1. I have to agree with you… one of the cats whom I have had… his name was Buddah, a domestic short haired tuxedo cat , used to lock me out of the house. He and his sister Betty Boop would be basking in the sun in the windows of our porch and I would be working in the yard, When I would want to come in the screen door would be locked.It was not a matter of him pushing the lock switch down on the door to lock it because the switch had to be pushed up to lock. Then he would just be sitting there looking at me trying to get the door open. He did this to me two or three times until finally I would have to keep the front door unlocked to get back in. Twice I had to cut the corner of the screen and reach in to unlock the door… luckily the third time my wife was home to let me in. Buddah was very smart and mischevious.

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