One of the most enjoyable aspects of keeping a cat is seeing them investigate and learn about its surroundings.

However, your cat may be too clever for its good at times! Having a cat known to open doors might be inconvenient, and you may be asking how to stop cats from opening doors.

Most cats are intelligent enough to perform amazing feats, but can they open doors?

Yes! While not every cat will figure it out, many cats can open doors with a bit of perseverance. Cats find it easier to open doors with lever handles; however, some felines can also spin doorknobs.

Let’s take a deeper look at our intelligent felines and how they unlock doors!

Can Cats Open Doors?

Why Does My Cat Keep Opening My Door?

When your cat keeps opening doors, it’s probably because they’re agitated about being locked out of a room.

Why Does My Cat Keep Opening My Door?

Please spend some time researching the doors your cat frequently opens to determine what motivates them. Are they attempting to access the room where you keep their food? Or are they trying to see you at work to spend more time with you throughout the day?

The most uncomplicated technique to keep your cat from opening doors is to “child-proof” them by adding a lock or changing the type of doorknobs you have.

It may take some ingenuity, but you should be able to devise a cat-proof method. This should provide you with a clear understanding of your cat’s reasons for their devious conduct, allowing you to take appropriate action to resolve the issue.

It might be as easy as not closing doors needlessly during the day so that your cat does not feel trapped and alone.

Furthermore, some cats like the challenge. They enjoy going on adventures and want to be a part of everything going on.

Cats are natural hunters; therefore, they have a solid drive to “patrol” their territory. They are constantly investigating their environment to understand what is going on entirely. Allowing your cat the freedom they want will make them happy if you leave doors open.

Is It Normal For Cats To Open Doors?

It is normal for cats to open doors. Cats are known for opening doors. While not every cat is born with the ability to open doors, it is not unusual for cats to learn how.

Is It Normal For Cats To Open Doors?

Cats are curious creatures, and if they want to enter a room or get closer to their owner, they will go to great lengths to achieve it!

Most cats will quickly learn to push open partially closed doors to go through, but teaching your cat to open a closed door is an entirely different talent!

Many factors will influence whether or not your cat learns this habit. If you live in a house with tall doors, your cat might be unable to reach the doorknob.

It also depends on your cat’s agility. Some cats enjoy jumping and climbing, while others have a passive attitude and are disinterested in such activities.

How To Stop Cat From Opening Doors?

Adding a latch or other locking device to the door will make it nearly difficult for your cat to open it. 

How To Stop Cat From Opening Doors?

Primarily if the latch is located above and out of reach of the doorknob.

However, your cat will still want to open the door. That means meowing, pawing, and scratching at the entrance, so a pet-friendly latch is a good idea. It leaves the door open enough for cats to enter and go but closed enough to keep cats and youngsters out.

The most common alternative for this is the Door Buddy, which lets you keep your door safe while still allowing your feline companion to access to where they “need” to go.

Adding a childproof feature to the door might help you keep it completely closed at all times. They provide circular doorknob alternatives as well as simple lever door handle add-ons.

These will prevent your cat from opening the door, allowing you to keep it shut safely.

As we’ve already discussed, some cats can genuinely turn around the doorknob, but those felines are few and far between. In most circumstances, cats can open the door using a lever handle, and altering the kind of knob might make it much more difficult for cats to do so.

You may make it nearly difficult by picking up a heavier doorknob. You can try placing a deterrent near the door handle to make it far less appealing for your cat to try to open it.

Double-sided tape is usually used to keep cats from clawing items they shouldn’t, but it may also be used to keep cats from scratching doors.

You can get some cat-safe (but still cat-annoying) tape from Amazon and attach it to the door. It will be annoying since you will have to step over the tape, but your cat will quickly learn that grabbing the doorknob is no longer pleasant.

Can Cats Open Sliding Doors?

Cats can use their claws to open sliding screen doors. Depending on the type of screen door you have, your cat might be able to figure out how to open it.

Cats have the easiest time opening sliding screen doors. The most accessible screen door for cats to learn to open is a sliding screen door. Your cat will learn to push the screen door open over time, especially if you do not keep it completely closed.

Furthermore, some cats prefer to climb on screen doors with their paws, which might mistakenly open the door. Climbing your screen door with your cat is also a concern since it might damage or destroy your screens.

If you’ve had this problem before, you may avoid more rips in your screen by installing a pet screen fabric made of much more substantial material.

How To Stop Cats From Opening Sliding Doors?

The first thing you may do to stop the cat from opening the sliding door is tape the door edges using double-sided tape. Sticky surfaces irritate cats, which may be enough to keep them from poking their paws out the door. 

According to cat behaviourists, putting double-sided tape on the door frame may make a cat feel uncomfortable when they try to open the door, which may stop them from opening any doors in your house!

Barriers should be placed in all locations where your cat has access. This applies to the entrance door as well! If required, install baby gates, or use vertical blinds or drapes as temporary barriers that won’t clash with your design.

You may even buy cat doors for internal doors that only let cats in if they have the correct password.

Can Cats Open Door Knobs?

Cats find it challenging to open doorknobs since they cannot turn them in. Cats prefer to open doors with handles rather than knobs since they can’t spin them. 

They have a thumb, but it isn’t as developed as ours. This prevents them from gripping and twisting the doorknob. The ideal remedy is a door latch or tower bolt, which is too difficult for a cat to utilize.

Cats can comprehend that engaging with a doorknob is necessary to open it, but they are unlikely to comprehend much more. In other words, cats are unlikely to comprehend how twisting or tugging the doorknob opens the door; all they know is that it does.

How To Keep Cat From Opening Lever Doors?

You should place a barrier in front of the lever handle, forcing them to reach around or jump over it. 

Duct tape all of the knobs to make them undesirable to your cat! This will also work if your sliding doors or windows have lever handles.

Install a baby gate at the foot of any stairwell you don’t want cats to use.

Place something tall on each side of the door, so your cat can’t leap up onto it and push it down with his paw. Determine what is causing their fascination with these entrances and eliminate it. Is it possible that one side has a strong odour of food?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Cat Try to Open Doors?

Your cat is requesting to be let outside more frequently than usual and enjoys being outside. Outdoor activities such as hunting, sunning, and exploring are popular among cats. It’s worth thinking about if they need a little more time outdoors before bringing them back in since if that’s the case, they’ll keep bugging you with door-opening methods until their demands are granted.

Can Cats Learn to Open Doors?

Cats are very bright creatures who can learn new things rapidly. They could even be able to learn how to unlock doors! Cats, like people, require food, drink, and a place to go pee, but they may become hungry or thirsty while you are at work and have no way of getting out of the home.

Can Polydactyl Cats Open Doors?

Polydactyl cats are unique in that they have an extra toe on each foot! These adorable kittens can use their paws to unlock doors and cabinets. They may not perform as well as a person, but they certainly give it their all! Polydactyl cats have several advantages, including being more affectionate than other felines.

Final Words

It is feasible for a cat to open a door if they so wish. Cats are very clever creatures who know precisely what they desire. Although you won’t see many cats doing this daily, they have the potential and know-how to do so.

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