Every time I meet my friends and ask them about things that they find the most troubling being a cat parent, the most usual answer and also the most recurring is food. About their constant apprehensions about what can harm their cat, what is toxic, and believe me whatnot.

I always assure them by sharing the knowledge I have accumulated in these recent years but today, I thought why not bring it to your notice too? Why not sit together and have a little conversation about our favorite snack Oreo.

I can see some of your smile that can pierce the screen and reach me, so without any further blabbering, let’s drench you with some facts today lovelies.

To answer the question first, yes cats can have Oreo, but remember cats are born carnivores and feeding them such a sugary substance wouldn’t in any way provide any nutrients to your cat.

To get to know about this more, you need to hold the screen you are on and get going.

can cats eat Oreos?

Why Are Oreos Bad For Your Cat?

why are Oreos bad for your cat

Oreos are bad for your cats because it has the possibility of increasing your cat’s blood pressure which can end up in fatal circumstances if not treated on time.

Oreos comprise cocoa and chocolate which are considered lethal to your cats at it is a mixture of caffeine and theobromine. These substances have the vast possibility of giving your cat diarrhea, lethargy, restlessness, and increased heart rate.

As we have discussed earlier a couple of times that cats are very sensitive and need utmost care, this is something that persists here too.

Every time you try to feed your cat Oreos, remember the contents it has in it.

Whilst, it’s pretty clear that to make your cat’s stomach toxic, Oreos should be given in a massive amount which is the last thing you would do to your furry baby.

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Can Cats Eat Oreo Ice Cream?

Cats should not give Oreo ice creams in any manner as it is the only substance present in the world that can affect your feline’s health adversely and in the worse ways possible.

can cats eat ice cream?

You must be wondering why I said so, don’t worry I got valid reasons to sway you away from even thinking of giving your cat Oreo ice cream.

See the points and you will decipher why I am strictly against this.

  • Oreo doesn’t have any nutritional value, while cats need vitamins and essential nutrients to be added to the daily diet, if not, then they are prone to get nutritional deficiencies. Oreo clearly has empty calories which shouldn’t be provided to your feline in any case.
  • Cats when given such empty calories on a regular basis tend to become obese which brings heart problems, insulin resistance, arthritis, bone disease, and in some cases results in short living too.
  • An excessive amount of sugar present in Oreo ice-creams results in a rise in blood sugar which unfolds itself into laziness, and dizziness and also slowly can take your furry baby’s life too.

Now sit back and just imagine why do you want to give your cat such adversities?

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Is Oreos Toxic To Cats?

Oreos are not toxic for cats, but if given at extreme levels or not in adequate amounts, they do have some side effects which ultimately puts your cat in contact with severe health-related conditions.

While a lot of research clearly mentions that such sugary products can be harmful to humans then you bet it had to be fatal for cats too.

If your cat has always been a fan of Oreos and you need to provide it as a treat to them, then it is okay until it’s just given as treats, but make sure it slowly doesn’t take up the place of your cat’s daily routine.

Now after knowing the repercussions, you need to be attentive and extra cautious about your cat’s Oreo intake.

How Much Chocolate Is In An Oreo?

how much chocolate is in an Oreo?

Oreos do contain chocolate as it is one of the contents listed in the pack but the amount is less as compared to other contents that acquire a much greater place on the list and the quantity in which they have been used.

Oreos are mostly flavored with cocoa and artificial vanilla and chocolate just acts as an added content.

Other prominent ingredients that are added to Oreos are flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, and many more.

I mentioned just these products because they are the ones that do carry the possibility of adversely affecting the health of your feline.

While human body structures are made in such a way that can cope with any deficiency or excess of any substance in their body, while in the case of cats, it’s extremely unlike humans. 

So, it’s a sign to just keep Oreos to your cupboards only, don’t nudge to your cat’s door, okay?

Can Oreo Kill Cats?

Oreos cannot kill your cat, but it does have the probability of giving side effects to your cat.

Usually, cats don’t even have any liking for sugar substances and just want to keep it as a treat in their diets.

While it is notable that sugar can give cats high blood pressure which they have also lost their lives as this issue couldn’t be detected on time by their owners.

This should also be kept in mind that caffeine present in Oreos can sometimes also give respiratory issues to your cat.

Which propels us to not include such toxic generating food in our cat’s food cycle.

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Can Cats Eat Golden Oreos?

You can give your cat golden Oreos as it doesn’t have any chocolate in them and they are vegan.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that any type of Oreo should be a regular feature in your cat’s diet, you should not in any way encourage your cat to eat anything distinctive from the usual nutrients they need to sustain well.

If your cat is lovable toward Oreos, then golden Oreos are a safer way and more convenient way to prevent your cat from any unfavorable occurrence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can happen if my cats eat an Oreo?

An Oreo, a single Oreo contains your cat’s whole day’s sugar intake which can give your cat digestion issues, high blood pressure, and also cavity issues which can turn up into mouth diseases and gum decay.

Why chocolate is harmful to cats?

Chocolate is harmful and sometimes fatal too for cats because of the high amount of caffeine and theobromine present in it which is toxic in nature if provided in huge amounts.

What if my cat loves Oreos? Should I continue feeding them?

Refrain from feeding your cat Oreos as the content present in it can be toxic and end up giving your cat problems like diarrhea and vomiting.

Final Words

The crux of writing this whole article was to make you retain that anything that goes down our cat’s mouth has so much to do with us.

I know sometimes it gets difficult for us to refrain and avoid our cat’s glances whenever we are having our favorite food, the sudden urge to give them our snacks is uncontrollable.

But, paw-rents its imperative to keep ourselves away from such practices because history briefly tells us that these substances have given extreme repercussions in some cases which in any way, we don’t want to go through.

Try to avoid any type of addition that has junk products in it as the nutritional value is less and the probability of discomfort is huge.

To put my words on halt now, I want you beautiful people to mention down below how you tackle your cat’s craving for junk food? What have you done?

Let’s help out other parents. Come?


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