Donuts are quite a common breakfast all over America which are too easy to get and too sweet to eat. In this hoarding routine, you must have thought of serving this dessert to your cat and I hope you must have stopped yourself from doing so!


Cat’s are not only choosy from the outside, even their body is their true partner in this. Being carnivorous by nature, their body can accept a limited amount and kind of food or there can be some consequences.

Cats cannot eat sweets. It is dangerous for them and donuts are of various types so each type can be dangerous in different ways and of different levels for cats.

Let’s discuss how and why are donuts bad for cats and what to do if you have served them a piece?

Cats And Donuts; Can Cat Eat donuts? Will It Harm My Cat?

Can Cats Eat Glazed Donuts?

Can Cats Eat Glazed Donuts?

No, your cat cannot eat a glazed donut. Glazed donuts are less sugary than general donuts but still unsafe for cats.

Cats don’t need carbs and donuts are full of carbs but empty in terms of nutrients.

Donuts are full of carbohydrates and sugar whereas cats need minerals, vitamins, and fat.

Hence, the donut can cause harm to your cat.

It can cause diarrhea. Cats have their own preferences so they can taste the donut for some taste. Though cats won’t eat a donut for taste but for fulfilling their appetite.

A diabetic cat CAN NOT eat the donut.

Are Donuts Bad For Cats?

Yes, a large amount of donuts or a whole donut is harmful to the cat because of its high sugar level.

It can be harmful to your cat and in rare cases toxic.

The chocolate donut can be particularly more harmful to your cat because it contains caffeine and theobromine which is dangerous for cats. It can cause diarrhea, weakness, and heart problem.

Though a small bite of donuts will not be harmful the continuous use of donuts or sweets as a treat for your cat can make your cat diabetic and obese.

Do you know, that America has the highest number of obese cats?

Cats are carnivorous so their body, in general, can only digest protein and needs meat. Many essentials in the donuts like carbohydrates, fiber, and riboflavin, on the other hand, are good for us but not the requirement of cats.  

You can serve your cat will little piece of donuts but make sure the donut is homemade and while cooking it make sure you are not using chocolate, raisin, cinnamon, or any other food which is considered harmful to the cats.

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Can Cats Eat Krispy Kreme Donuts?

NO, your cat cannot eat any donuts and different companies are not going to give different donuts.

The popularity of the donut will not make it consumable for your cat.

Krispy Kreme mostly has glazed donuts which are sweeter and more powdered hence unhealthy and indigestible for your cat. In fact, their donuts are sweeter than usual.

What Do I Do If My Cat Ate The Donut?

What Do I Do If My Cat Ate The Donut?

You should not get worried if your cat just had a bite of the donut but eating a whole can be worrisome. She might need some rest but in an extreme case a vet.

You put a donut on your table and inflow serve your cat the same. After a few, you can notice some stomach problems in your cat.

Do you know cats cannot taste sweetness? So you should not be worried about her having a bad taste in donuts. Due to this, they don’t have a sweet tooth hence they will possibly not ask for more donuts. But lack of taste doesn’t mean that it won’t affect the cat’s body!

But curiosity can take your cat towards this treat. Cat wants the taste of everything.

By reading the previous paragraphs you must be worried if your cat ate a donut.

If you think your cat ate a donut then you can see her suffering from problems like diarrhea and weakness. In such cases, it is not necessary to take her to the vet. She might need some rest.

But in extreme cases, like if she seems more different and meowing in a different voice then you should run to the vet for it might have caused any other problem like a heart attack or high toxin in the body. This is rare.

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Why Do Cats Love Donuts If They Cannot Taste Them?

Cats don’t eat sweet or donuts for their tasty taste but they love the amount of fat it contains.

Donuts have high fat which makes cats happier as it easily makes their belly full. Even this reason cannot change the fact that donuts are bad for cats. It might make their belly full but the other ingredients can be harmful to them.

Are Donuts Toxic For Cats?

Not all donuts are toxic for cats but a few like chocolate, Cinnamon, and raisins can be toxic for the cat.

Following donuts can be toxic for your cat

Are Donuts Toxic For Cats?

1. Cinnamon Donut

Too much cinnamon can be toxic to the cats and a little amount will cause no harm. But donuts DO NOT have a low amount of cinnamon as the ingredient hence, it is toxic for cats.

A tiny amount of cinnamon might not be dangerous for the cat but it doesn’t mean that you should provide her with that.

2. Chocolate Donut

Even chocolates are toxic to cats! The presence of caffeine makes the chocolate donut toxic for the cat.

Unlike cinnamon, even a little bit of chocolate can be dangerous for the cat and donuts obviously have a large amount of chocolate which makes it disastrous for the cat.

3. Raisin Donut

Raisins are also very toxic to cats. Even a small amount of it can make your cat ill and even kidney failure can happen.  If your cat ate raisin donuts then you should rush her to the vet before 12 hours or her condition can worsen.

Now when I say ‘not all donuts are harmful to cats’ doesn’t mean that donuts are good for health. So, try to avoid serving your kitty human treat.

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Will My Cat Die From Eating The Donut?

No, your cat will not die from eating the donut but can have some adverse effects. Death happens in extreme cases.

If your cat consumes the donut then you should get worried about her but not much as she will need some rest to recover from indigestion. But in some cases, the ingredients of donuts can be toxic for cats and hazardous for cats.

Raisins can cause kidney failure in cats and chocolates can cause severe problems like seizures, coma, and heart attack which may eventually kill them.

So, you have to be careful while buying the donuts and sharing them with the kitty.

Not every kind of donut is going to harm your cat. but you should avoid giving donuts to the cats.

Can Cats Eat Munchkins?

No, your cat cannot eat munchkin. The amount of this sweet does matter. Munchkins are just balls of sweet and are no better than donuts.

Every sweet is harmful to your cat because it has a larger amount of carbohydrate (sugar) than a cat’s body needs or can digest.

Hence, the consumption of sweets will ultimately lead to indigestion or a bad stomach. In severe cases like if the munchkin was of chocolate or raisin flavor then you should take her to the vet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a kitten eat a donut?

No, kittens should not eat donuts because they are totally immature and under development. This makes them more vulnerable to health issues.

I want to give my cat some taste of donuts, what can I do?

Donuts are harmful to your cats but you can give them a piece for taste. But remember, cats cannot taste the sweetness. You can give her homemade donuts which will be safer and only use them as a treat.

Can cats eat powdered donuts?

No, your cat should not eat a powdered donut as it has more sugar and the powder can choke your cat(not in a harmful way.

Final Words

Your cats don’t know what is good or bad for them so it is better to take care of what you are serving them.

If a little piece of donut is not harmful then don’t assume it to be good too. It’s your cat’s tongue that cannot taste sweet but its body will definitely react to it. Too much sweetness can cause them diabetes or any other health issue.

Donut, being junk food is neither good for humans nor cats. Everything should be within the limit for animals and humans.

You have to be always careful while choosing food for your kitty!


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