Cats have long been associated with the mysteries of witchcraft. In fact, cats are also a famous symbol used during the spooky season of Halloween every October.

Considering all these myths of witchcraft, divinity, and magic, it is only normal for people to attach meanings to things like a cat’s fallen whiskers.

What makes it all the more intriguing is the fact that a cat’s whiskers do not shed as often as its fur.

So, what should you do if you find your cat’s whiskers? And is there any truth to the myths attached to the mysterious persona of cats?

Read along as we navigate this unusual, interesting topic of cat whiskers and what you can do with them.

What To Do With Cat Whiskers

Are Cat Whiskers Good Luck?

Cats and fortune are subjects that have been linked to each other for a long time.

Some cultures believe that black cats are bad luck – and some others believe that a cat crossing your path brings good fortune. But, did you know that there are myths attached to not just cats, but their whiskers as well?

In some cultures, it is believed that finding a cat’s whiskers is good luck. In the myths of witchcraft, especially, a cat’s whiskers are seen as potent ingredients for making strong spells.

They make the spells of good fortune stronger when they are added to the concoctions of the spells.

You will also find cat whiskers being mentioned in fantasy shows of kids, and if you are a reader of the fantasy fiction genre, then you will also have read certain stories and novels related to witchcraft wherein there is a mention of cats and their related objects such as whiskers, fur, nail, etc. being magical.

All this, however, is exactly what the name means – fantasy and fiction. There is no hard proof or scientific basis behind all these claims, and they are mostly done to add an atmosphere of suspense and thrill.

So, do not base your perception of cats on such stories – just consume them for fun and let it go.

But yes, when it comes to good luck, anything that makes you feel positive and happy is absolutely your good luck charm.

Just as some parents keep the first broken baby tooth of their kids as a memoir or lucky charm, so can you – after all, cat babies are also babies!

So, if finding one odd whisker of your cat makes you feel positive and overwhelmed with cuteness – keep that whisker.

As long as you don’t let your rational actions be affected, it is okay to be a little superstitious from time to time – especially when it is for good things like lucky charms.

What Do Cat Whiskers Symbolize?

What Do Cat Whiskers Symbolize

A cat’s whiskers symbolize everything lucky, fun, and nice!

In fact, there is a saying or an idiom, that goes –

“… being a cat’s whiskers”

The meaning of this idiom is that it is used to describe someone who is the life of a party, or something, some person, or some event that is considered near to perfection.

To be the cat’s whiskers is an entertaining and positive way of noting how something or someone stands out from the crowd in a mundane setting.

Moreover, as is in the aforementioned paragraph, a cat’s whiskers symbolize good fortune even in the mysteries and claims of witchcraft.

So, from all the meanings considered from different backgrounds, it is safe to say that in most cases, a cat’s whiskers symbolize all things good, like:

  • Good fortune
  • Uniqueness
  • Perfection
  • Fun
  • Being the life of a party, etc.

Yes, there are some myths relating to black cats that consider every part of a black cat to be associated with misfortune or danger – including black cat whiskers – but those are the superstitions that we can leave behind.

Firstly, such negative associations can impact the lives of black-colored cats – which is very unfair and wrong. Every cat deserves the chance to be adopted and taken care of, regardless of the color of its coat.

And secondly, and more importantly, stray or pet – every cat has always been a source of great love and joy for us, even if just for a brief moment. Why, then, should we attach such negative notions to them in the first place?

So, with all being said and done, a cat’s whiskers can be considered to be a symbol of good luck, perfection, and positivity.

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What To Do With Fallen Cat Whiskers?

Now, the first and foremost thing that most cat parents prefer to do when it comes to fallen cat whiskers, is that they dispose of them. If you prefer to keep your house spick and span, then you, too, can dispose of the fallen whiskers of your cats.

But, if you are a little artsy, and want some fun ideas to retain the fallen whiskers of your cats, read along.

Here are 5 fun ways you can make use of your cat’s fallen whiskers:

1 – Use them as “textured” brushes for painting abstract art

2 – Make a cool keychain!

3 – Make jewelry with fallen cat whiskers

4 – Knit or stitch them into a needlework image of cats

5 – Use whiskers and fur that has been shed to make little booties and hats for your cat

These 5 ways are just to get your creative juices flowing. There is a lot you can do to make art from fallen cat whiskers and the fur they shed.

All you need is to let go of your serious inhibitions and just have some artsy fun!

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What Does Finding A Cat Whisker Mean?

