dry gently as quick as possible.
      The reason that your kitten scares you after bath might be that he is not comfortable in that condition at that point of time. So make the environment in which your kitty is comfortable (which is by drying your kitty after bath gently).

      Happy Cat Parenting

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