Blankets are essential cat accessories, and if you don’t believe me, try giving your cat a blanket he enjoys. You will notice that you cannot separate the two.

We sleep with our favorite blankets, hide food and toys under them, bite them, and even knead them as if we were giving them a pleasant massage.

Cats love blankets because they offer your cat with safety, comfort, and warmth. Cats love soft, tiny blankets. Some cats may be intimidated by larger blankets with rough textures.

But why do cats have such a strong desire for blankets? Do you want to discover what’s causing these behaviours?

Do Cats Like Blankets

Why Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets?

Some cats feel safe under a blanket, some utilise it for warmth (like humans do), and still others use it to bond with us.

To expound on these causes, examine if any of the following apply as to why your cat crawls beneath your blankets:

Why Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets?

1. Security

Cats place a high value on feeling safe when resting. It’s still hard-coded into their DNA to keep them as secure from predators as possible.

This is why most cats prefer to sleep somewhere other than on the floor. If you watch your cat’s sleeping patterns, you will find that cats prefer to sleep towards the entrance to a room and that their ears perk up if they hear a disturbance.

Some cats like to sleep beneath a blanket because it offers them a sense of security. It may seem counter-intuitive given that they can’t see well, yet it fulfils a need for certain cats.

2. Comfort

You don’t have to be an expert in feline behaviour to understand that cats enjoy sleeping or lounging in a good warm place.

There are few places on the planet that are as warm as a blanket. Especially if it’s a fuzzy or woolly blanket, and especially if you’ve been in it and its retaining body heat.

They don’t grow attached to blankets the way dogs do, in my experience. They will utilise whatever appeals to them at the time. That is, as long as it is warm.

3. Wants to Hide

Cats also prefer peaceful areas where they may relax and unwind without being disturbed. This might be the top of their cat tree or a peaceful place like the bathroom for some cats.

Others find that burrowing beneath a blanket so they can’t see any of the noise in the house suffices.

It’s another one of those odd habits that most cats exhibit. They’re absolutely letting down their guard in terms of being able to keep an eye and ear on things.

4. Smells Everywhere

Cats have a keen sense of smell, and they employ it for purposes other than detecting food.

They utilise odours to communicate, mark their territory, and feel more at ease in the presence of aromas they recognise.

Despite what you might believe, you have a distinct odour. Over time, your cat will get accustomed to this scent, which will provide comfort to them.

Your cat, after all, adores you even if they don’t always act like way.

Once you’re aware of this, you could find that your cat prefers to sleep on your clothing and other belongings.

Is It Safe for Cats to Sleep Under Blankets?

Sleeping under blankets is safe for cats. The risk of oxygen deprivation is low; if they can’t breathe well enough, they’ll get out of the blanket quickly.

Someone not recognising them and laying something on the blanket poses a larger danger of injury.

Cats frequently sleep on top of our bed, under the cover. We can occasionally make out a curled-up cat form, but we know her well enough to double-check.

While it’s typically acceptable for cats (or dogs) to sleep beneath covers, it’s definitely not a good idea for them to do so for lengthy periods of time or when you’re not home. Even though the danger is minor, it’s always better to be cautious than sorry.

Although an animal suffering from oxygen deprivation may ultimately emerge from beneath the blankets, I believe it is hazardous for an animal to continue inhaling the same air in a small place for an extended period of time.

Do Cats Like Being Wrapped In Blankets?

Your cat may love being wrapped in a blanket, but if they detest it, you should not wrap them in one.

One of the activities that divide the cat society is sleeping beneath covers.

Some cats despise having anything placed on top of them or having their vision obstructed.

Some cats, on the other hand, adore it. All I can say is that if your cat willingly hides beneath a blanket, let them alone so they don’t get startled, and let them enjoy it.

Again, this is most likely a matter of personal choice for your cat. I have a laid-back cat that will put up with almost anything you throw at him. He’d definitely fall asleep if I covered him up in a blanket. Another of my cats, on the other hand, would be wriggling out of the blanket before I finished covering her.

If your cat enjoys being treated like a baby, he or she will most likely enjoy being wrapped in a blanket and cuddled close to you. Be careful of your cat’s reaction if you try to cover them in a blanket

However, it’s a positive indicator that kids feel comfortable and secure in your house. Take this as a good indicator that cats are picky about where they sleep.

Even if it’s adorable, don’t do it if they don’t enjoy it.

What Kind Of Blankets Do Cats Like?

Cats enjoy a variety of blankets, although they prefer softer blankets in general.

The following are the most typical blankets that your cat may likely snuggle up to:

  • Fleece
  • Knitted
  • Woven
  • Quilts
  • Tufted Blankets
  • Bouclette
  • Furry/Fuzzy Fabric
  • Comforters on beds, perhaps of their favorite human
  • Towels
  • Piles of clothes

Cats, unlike humans, do not utilise blankets only as blankets. Laundry is just as wonderful as your favourite fluffy blanket as a towel.

