Cats are known to be not very friendly by nature and are believed to be self-centered and aloof creatures. However, in most cases, cats tend to have a favorite person.

Cats have a relatively high standard for the people they allow to interact with them. But they do have one person who they prefer above all the rest.

Cat behavior is complicated, especially their attachment methods and signs of affection. In this article, we shall talk about all the factors how a cat chooses its favorite person and are you one of them.

Do Cats Have A Favourite Person

Do Cats Prefer One Person Over Another?

Yes, cats prefer one person over another as they can deem someone fit for taking care of them for various reasons.

Cats’ preferences are equally surprising and unique. Your cat’s favorite human may be the one who engages in the most playtime with her.

It may be the one who feeds her the most or someone powerful and stoic who gives off a “safe” sense. Keep in mind that cats are, at their core, animals.

 They’re drawn to folks they know will look after them and keep them safe.

Finally, some cats chose favorites based on entirely arbitrary criteria, such as who has the best odor. Your cat may prefer women to men and adults to children. One of life’s great mysteries is cats.

How Do Cats Choose Their Favourite Human?

One of the major factors in how cats choose their favorite human boils down to communication. Cats have a special affection for the person who can understand their needs.

It’s possible that a cat’s attraction to one person, in particular, is due to communication.

Despite their reputation for being reserved and independent, Cats are excellent communicators with particular regard for individuals who understand their requirements.

Cats employ a variety of body language cues to convey themselves, in addition to meowing for various reasons.

If one person can speak with a cat more effectively and comprehend what it is trying to express, the feline will be much more attracted to that individual.

Cats’ preferences are surprising and unique. Your cat’s favorite human may be the one who engages in the most playtime with her.

It may be the one who feeds her the most or someone powerful and stoic who gives off a “safe” sense. Keep in mind that cats are, at their core, animals. They’re drawn to folks they know will look after them and keep them safe.

Finally, some cats chose favorites based on entirely arbitrary criteria, such as who has the best odor. Your cat may simply prefer ladies to men, adults to children. One of life’s great mysteries is cats.

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Why Do Cats Get Attached To One Person

Cats get attached to one person as it is what their evolution taught them. To them, trusting one person is complex and would take time, and on the other hand, trusting more than one could be overwhelming.

Why Do Cats Get Attached To One Person

Cats’ displays of affection can be arbitrary at times. Some cats appear to be uninterested in their owners who feed and play with them, yet they appear to enjoy strangers.

With one or two exceptions, other cats will demonstrate an instinctive fear of all humans.

You are not hallucinating. Cats seem to favor certain persons over others. There are numerous reasons for this. Some are caused by how the cat is treated directly, while events beyond your control cause others.

Cats are naturally frightened and fearful of humans. Cats do not automatically assume a position of conformity to their owners, even when tamed.

You are simply a huge, loud, and clumsy animal in the eyes of a cat. As a result, until otherwise demonstrated, humans are a menace.

Cats, on the other hand, are not frigid and indifferent to humans. Cats are attracted to specific actions and features in people. Anyone who fits these requirements is more likely to receive feline adoration.

4 Reasons Why Cats Get Attached To One Person!

4 Reasons Why Cats Get Attached To One Person!

1. Communication

Because cats are unable to communicate verbally, they rely on body language and sounds to communicate.

Any human who can recognize and respond to these indications, whether through meows, purrs, or physicality, will win a feline’s favor.

This entails understanding when a cat wants to be petted and when it prefers to be left alone. If the cats want to be fed or play, you must act swiftly. If the cat is nervous or apprehensive, it implies providing reassurance.

Cats also distinguish between humans based on their voices. Cats usually prefer a human who speaks to them regularly.

This strengthens a link, especially if gentle, high-pitched tones are used. Loud noises, such as booming or bass-heavy voices, irritate cats.

2. Food

Their survival instincts guide cats, and few things are more crucial to survival than food. As a result, cats have developed the undeserved and incorrect image of being affectionate to everyone who feeds them.

Cats remember food sources. Any human with a treat bag on their person falls into this category. If you provide such a treat to a cat, you may expect to be approached again and again.

Routine is essential to cats. They prefer to have the same meal every day at the same time. In theory, this will make a primary owner a cat’s favorite person, although external events can thwart this.

Some cats invade other people’s houses, ostensibly to show their affection for the people who live there. If the cat is fed in this house and the humans don’t give the cat any cause to be afraid of them, the cat will keep coming back.

3. Scent

Cats can have seemingly random phobias to some humans, hissing and avoiding them on sight. Unfortunately, this could be due to factors beyond our control. It all boils down to a feline’s ability to recall past occurrences.

Things that are essential to cats are remembered. A  cat would remember a human who fed them. The same can be said for trauma. 

This is not to say that anybody who dislikes cats has mistreated them in the past. However, the person in question may remind the cat of someone who did.