What Does Finding A Cat Whisker Mean

Rationally speaking, the only thing that finding a cat whisker means is that either your cat has gone through its natural shedding cycle, or it has accidentally ended up losing a whisker.

There are multiple reasons apart from shedding that can cause your cat to lose its whiskers.

But if you have only found a single whisker, and if your cat seems to be doing fine with a normal bunch of whiskers on its face, you do not need to get worried or delve into why your cat may be losing its whiskers.

It is completely normal for cats to drop 1 to 4 whiskers every now and then.

Now that the real reason is out of the way, it really depends upon your beliefs as to what meanings you attach to randomly finding a cat whisker.

Since it is rarer for a cat to shed its whiskers than to shed its fur, some cat parents think of it as good luck when they find a cat whisker in their house.

Some other, more cautious cat parents may take that as a sign that something wrong has happened – such as rough play or injury due to burns or getting stuck somewhere.

If you are one of the latter kinds of cat parents, it is advisable that you only visibly inspect the face of your cat – and if there is nothing worrisome visible, then do not overthink it.

Losing one odd whisker is not the end of the world for your cat – in fact, your cat may not even have noticed it.

Is It Weird To Keep My Cats Whiskers?

No, it really isn’t weird for you to keep your cat’s whiskers. Just like how parents often keep the first broken tooth of their babies, it is completely normal for a cat parent to keep the first fallen whisker of their cat that they find as a memoir.

Moreover, you can also use one of the aforementioned interesting ways to make art and artsy objects using your cat’s fallen whiskers. So, no, it is not at all weird for you to want to keep your cat’s fallen whiskers.

Maybe you take them to be a good luck charm, or you have some fun ideas, or you want to keep them just for the sake of memories – whatever your reason may be, you do you.

How To Store Cat Whiskers?

How To Store Cat Whiskers

If you are not inclined towards the artsy uses of your cat’s fallen whiskers, and if you also don’t want to throw them away, then there are a couple of ways you can store them.

Let birds make a nest with your cat’s fallen whisker.

The first way to store it in a useful way is to keep the fallen whisker(s) in a place where birds can pick them up and add them to the nest that they may be building.

You can either do this in your own backyard, or you can go on a little quest in public parks looking for birds who are building their nests.

Get a whisker storage box.

If you are a little inclined on the fancier side, then you may want to purchase one of those cat whiskers cases that are available online.

These are simple wooden boxes that are made to keep your cat’s whiskers stored safely. These may cost you anywhere between $20 and $40.

Make your own DIY storage box.

If you want a fun activity to spend your weekend, then you can do a DIY project and make your own case for the whiskers of your cat.

Have the fallen whiskers preserved in resin.

Another thing that you can do for a more permanent way of storage is to preserve the fallen whiskers of your cat in transparent resin.

You can either have some resin artist do it for you, or you can also do it yourself at home.

You will simply need to get a resin mold of your favorite shape, add some resin and epoxy, add the whisker, and top it off with more resin and epoxy. Then let it dry and remove it from the mold.

You can then keep it on display on your coffee table, bookshelf, or your mantel, or you can keep it locked away in your drawer as a precious personal memory – it all depends on your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do cat whiskers signify?

Whiskers convey feelings.
When a cat is excited or interested, his whiskers will rise above his eyes, giving him that adorable, wide-eyed aspect we all adore. A cat will draw his nose whiskers taut, flare them, and then point them in the direction of the attacker if he feels frightened.

Why am I finding my cat’s whiskers?

It’s normal for your cat to leave one or two whiskers about the home from time to time; this is just a normal phase of your cat’s hair development cycle. You undoubtedly already know that your cat sheds its hair, and the same is true for its whiskers!

What do cats feel when you touch their whiskers?

A flood of sensory information is sent to the cat’s brain when the whiskers are touched excessively, even if it only involves a simple brush across the food and water bowls. Your cat may become stressed out or become aggressive due to an overabundance of stimuli.

Final Words

A cat’s whiskers are just as interesting as the cat itself. There is a plethora of myths and fantasies attached to cats and their whiskers – the best way to go about all these superstitions is to pick up what belief brings positivity to your mood and life, and let go of the superstitions that paint negative pictures.

After all, there is no scientific basis to any of these claims anyway.

As for what to do with the cat whiskers, you can choose to throw them away, let birds build a nest with them, store them, or make art with them. It really depends on you – and there are no right or wrong choices here!


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