The sort of blanket your cat prefers may change according to the season. In the winter, the finest bed may be fresh clothes from the dryer or a big, fuzzy blanket. In the summer, your cat could be curled up on a towel on the bathroom’s tile floor.

Cats, in general, avoid big objects, including blankets. They will probably avoid the blanket unless it has your smell on it, especially if you pick it up and pull it towards them. To alleviate your cat’s mood, start with a smaller blanket.

Why Do Cats Like Fuzzy Blankets?

Fuzzy blankets are preferred by cats because they remind them of their mother when they were kittens. They enjoy the sensation it gives them. The warm, comfortable, and fluffy feel of the blanket in particular.

Why Do Cats Like Fuzzy Blankets?

This is especially true during the winter months, when it’s “snuggle” season. Cats enjoy fuzzy blankets for a variety of reasons, but one of the most important is that it feels soft and retains heat effectively, which is one of the material’s finest characteristics.

Separation anxiety is one of the reasons cats adore soft blankets. This is also connected to “blanket sucking,” a behaviour that certain cats have.

This is said to be owing to the fact that it was separated from its mother at a young age. It is extremely recommended that kittens be kept with their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old. In actuality, though, it still occurs.

Cats will knead on fuzzy blankets because it provides them with some kind of comfort. They’ve been observed kneading on a variety of surfaces, including other bedding, cushions, and even their owners’ laps. It makes them happy, as seen by their continual purring while they’re doing it.

So, if you have a fluffy blanket that your cat keeps kneading, you now know why and what alternative surfaces they could prefer.

Can Cats Suffocate Under Blankets?

Your fully grown cat will not be suffocated by a blanket. If the blanket is too heavy and the cat is a kitten, however, the chances rise.

This isn’t something to be concerned about. Like a new-born, I’ve never been concerned about my cat suffocating beneath a blanket. When I put my cats under a blanket, they were never in any pain.

If a cat burrows beneath a blanket, there will almost certainly be some holes through which air may flow. If you have a tiny kitten, keep an eye on it while hiding under a blanket. A kitten’s blanket may feel considerably thicker than an adult cat’s.

Why Cats Knead Blankets?

From a young age, cats learn to knead. They rub their mother while sucking to increase milk production as kittens. Thus, a cat establishes a positive link between kneading and contentment that lasts a lifetime.

Why Cats Knead Blankets?

Cats knead soft surfaces in preparation for sleeping as they become older, almost as though they’re making a nest. They purr pleasantly during the entire operation.

Because pheromones are released from glands in the cat’s paws, every spot it kneads becomes marked as its territory. Each cat in a multi-cat home wants to claim specific places as its own, especially the ones where it naps. For this reason, cats may knead blankets.

Intact female cats knead as an indication that they are in heat, which is typically evident due to their screams. A queen will knead in order to prepare a birthing location for her kittens.

Cats do not require blankets, but they do like them. If it’s chilly outside, a cat without a covering will seek out the warmest area in the home.

There are numerous blankets made for cats, but you may be assigned to one if you follow our safety guidelines, which will be discussed next.

If your cat likes to chew on things, don’t let him chew on blankets with fringing, tassels, bobbles, or any other loose objects that might cause choking.

Ensure that your cat does not become tangled and imprisoned beneath a big blanket by placing it on a broad flat surface rather than in a tight place like a box.

Allowing your cat to use an electric blanket poses a risk of it clawing or biting through the tiny electrical wires within. It’s also possible for a cat to become caught in the power cord.

Do Cats Need A Blanket At Night?

A blanket is not required for cats at night.

However, if they are accessible or provided, they will gladly accept them. If you don’t offer any, they’ll look for another warm spot in your house during the night time.

This is why, during the colder months of the year, you may notice your cat curled up near to a radiator to keep warm.

Many cats do not have access to blankets that will keep them warm and dry. However, if they get the opportunity to acquire a warm blanket, they will gladly accept it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats get cold at night?

Cats become chilly at night if the temperature drops below freezing. They’re fine except from that. They are built to withstand even the coldest nights. Because of their hair and a layer of fat between their skin and flesh, this is the case.

Do cats like to cuddle under blankets?

Cats enjoy snuggling under blankets. One of the reasons they go beneath their owner’s blanket is to get closer to them, which includes snuggling. This is why, even if they have their own custom-made bed, they may choose to sleep in their owner’s bed.

Do cats like to be swaddled?

When perfectly swaddled, some even have baby kittens that appear like human infants. According to several experts, this is a remarkable achievement because most cats would struggle to get into such a tight swaddled posture.

Final Words

Most cats enjoy blankets, whether they are furry or not, or a pile of clothing. Blankets smell like you and keep you warm.

It’s worth it knowing your cat is happy, warm, and comfortable, even if he leaves his hair behind when he sleeps in your bed (which invariably adheres to your lip balm when you lay down).

Feel free to drop your questions in the comments section below!

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