This could be due to physical characteristics like clothing or facial hair and fragrances like deodorant or fragrance.

Of course, the opposite is true as well. If a cat is adopted after the death of a prior owner, it will find solace in being reminded of a former favorite person.

However, in many circumstances, this part of cat attachment feels beyond your control.

4. Way Of Handling

Handling is a big trigger for cats, and it’s essential to earn a cat’s respect and devotion. Cats, unlike other pets, look for a lack of handling in their human counterparts.

Cats prefer to be in charge of their surroundings. This means that picking up and handling a cat without their permission is a quick method to upset them.

The majority of handling is motivated by love or necessity, but cats are unaware of this. Your cat is well aware of its powerlessness.

Cats will almost always prefer humans who do not handle them. This explains why cats tend to approach humans with feline allergies inexplicably, rubbing up against the unfortunate person.

Cat lovers are likely to fuss over their pets, stroking and picking them up. Someone who has an allergic reaction to cats will be uninterested.

This will be recognized by the cat, who will show a preference for the apathetic human. This person appears to be a safe bet to approach.

A person with a cat allergy, on the other hand, will avoid all contact with cats. As a result, they’re a blank canvas for scent, perfect for rubbing.

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Can Cats Have More Than One Favourite Person?

It is unlikely for cats to have more than one favorite person. However, it could happen in some cases if the cat is highly extroverted and loves the company of humans.

Thousands of years of evolution had made cats highly skeptical creatures which do not trust easily. Trusting one person is more than difficult for them; therefore, trusting one than one could prove to be overwhelming.

However, in some rare cases, it is seen that cats do have more than one favorite person. This could happen if the cat is not scared and humans but loves their company and enjoy being around them.

Do Cats Change Their Favourite Person?

Yes, cats can change their favorite person. Cats are highly opportunistic creatures, and if they realize the grass on the other side is greener, they will more likely go towards it.

Change of their favorite person could also happen if their favorite person tends to go away for a few weeks and the sole provider for the cat changes.

They could adapt to the current situation and change their favorite person as the sole provider for the cat if feeding, petting, and playing with them.

Why Do Cats Bond With Only One Person?

Cats bond with only one person as years of evolution have taught them not to trust easily, as trusting more than one person could prove to be overwhelming for them.

Most cats will choose one favorite person and tend to stick with them. They can change their favorite person, but they rarely add one. Cats are highly territorial creatures and always want to be in control of the situation.

By bonding with only one person, they feel that they have control over the situation.

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How To Know If You Are Your Cat’s Favourite Person?

You can tell if you are your cat’s favorite person by reading their body language. Grooming behavior, along with slow blinking, headbutts, purring, and following you constantly, are all signs that you are your cat’s favorite person.

How To Know If You Are Your Cat's Favourite Person?

If your cat licks or grooms you, you can usually take it as a good sign that you’re a beloved part of her clan. Eye contact with a stranger, whether feline or human, is perceived as menacing by cats.

She has warmly embraced you as one of her own if she is glad to stare you in the eye, especially if she slowly blinks while doing so.

Cats use the smell glands on their cheeks and head to mark their territory. Your kitty buddy is fondly marking you out as hers by headbutting you or rubbing her chin against you.

If your cat brings you prey that she has captured, she could be acting as a teacher, much as she would teach her kittens how to hunt.

She may simply assume you’re a member of the family who needs to be educated because she’s never seen you catch your meal!

Cats recognize each other by scent, so sniffing one other’s behinds is like exchanging a personal handshake.

While bringing her tail to your face may appear to be a backhanded compliment, it indicates that you are one of her most trusted confidants.

Snoozing on your lap is one of the most compelling indicators that your cat loves you. Being a natural predator, your cat dislikes feeling vulnerable and is especially afraid of feeling vulnerable while sleeping.

She’s exposing herself at her most vulnerable and demonstrating her trust in you by sleeping on you.

Frequently Asked Question

I am not my cat’s favorite person. Does that mean she hates me?

Ans. No, not being your cat’s favorite person does not mean that she hates you. Every cat has different ways of showing affection to different people. They prefer some more than others, but this does not mean that she hates you.

What’s should I avoid doing for my cat to like me?

Ans. The best thing that you can avoid doing for your cat to like you is don’t force the issue. By forcing the issue, you would only push away your cat farther from your grasp.

Can I make my cat like me by giving it treats?

Ans. Although it is not engraved that you could make your cat like you by giving her treats, this could prove one the most effective methods to do so, as your cat will associate you with getting treats.

Final Words

Cats are living things with individual thoughts, wishes, and feelings. You cannot force a cat to choose you as a favorite person. Take solace from this, though – all cats love their owners.

The independent nature of felines means they would not choose to live with you otherwise.

Cats choose their favorite human for a variety of reasons. If you give your cat a happy, contented life, you’ll likely be high on the list.


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