Whenever we are at home, we happen to see a lot of insects. Seeing them we often take a look at our cats and wonder what if our pets ingest it? Are they toxic?

Being a furry parent myself, I can say that this is one of the worries that has come to me and made me unsettling for many days.

It is said that insects can be toxic and hazardous for a feline’s system and when a query as such is raised, it is my obligation to bring forth the answers for you.

After a long quest on the internet, invading many parent’s experiences, I am summing up or curating this whole article just for you to bring all your queries to a full stop.

As I introduced the half part of the article, let me put the other half to your sight. Yes, you guessed that right, this topic concerns silverfish.

I know what must have popped in your head, can cats eat silverfish?

Cats can eat silverfish without any health concerns as it is not toxic for your cats, but it is better to get rid of them if such a situation is happening in your house.

Come, let me elucidate the topic in brief.

can cats eat silverfish? is it harmful?

Why Does My Cat Eat Silverfish?

why does my cat eat silverfish?

Okay so the first thing first, what are silverfish? Silverfish are small insects you usually can find in your house. Sorry to break it to you, but it doesn’t concern fish.


Your cat seems to eat silverfish as cats like to play around and seeing a moving thing interests them. That’s all, that’s what the story is.

Here, you must have wondered is, can cats eat silverfish?  Well, parents, as much as it seems a nuisance to us, it’s not that bad for cats considering cats belong to a wild family which preys on insects and animals to sustain their lifestyle.

If your cat has ingested a silverfish, don’t worry, it is not harmful and cannot create any façade in your feline’s life, but try to keep it away from your house and get rid of them as soon as possible if you don’t want your cat to feed on them.

Is It Okay For Cats To Eat Silverfish?

is it okay for cats to eat silverfish?

It Is okay if your cat has ingested or eaten silverfish because as of now, there is not toxicity being associated with it. There also haven’t been any relevant data that showcases that silverfish has to turn out to be the cause of serious ailments in cats.

But make sure, you don’t allow your cats to have silverfish knowingly as your cat will likely become prone to eating insects which in some way encourage them for more making them eat less food which can be a possible reason for your cat’s would be deteriorating health.

Get pesticides and get rid of silverfish because, on days, it has the possibility to create nuisance all over the house.

Does Cat Food Attract Silverfish?

does cat food attract silverfish?

To write it down more clearly for you, as you know cats are given high protein food, I am afraid to break it to you but high protein food and carbohydrates attract silverfish.

When I had a conversation with the fellow cat parent’s I came to know about the cures they did to get over such occurrences.

Silverfish usually likes to invade dark and moist areas, try to not keep your cat’s food around or in such places. Try to keep your home dry and clutter-free to block the potential reasons for letting the silverfish enter your house.

The thing is, try to keep your house clean and not let water accumulate as this Is what attracts silverfish the most.

Seal the food items and keep them in a clean place and try to contact the local pest control service to get to know more about this.

Do Silverfish Like Cat Litter?

Yes, there are high chances of silverfish liking your cat’s litter considering they like to be in dark and damp and moist places.

It’s very likely for a silverfish to find a home inside your home if you are not paying that much attention to clean your house and de-clutter all the garbage out of the house.

Cat parents, as I mentioned earlier, it is non-toxic for your cats, but try to decipher its gross and doesn’t possess any nutrients for which you should allow it roaming free in your house.

Do Silverfish Bite Cats?

No, silverfish are not known to carry any toxins, hence ruling out the possibility of it biting, spraying, or doing any other defensive work that many other insects do.

Even though it doesn’t possess any harm to our cats, we should not allow our cats to eat or be around silverfish as once it becomes a habit, it can create a drastic change in your feline’s lifestyle which no cat parent would want to go through.

Can Silverfish Make Cats Sick?

Silverfish is non-toxic and there is no possibility of it making your cat severely ill by ingesting it.

If your cat happens to ingest a silverfish, there is no harm associated with it, but if you don’t want to encourage such habits, keep the silverfish away from your cat as much as you can.

To bring it more briefly to you, cats are keen hunters and like to prey on anything that moves, so your cat’s eagerness to eat silverfish can only be satiated if they don’t find any.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe for cats to eat insects?

Cats belong to a wild family and they have inherited preying on insects and animals. It is safe for your cat to eat insects like silverfish as it is no toxic but there are some insects that can be harmful to your cat, so keep a check on that.

Why do silverfish hide in pet food?

Silverfish will most likely hide in your pet’s food if the food is infested and kept in dark and moist places.

Can silverfish be harmful to humans?

Silverfish are not harmful to humans or pets but It is recommended to keep them afar as sometimes they can be gross and leave behind their scent or can trigger human allergies.

What makes silverfish come to your house?

The main reason why silverfish is making an appearance in your home is because of the dirty dishes you leave in the sink and also because of the damp clothing and paper.

Final Words

At the end of the article, I can conclude that you can rest all your doubts related to silverfish as this article clearly depicted that silverfish are non-toxic for our cats and that you don’t have to worry regarding it.

Although, it’s better for you to indulge yourself and your feline in healthy and clean daily practices eradicating any type of insects present in your house.

It’s evident that it’s not harmful but the possibility of it giving allergies is not completely ruled out.

Invest your time into making a good schedule and lifestyle for your cat that will assure the best results in the long run.

Before ending my words and bringing them to a pause, tell me in the comment section why silverfish are called a fish even when they are not and when was the first time your cat ate a silverfish? How you broke their habit?

Come paw-rents, share your experiences, I am waiting in the comments section.


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