“Cats live in the universe once, but forever in our hearts”.

I wrote this quote a few days ago and thought to add this in this article. This is something that resonated with me and I thought why not share it with my cat parents here too.

Being cat parents, we have always been on verges and happen to be around a lot of apprehensions that surround cat’s lives, food, and whatnot.

Talking about food, let me bring another food article to you because I can guess it has become an integral part of our lives. Food is what we keep thinking about as it’s the only thing that makes us build a bond with our little felines.

Let me just brought to you today’s topic that is going to revolve around oysters.

To answer the first question that must have popped in your head, can cats eat oysters?

No, you shouldn’t give your cats oysters as uncooked oysters carry a type of bacteria that can cause stomach and intestinal problems.

To know further, let’s get in without any delay.

can  cats eat oysters? put here clearly

Can Cats Eat Canned Oysters?

No, cats shouldn’t eat oysters in any form as they have enzymes that happen to act differently on cats and sometimes turn out to be fatal for your cats too.  Enzymes in oysters destroy thiamine in a cat’s body.

It’s said that cats can be given oysters in smaller quantities but it’s truly baseless and you should keep your cat’s way from such practices.

Oysters are also able to kill your cat if given in large quantities.

On the other hand, if we have to talk about canned oysters, then it is considered to have more nutrients than the raw ones and can be given to your cats.

But the thing that should be kept in mind here is that you should only give your cat’s canned oysters in limited value and if possible, refrain away from providing such food choices to your feline.

Can Cats Eat Oyster Sauce?

As earlier I mentioned, oysters are not a healthy choice for your cats as it doesn’t have any mechanism to protect your cat from the problems it can possess for your cat.

You shouldn’t give your cat oyster sauce too as it has added addictives and also preservatives that can disrupt your cat’s digestive systems and can end up in diarrhea and vomiting.

Most of the time, sauces have many contents that can be sensitive to your feline’s digestion cycle. You need to keep it away from your cat.

If your cat likes to have oyster sauce, then try to not make it a staple food and only give it as an addition that too in highly cautious values.

Benefits To Cats Eating Oysters

Here, I would like to gather your attention on this part of the article too which is going to get you near some benefits of giving or feeding your cat oysters too.

benefits of cats eating oysters

So without any further a due, let’s dwell.

  • Great For A Good Heart

Oysters are considered to be a great choice if you want to promote good heart health in your felines.  Oysters are great in omega 3 acids that are said to reduce the risk of cardiac diseases and enhance brain function which is the best thing you can provide to your feline.

  • High Protein Diet

Oysters are a great choice if you are looking for an additional food choice that can fulfill your cat’s protein intake. You can rely on it only as an addition and can feed your feline with it on an alternative day.

  • Provide Energy Levels

   Oysters are also beneficial if you are looking for something that can increase your cat’s energy levels it’s likely that your cat must be feeling lethargic and you are looking for a choice to keep up the energy levels high. You can opt for it but by keeping moderation in mind.

After bringing this all to you, it’s on you to opt for a healthy choice and include only the best in your feline’s diet.

Drawbacks To cats Eating Oysters

As along the article, we have ended up talking about why cats shouldn’t be given oysters. Let’s get further into this and bring more facts or you can say more drawbacks known to you.

drawbacks to cats eating oysters
  • Enzyme Issues

The first and foremost health effect that is going to come straight towards you, is the kind of enzyme issues oysters contain.

Enzymes destroy thiamine present in a cat’s body that cats need in order to survive. Thiamine is a vitamin B that ensures stability in cats. Lack of thiamine from eating oysters can give your feline neurological disorders, seizures, and comas.

Even a small amount in this case can harm your cat in adverse ways.

  • Food Poisoning

The bacteria present in oysters can be harmful to cats and humans too.  Uncooked oysters carry Vibrio Vulnificus, a bacteria that can cause stomach and intestinal problems if goes out of hand, can give your cats severe illness and sometimes death too.

Cats can die from diarrhea caused by this type of bacteria and sometimes also turn out to be fatal if goes untreatable.

After mentioning these relevant points which clearly depict why you shouldn’t give your cats oysters, I hope you get clear justifications for discarding your urge to serve your cat oysters.

Can A Cat Die Of Eating Oysters?

Yes, cats can die from eating oysters as it does have contents that can make your feline severely ill ultimately resulting in death such as bacteria, etc.

If you are feeding your cat raw oysters, it’s probable that your cat will get infected with parasites that are likely to be present in oysters as it’s a portion of seafood.

Another thing that is worth noticing here is, most cats have allergies when it comes to seafood

There is a high tendency that your cat will show extreme signs of allergies and can be severely ill if the signs go out of sight which can often end up being hazardous.

Do Cats Like Oysters?

do cats like oysters?

Cats do like oysters as mostly they find the aroma and texture appetizing and are highly likable towards oysters.

But it doesn’t mean you should let you ca have oysters as it can only be considered an additional food choice and not as the staple diet.

But, giving your feline raw oyster is not a good choice and you should refrain from giving it to your feline.

Opt for giving your cat-cooked oysters that too by not adding any added sauces and preservatives to it to maintain the essential nutrients that an oyster comprises.

Another important thing that I have been meaning to tell you here is, that oysters don’t have all the nutrients that a cat needs to sustain a healthy lifestyle.   It is inappropriate to rely on its nutrients as a whole.

What Do I Do If My Cat Ate Oysters?

There is no need to worry if your cat has eaten oysters. Keep a check on the number of oysters that seem to be eaten by your feline.

If you happen to see any allergies then try to consult a veterinarian on an immediate basis.

The thing that you should remember here is to not make any food accessible to your feline as any food in excess has a high probability to make your cat ill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should oysters never be given to cats?

Cats shouldn’t be given oysters as it doesn’t contain all the wholesome nutrients a cat requires in their diets. Also, there is a high possibility that the enzymes present in them will have different issues that can make your cat extremely sick as cats don’t have the mechanism to deal with it.

Can felines be given seafood every day?

No, cats shouldn’t be given seafood every day as it is healthy and can end up in extreme repercussions.
It’s also advisable that your only include seafood as an addition as cats are often intolerable to seafood items and can build up allergies if given on regular basis.

Can cats eat raw oysters?

You should not give your cats raw oysters as they can be comprised of bacteria and parasites that can halt the flow in your cat’s digestive systems which is the last thing you will want for your furry baby.

Final Words

At the end of this article, we have come to the conclusion that oysters are not a healthy choice for your felines and should only be given as a treat that too in limited amounts.

Here, I would also like to bring this to your kind notice that there are a lot of speculations and disseminated information that goes around oysters and I would like to bring to a full stop by telling you that consider giving your cats oysters cooked and not raw as all along with the article we have known that it is better to give it that way.

To finally end my words, as the tradition, let me give you some time to ponder on this article and tell me what are the things you found useful and also, things that you are going to add to your bucket list.

Come cat parents, meet in the comment sections, and let’s see what all of you have got.


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