1. I have a approx. 14 y.old Bombay black cat and live in a city environment, in a flat with the whole cortyard
    of the building practically mine, as noone uses it. The flat above me is empty. The local pigeons have seen that they can rest on the balcony and cortyard (my entrance door is directly from the yard and most time closed). Even when she was younger, she showed interest for hunting pigeons. Well, today, she got one there, served, for lunch, sleeping in the yard, and quickly ran to get in kind of “See what I got”. Seeing her running in my direction, I quickly closed the door, telling her NO NO. Whenever I am on the laptop, she’s on the table to get warm vith the heat coming out. Well, I don’t want diseases at least on the table. After I threw the pigeon in the trash, using gloves, I washed with water and soap in front of the entrance door, but “how do I wash the cat”. Joking, of course.

    1. Hello Leo,

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      Yes, the cat has very good hunters and they often tend to show off their skills to us.

      I think you have taken very good measures already to safeguard from any kind of infection.

      Stay safe.

      Happy Cat Parenting

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