If you have at any point inspected your cat’s paws, you must have been surprised by the shape of their toes. Felines have webbed feet! Yes they do!

This is a natural component that may at first appear to be very uncommon for us cat lovers because well..your cat has duck like paws? It is weird at first, I won’t blame you.

But other than feeling weird about all this, you must be imploding with questions. “Why does my cat have webbed feet?” or “is it normal for my cat to have webbed feet?” or even “do cats need webbed feet?”

Well, you’re at the right place because we will be answering all of your questions! So hold tight and get ready for some cat webbed feet reading.

Do Cats Have Webbed Feet

Why Do Cats Have Webbed Feet? 

Why Do Cats Have Webbed Feet?

Cats have webbed feet since it is inherited from bigger cat family members. Webbed feet allow felines to explore water, catch food, and keep up with a balance. All in all it’s more of a helping hand for them.

While your short-hair dark-striped cat most likely does her best not to invest any energy in the water, some more monster cat varieties are swimmers and require webbed feet to dunk themselves through the water and mud. 

Five Reasons That Cats Have Webbed Feet Five:

  • Having webbed paws allows cats to swim all the more easily.
  • The webbed feet of the feline’s help them walk effortlessly and quietly.
  • The webbed feet feline has an easy time while following their prey.
  • The webbed paws are extra useful in letting felines keep a consistent balance.

Is It Rare For Cats To Have Webbed Feet?

No, it isn’t rare for felines to have webbed feet. All felines have essentially somewhat webbed feet

The homegrown cat varieties we are most ordinarily acquainted with share a large part of similar DNA as larger cats like panthers and cheetahs. As a result, having webbed feet is genetic in all cats.

However, one thing to consider here is that larger cats found in jungles have more defined web feet than that of our cats at home. This is because they need and use these webbed feet in their day to day survival whereas our pet cats don’t really need it that much.

You may have never seen your feline’s foot webbing since it doesn’t play as enormous of a part in their lives as it does for their huge cat family members. 

Do Domestic Cats Have Webbed Feet 

Indeed, domestic felines do have in part webbed feet. You can notice this on your cat by investigating their paws. You will see that their little toes have a little space between them, however, they are not all freely discrete from each other as the human foot. 

A few felines additionally have hair that fills in the middle of the webbed toes, making it considerably more difficult to notice. Also felines are excessively touchy about their paws, so it is very rare that your cat will allow you to look at their paws.

What Kind Of Cat Has Webbed Feet? 

All Cats have webbed feet since they inherit them from their DNA that they share with larger cat families of panthers and cougars. The webbing in your pet cat will not be as defined as it is in the bigger cats, however, you will track down a natural element regardless of the feline. 

It may appear to be confusing or even odd at first to find out that your cat has webbed feet, especially if you have no information about it. Yeti is completely normal and natural in cast and would have been odd if your cat didn’t have the webbing by any means! 

Do Bengal Cats Have Webbed Feet? 

Indeed, Bengal Cats do have webbed feet just like any other breed of cats. The Bengal breed, specifically, is a relative of the Asian panther feline, which is an undomesticated cat variety known for wanting to swim and chase in the water. 

For more than many years, the Bengal cat has inherited from the Asian Leopard and carried on the webbed feet property.

Bengal felines do very much want to swim. They are one of only a handful of trained cat varieties that actually love the water. A Bengal cat energetically will jump into a bath or waterway, which can’t be said for most varieties! 

Do Maine Coon Cats Have Webbed Feet?

Do Maine Coon Cats Have Webbed Feet?

Maine Coon felines do have webbed paws like other cat breeds. Maine Coon felines are one of only a handful of homegrown cat varieties that appreciate being in the water. 

They have thick water resistant coats that assist with protecting them better, and they absolutely aren’t hesitant to hop in a lake! 

Their thick hair makes the Main Coon cat one of the heartiest cat varieties, and they are appropriate to be in the water. 

Another lesser-known reality about Maine Coon feline’s paws is that up to 40% of Maine Coons are brought into the world with six toes! It is felt that the 6th toe is a transformative component to assist the felines with exploring snow and cold territory. 

If you notice any of those highlights on your Maine Coon, there’s no need for you to worry. It’s all normal. 

Do Sphynx Cats Have Webbed Feet? 

Yes, the Sphinx feline has webbed feet, and their webbed toes are a lot bigger and more observable than other feline varieties. 

This is because a Sphynx’s toes are greater in comparison to the rest of their body than with other feline varieties. Also, Sphynx felines are bald felines, so it is a lot simpler to see the webbing on their feet. 

Do All Kinds of Cats Have Webbed Feet 

Yes, every feline does have webbed feet. These serve as a helping hand in letting felines swim, maintain their balance and play a major role in being better at  tracking and catching their prey.

While your pet cats will prefer staying away from water, wild cat varieties are entirely agreeable in the water and are normally talented swimmers, significantly over longer distances. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sort Of Felines Have Webbed Feet? 

All felines have a thin, long head and webbed feet. The webbing in their paws helps these felines in many ways – especially in their day to day activities like catching their prey, mating balance and even swimming. 

Do Felines Typically Have Webbed Feet? 

Feline breeds that are naturally good swimmers do mostly have webbed feet. It is an essential part of their day to day life and is a necessity.

Do All Felines Have Hair Between Their Toes? 

Note that hair between the toes, ear laces, neck ruffs, and fleecy tails are all essential for being a long-haired feline. 
All of this is very common among all breeds of cats and one need not to worry about it. 

For What Reason Do Bengals Have Webbed Feet? 

The Bengal breed, a relative of the Asian panther feline, which is an undomesticated feline variety known for wanting to swim and chase in the water. For more than many years, the Bengal has been known for its swimming traits from the Asian Leopard and carried on the webbed feet trait. As a result, they have webbed feet. 

Final Words

Now that we are at the end of this article, all in all one thing that needs to be understood from this reading is that all felines have webbed feet (all of them!) – It’s just a matter of appearance.

In some, like the wild large cats, the webbed paws are more defined and visible whereas in small cats like our pets, the paws are not that defined. 

However these paws hold a major importance in the felines life and help them carry out their day to day activities. Also, as a cat owner you should not be worried on  finding out about this. It’s completely normal.

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