It’s amusing to see what cats find interesting and go crazy over. Some individuals believe that cats are inherently crazy. They have their own strange behaviors that no one can understand, but one that is particularly intriguing is why cats would go crazy over menthol.

So, why do cats like menthol?

Cats like menthol because they are likely getting it confused with another herb from the mint family: catnip! Cats love the smell of both catnip and menthol, and they often gravitate towards it if they smell it in your house. Cats have a powerful sense of smell, so it’s not hard for them to find it.

This article will talk about why do cats like menthol and is it safe for them.

Why Do Cats Like Menthol?

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Menthol?

The reason your cat is obsessed with menthol is that its smell resembles the smell of catnip.

Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Menthol?

Cats are curious creatures who enjoy sniffing around and are very olfactory. Certain fragrances that cats dislike can be used to repel them, while others that they prefer can be used to attract them.

Because the fragrance of menthol is similar to that of catnip, cats enjoy it.

If you grow mint in your garden, don’t be shocked if it attracts cats. Catnip is a member of the mint family, thus it has many of the same qualities as mint.

If a cat likes a scent, it can become obsessional. Because cats enjoy menthol, they are enamored with it and enjoy sniffing it.

Menthol has a fragrance that is similar to catnip. Catnip is a plant that belongs to the mint family and is used to attract cats.

The fragrance of menthol is frequently confused with that of catnip by cats.

Because cats have a stronger sense of smell than humans, they can notice the scent of menthol readily. Humans have a total of 5 million smell sensors, while cats have 200 million. Cats have a far stronger sense of smell than humans.

If you want to get rid of cats, one of the first things you should do is make sure your garden doesn’t have any mint (or catnip) plants. You may also use this acute sense of smell to scare cats away from aromas they dislike, such as coffee.

Is Menthol Bad For Cats?

Menthol could be bad for cats if ingested in large quantities.

Is Menthol Bad For Cats?

You don’t have to worry about injuring your cats if you have mint growing in your garden.

They don’t mind the smell of mint. Cats will only be harmed by menthol if they consume huge amounts of the herb, which is rare.

Cats can tolerate the smell of these plants, but consuming them in any form can cause issues.

Menthol is safe to inhale, but it is toxic if consumed in large quantities.

Menthol attracts lions, tigers, and other large cats. To keep the great cats entertained, many zoos apply Vicks VapoRub to surfaces inside the cat enclosures.

Most topical ointments used by humans contain wintergreen or menthol in their pain medicine formula, and Bengay and Icy Hot both contain a lot of menthols.

It relieves pain. Cats may be drawn to the smell for the same reason they are drawn to catmint.

These are all members of the same family. As a result, cat owners must exercise extreme caution and avoid exposing their feline to the actual ointment, as some can be harmful to felines.

Some are even fatal. Salicylates, the generic name for aspirin, are found in both Bengay and Icy Hot. Aspirin sensitivity can occur in both dogs and cats, particularly cats.

The FDA issued a warning about topical ointments that contain one specific drug, the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug flurbiprofen.

Although it is not one of the active ingredients in either Icy Hot or Bengay, it is commonly used to treat arthritis, dental, and eye pain. However, several cats have died as a result of coming into contact with Flurbiprofen.

Experts say it will be difficult to keep your cat away from your knee where you put the medication because, yes, he is obsessed with the smell, but if you let your cat latch onto your bum leg where the medication is, just keep it covered at all times when he’s around, and always thoroughly wash your hands.

Why Does My Cat Lick Menthol?

Your cat lick menthol for the same reason they lick mint, which is they both smell like catnip which attracts cats.

Why Does My Cat Lick Menthol?

Most topical pain creams and ointments contain wintergreen or menthol in their formula, and both Bengay and Icy Hot contain a lot of menthol.

Cats are drawn to them for the same reason they are drawn to cat mint — they are all members of the same family.

Cat owners, on the other hand, must be extremely cautious not to expose their cats to the actual ointment.

Some of them can be harmful, if not fatal, to cats. Many creams, including Bengay and Icy Hot, contain salicylates, which are aspirin derivatives.

Salicylate is toxic to both dogs and cats, but it is especially dangerous to cats.

Because menthol smells similar to catnip, cats enjoy menthol-scented products or mint plants.

Catnip is a mint family Labiatae perennial herb. Your cat recognizes and is drawn to the similarities between the two herbs.

As you can see, cats are naturally attracted to menthol. They are enamored with the smell, taste, texture, and everything in between.

Menthol is poisonous because it contains peppermint essential oil, which is toxic to cats if consumed. Having said that, each cat will react differently to different herbs.

Typically, your cat would have to consume a significant amount of menthol before exhibiting any menthol poisoning symptoms.

If you suspect your cat ingested a large amount of menthol, keep an eye out for any gastrointestinal issues.

While you certainly do not want your cat to consume menthol, there is no reason to be alarmed if your cat consumes a small amount. There are far more poisonous items on the market that are a far greater cause of concern for your cat.

Why Does My Cat Like Vicks Vaporub?

Your cat likes Vicks vaporub because it smells like catnip and cats are attracted to it.

Cats are drawn to Vicks vaporub because of the fragrance it emits. Vicks vaporub can be used as a substitute for catnip, so if your cat can’t seem to stay away from Vicks vaporub, try putting out catnip instead.

Catnip is safe for cats to consume, and they will be so distracted by their favorite treat that they will hopefully avoid Vicks vaporub in the future.

Will Vicks Vapor Rub Hurt My Cat?

Yes, Vicks vapor rub could hurt your cat.

Toxicology for pets Camphor is found in many common trade names, including Carmex, Tiger Balm, Vicks VapoRub, Campho-Phenique, and others.

Camphor is easily absorbed through the skin and should never be used on dogs or cats due to the risk of poisoning.

Direct contact should be avoided because it may be irritating. Apply a small amount of Vicks VapoRub to the chin. Give your cat no other human medicines – cats are not small humans, and many of our home remedies are toxic to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my cat like the smell of Bengay?

Most topical ointments used by humans contain wintergreen or menthol in their pain medicine formula, and Bengay and Icy Hot both contain a lot of menthol. It relieves pain. Cats may be drawn to the smell for the same reason they are drawn to cat mint, that they both smell like catnip. 

Why is my cat sniffing the floor and rolling around?

Behavioral Marking, The cat’s scent can be spread by rolling on the ground. Because cats communicate primarily through the way someone or something smells, they use scent glands on their cheeks, paws, and flanks to imbue it with their own scent. This behavior can be observed in both domestic and large cats.

Why do cats love mint?

Your cat is obsessed with mint because it is often confused with another herb in the mint family: catnip! Cats adore the scents of catnip and mint, and they will often seek it out if they detect it in your home. Cats have a keen sense of smell, so it’s not difficult for them to locate it.

Final Words

Experts say it’ll be difficult to keep your cat away from the medication that has menthol on your knee because he’s preoccupied with the smell, but if you let him latch onto your bum leg where the medication is, simply keep it covered at all times while he’s around and wash your hands properly.

Keep a watch out for any gastrointestinal troubles if you suspect your cat took a substantial amount of menthol. While you don’t want your cat to swallow menthol, there’s no need to be concerned if a small amount is consumed. There are a lot more hazardous things out there that are much more dangerous to your cat.

If you have any unanswered questions, ask us in the comments section.


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  1. My cat doesn’t like catnip oh, it has nothing to do with Menthol smelling like a mint. From any analgesic rub to Salonpas the cat loves those smells but has no desire for anything catnip.

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