When a woman is carrying a baby, she is expected to have complete rest and a balanced diet. This is done to ensure a safe birth for the baby and that the mother remains healthy.

During certain months of pregnancy, the woman is prohibited from traveling. Cats are mammals and give birth to offspring as humans do, so does that mean that cat is also forbidden to travel, or is the cat even allowed to travel?

These questions spring up in our minds sometimes and the human-cat analogy seems to give incompetent answers in our minds. Don’t worry let us explore the answers to these questions together.

Can You Travel With A Pregnant Cat?

Is it Okay To Travel With A Pregnant Cat?

Is it Okay To Travel With A Pregnant Cat?

Though not the most advisable idea, there are ways you can travel with a pregnant cat. It is not suggested though. Travel can induce stress or changes that may cause the cats to stress and lead to premature birth, which is not an outcome you want.

If it can be avoided, you should not travel with a pregnant cat. But if you have an emergency and you can’t postpone your travel, find a sitter for the cat. If even that’s not a suitable solution you would have to accommodate your trips according to your pregnant cat.

A pregnant cat needs more attention and more care than normal. Traveling in such conditions could take a serious toll on them.

Traveling includes a lot of cramped spaces for longer periods like in a car or an airplane which could cause pregnant cats stress. The effects of stress on pregnant cats are very serious and if we look into it the list of problems it could cause is too long. 

So if you can you should refrain from traveling with an expecting cat because it would be beneficial for both you and the mother cat, but if it is unavoidable you would have to change your plans so that your cat could be comfortable and prepared too.

Can A Pregnant Cat Fly On An Airplane?

No, a pregnant cannot fly on an airplane. A pregnant cat can physically fly on an airplane with no problem as such but the cons of that would outweigh the pros that are nearly not there.

So if you want to travel with a pregnant cat, an airplane should never be on the list of possible modes of transport.

The main reason you can’t fly an expecting cat mother is that you want to keep her very comfortable and stress-free but airlines which generally provide facilities for traveling with pets put them in cargo and in cramped spaces which cannot be good for them in their condition. 

Also sometimes pets are put on different planes than the owners and are separated. This could be bad for not only your cat but this would make you stressed too.

These different flights could even face the issues of delays or different arrival times and it could not be the best situation for your pregnant cat to get into.

Pregnant cats need enough space to be comfortable and move around. Inadequate movement or rather restrictions would cause them to be anxious or stressed. And stress can have effects such as premature birth or could affect the kittens later in life too.

If you travel with your pregnant cat in the sixth week of her nine-week pregnancy the airplane shouldn’t be even your last option.

Because in that week cats tend to show more appetite and need to be fed at regular intervals of time. Being in the cargo of an airplane does not make it any easier for them or you. 

Before you plan any such trip weigh all of your options before embarking on the journey because someone wise once said ‘never depend on the multitude, full of instability and whims, take precautions against it.

So don’t take such risks than can endanger your cat and its children’s life.

Can A Pregnant Cat Travel In Train?

Compared to an airplane, the train is a safer option even the best option available. Yes, you can take your pregnant cat on a train as it has enough space to accommodate the cat and the cat’s necessities it may need in case of an emergency.

Make sure to take your cat carrier without fail because without it it would be very difficult to endure the journey.

At some places where the trains have cabins, you can get settled with your cats in exclusive cabins and it would be much more comfortable and convenient for you and your cat. 

Cats may freak out at a new place in such conditions but train journeys are usually longer than air travel so it gives enough time for your cat to get adjusted to the train. Also, the view from the trains could help in calming the cats. 

Even if the train may seem like the most viable option does not mean you can travel with a pregnant cat every time. If you have to travel, your first choice should be to leave your cat with a sitter or make an arrangement to leave your cat behind if possible. 

The train should be your go-to choice if you cannot seem to get any other way to leave your cat behind, but even before doing that, you should consult your vet before any sort of travel with an expecting cat.

Can A Pregnant Cat Travel In A Car?

Can A Pregnant Cat Travel In A Car?

With proper arrangements, you can take your cat on a short road trip. You should be armed with enough blankets and be prepared for the birth of the kittens. 

Make sure your cat has enough space and all the necessities that it may need. You should also carry things like herbs and sedatives in case the need arises. You can never be sure how the cat would react to this situation. 

If you are traveling with a cat in the car, you would have to keep stopping every few hours and make sure the cat can stretch its muscles.

It seems like a burden but that is one of many adjustments you would have to make to take your pregnant cat on a car trip. 

Car trips rank after train journeys in terms of safety and comfort for a pregnant cat. It is advisable to choose the road for a pregnant cat to go on a trip. 

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How To Travel With A Pregnant Cat?

How To Travel With A Pregnant Cat?

So far, we have agreed that the road might be the best way if a situation arises where you have to travel with a pregnant cat with no other alternative. These are the following things you should keep in mind and keep in hand and be prepared for the worst

  1. Overfeeding: this is a common problem with pregnant cats that sometimes owners or caretakers overfeed them and they throw up. While traveling this could be a big issue as it includes small spaces and puking could smell the whole car/ train seat. The smell could trigger the cat’s anxiety and could cause it to stress too. So proper feeding is important but makes sure you do not overfeed the cat
  2. Herbs and sedatives: you may have heard that there are some herbs that have a calming effect on the cat. They have certain smells which could calm them and keep them stress-free. If you are traveling with a pregnant cat take these herbs with you to be safe and use them for your cat to keep it relieved.
  3. Carry their favorite toy: every pet has a favorite toy, you can take your cat’s favorite toy as it would keep it distracted and also busy so they would not pay attention to the situation for some time. Don’t just take one toy but take a few, just in case and it would act as your cat’s playtime.
  4. Toiletries: take all the necessary toiletries with you, and make sure you are prepared for anything to come. A warm blanket and the cat’s litterbox with you are a must because the cat may need to pee more in these situations.
  5. Pit stops: if your cat is not used to traveling, take a break after every few hours because that would allow your cat to stretch and the change in view could help them. 

These are things you should do if you have to travel with a cat and you have no other alternative and have to take your cat with you.

But an additional tip would be that you should refrain from traveling in the sixth week of the cat’s pregnancy as it is a crucial stage and even the cat requires more care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can travel cause stress to pregnant cats?

Yes, it can cause stress to a normal cat too let alone a pregnant cat. Traveling includes cramped spaces and unknown environments which are a trigger for cats.

Why is air travel not recommended for expecting cats?

In airplanes, pets are shipped as cargo in small containers and sometimes they are not even on the same flights. This could stress the cat but also it could stress you and you cannot control if the cat lands in an unknown situation.


Traveling with a pregnant human is a big decision and it requires a lot of planning, similarly traveling with pregnant cats is even more difficult because their pregnancies are shorter and require more care and attention in some cases. 

Traveling with a pregnant cat is not recommended by vets, because traveling could cause the cat stress which could lead to events such as premature birth.

Air travel is even riskier as in airplanes pets are transported as cargo and in small cramped spaces which would be very unfit for a pregnant cat. 

If an avoidable situation arises where you have to travel and you can make no arrangements for the cat, you can try taking a train or making the trip by car. These modes of travel ensure that the cat always stays in your line of sight and you can look after it.

You may have to prepare a lot and adjust a lot while traveling with an expecting mother cat, but make sure to consult the veterinarian before embarking on any of these journeys.

Would you consult a vet or take your cat on a journey as it is?


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