Cats are heat-seeking missiles. Most of us have seen photos of cats napping in a sliver of sunshine. Or we’ve seen our own feline companions zero in on the single ray of sunshine available.

Yes, cats do sleep more in hot weather. This is one of the signs of a hot cat, and they try to dissipate the extra heat in their body by relaxing and comforting their body. 

It may come as a surprise to learn that our domestic feline buddy may become overheated despite their love of heat and Egyptian origins!

Do Cats Sleep More In Hot Weather?

Do Cats Sleep More In Summer?

Cats will extend their sleep in summer.

Do Cats Sleep More In Summer?

On a regular day, cats sleep for up to 16 hours. Indoor cats and elderly cats may sleep longer than outdoor cats or kittens. Cats in their golden years can sleep for up to 20 hours every day.

This might be amplified in warmer temperatures. This is because your cat understands the need to conserve energy. It will become overly hot if it expends too much energy, leading to disease or death. But make sure it’s nothing more than a little additional sleep.

Some cat owners are concerned that their cat is sleeping too much and wonder whether this may be a sign of a medical problem. Others are puzzled as to why cats can take so many more “cat naps” than humans.

When you bought the greatest cat bed for your feline companion, you didn’t expect them to sleep in it for an average of 15 hours every day!

Cats and humans have varied sleep patterns for a variety of reasons. Unless your cat’s sleeping patterns have drastically changed, they will likely exhibit typical feline behaviour.

Cats sleep for about 15 hours every day on average. Individual sleep patterns, on the other hand, vary significantly.

Some energetic cats sleep as little as 12 hours per day, while others sleep 20 hours per day. A regular cat can have as few as four awake hours each day, which is not something you expected when you first got your feline companion!

Crepuscular cats are those that are most active at dawn and twilight. The majority of their awake hours are spent in the morning and evening.

Your cat may slumber throughout the remainder of the day and night, only waking up for brief periods to eat or drink, use the litter box, or change sleeping spots or postures.

Your cat may return asleep nearly instantly after a brief waking time. While this may appear unusual, it is totally common in healthy adult cats.

Can Warm Weather Make Cats Sleepy?

Warm weather can make cats sleepy and lazy.

Can Warm Weather Make Cats Sleepy?

There’s a solid explanation if you see your catnapping more during the warmer months.

Unlike humans, who can cool down in a cold shower or pool when the weather becomes too hot, cats look for different methods to cool off. Fortunately, taking an extra nap is a great method to do this.

Cats intuitively understand that going outside in hot weather will cause them to burn too much excess energy, so they prefer to sleep during the warmest part of the day and go outside when it is cooler—this aids in the regulation of their body temperature.

Physical activity drains a cat’s batteries faster than a social media surfing session on your iPhone, whether they’ve been speeding through the house in search of one of the finest cat toys or out hunting prey.

While you may be wondering why your cat needs to hunt when you always have good cat food on hand, keep in mind that cats are designed to pursue, hunt, and catch prey in the same way that people are wired for connection.

A cat’s energy levels are replenished, and they have enough petrol in the tank for those dusk hunting escapades if they get enough sleep throughout the day.

Cats are trained to come awake at dawn and dusk as a species. Other predatory creatures prefer to hunt during the day or in the wee hours of the night; therefore, cats benefit from this genetic wiring. They are hunting at a period when prey animals are less plentiful.

Even though our feline companions have been tamed to live among us, hereditary patterns still influence their behaviour. They like to hunt when prey is plentiful, and their vision is sharp.

The remainder of their time was spent hiding to avoid being discovered by other predatory creatures, which is where all that sleep comes in handy.

While cats are more autonomous than dogs, they are very friendly and adaptable animals. They frequently interrupt their daily sleep routine to spend time with their human companions.

Do Cats Get Lethargic In Hot Weather?

Cats will get lethargic in hot weather.

Do Cats Get Lethargic In Hot Weather?

You’re not alone if you prefer spending chilly, wet days snuggled up with a good book. Most cats would prefer to wrap up on a luxury cat bed and relax on a hot day than venture out.

The domestic cat’s wild ancestors realized that hunting in damp or cold weather was nearly impossible, so rather than waste energy attempting to catch prey in less-than-ideal conditions, they preferred to sleep instead.

Our feline pals, like humans, are impacted by the weather, with the cooler months signalling a need to relax and rejuvenate the body and the warmer months stimulating increased activity.

While your cat may sleep more than you do each day, much of what you observe is catnapping rather than real sleep. If you become familiar with the different cat sleep postures and then study your pet, you’ll see that they spend a lot of their time sleeping.

A cat will sleep soundly for half of the day and then take 15–30-minute naps for the rest of the day. The eyes are partially or closed during these naps, but the ears or tail may still move.

Your cat is sleeping, but he is still aware of his surroundings and ready to react if he senses danger.

Why Does My Cat Sleep So Much In The Summer?

Your cat will sleep for a longer stretch in summer if they face difficulties in their health.

Sleeping a lot isn’t a reason for concern in most cats. However, if you detect a significant change in your cat’s sleeping patterns, you should contact your veterinarian. When worried or ill, cats may hide or become less active.

If a change in sleeping patterns is followed by other changes, such as a change in food or drinking habits, you should be very concerned and contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Is It Normal For Cats To Sleep A Lot In Summer?

It is normal for cats to sleep more in summer.

Given cats’ regular sleeping patterns, determine whether you should be worried. Fortunately, once you’ve had your cat for a while, you’ll become used to their sleeping patterns.

You’ll discover out if your cat is an active cat or a couch potato, as well as when your cat chooses to sleep during the day.

Once you’ve gotten to know your cat’s sleeping habits, keep an eye out for any noteworthy changes. Any significant change in your cat’s sleeping habits might indicate an underlying medical problem that needs to be treated by your veterinarian.

If you’ve recently adopted a new cat and haven’t yet had the chance to know their sleeping habits, detecting irregular sleep might be more difficult.

A regular dozing cat can usually be awakened up with a stimulus. Your cat may or may not jump into action when roused, but if you touch them or make a loud noise in their area, they should open their eyes and glance at you.

It’s a reason for concern if your cat sleeps so deeply that they don’t respond to stimulus. A regular cat should also have many waking intervals throughout the day.

If your cat has been sleeping for 12 hours or longer without moving, this might indicate a medical problem that necessitates a visit to your veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cats less active in summer?

During really hot weather, you may notice your cat “disappearing,” taking longer naps or being less active. That’s because, unlike their canine counterparts, cats understand that saving energy rather than exerting it during hot weather helps them maintain a lower core temperature and avoid overheating.

What weather is too hot for cats?

Any temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for a cat. Begin assisting your cat in cooling down at this stage. A temperature difference of one or two degrees is not a health threat.

Why does my cat sleep all day in summer?

Unlike their canine relatives, cats understand that spending more energy in the heat would only exhaust them. They like to sleep during the hotter portions of the day and do their activities during the cooler hours, such as early in the morning or late at night.

Final Words

You may notice your cat taking longer naps during the hot months. However, it isn’t your cat that is being deliberately sluggish. They like to sleep during the hotter portions of the day and do their activities during the cooler hours, such as early in the morning or late at night. Make sure your cat has a cozy spot to nap.

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