Most of us are already known the fact that cats are obligate carnivores, and would need to hunt from time to time to satiate their hunger which is absolutely acceptable.

But, I know being a furry parent, we often wonder what we should let our little kitty have and what not as let me tell you not anything and everything is beneficial for your cats.

Don’t you worry, this topic is about such an insect that you might have seen your feline creeping on, which would have ultimately caused havoc in your life.

I guess you are very near to guessing today’s topic, so let me end your quest here, my dear readers its about crickets.

Yes, and to give a little brief to you in short words, crickets are agile insects that are rich in proteins, it contains high levels of calcium, omega fatty acids, iron, and vitamin B12, Which makes it an appropriate and non-toxic treat to prey on for your feline.

Sounds amusing right? Hold on, there is so much more.

can cats eat crickets? is it harmful?

Can I Feed Crickets To My Cat?

Yes, crickets can be given to cats because of the nutritional value that it holds considering cats have inherited carnivores and need to prey and hunt is their natural instinct, it is a great source of protein, omega fatty acids, and many more.

This often comes as shocking to many as to why an insect can be given to a feline, to eradicate that thought, you should know cats belong to the wild and they are obligated to pray to survive themselves.  While many other insects can be hazardous and toxic, crickets are one of the insects that possess great value to give to the little furry babies.

To elucidate it more, crickets are 65% protein and comprise of necessary nutritional contents such as calcium, iron, and vitamins.

This should be brought into beaming light that crickets are good for felines that have the natural urge to hunt and prey, you don’t need to feed them on a regular basis to keep up with the essential needs of a feline.

Their staple diet is well enough to provide for that, refrain away from relying on crickets as a whole diet.

Can Cats Eat Live Crickets?

Cats are very likely to eat live crickets when they are in their hunting phase, they are not poisonous and can be eaten by felines.

As mentioned, crickets are not poisonous, however, don’t rule out the possibility of it making your cat vomit in some cases as the chances of a cricket carrying pesticides is usually high which makes it easy to reach your cat’s sensitive system and disrupt the healthy cycle once your cat ingests it.

What Happens If A Cat Eats Live Cricket?

Nothing severe is likely to happen once cats eat a live cricket, chances are that a feline will in most cases be at ease after swallowing a cricket.

what happens if a cat eats live cricket

When it comes to the nutritional value, it is hands down the great choice for a feline but it’s quite possible your cat will get ill not from the insect itself but from the pesticides that it may contain.

Your cat is likely to feel lethargic and vomiting can be the signs your cat will drop off once your cat ingests the harmful pesticides inside their body.

For your brief knowledge, parasites are a specific kind of poison that affects the digestive system of your pet making it lose appetite and vomit in most occurrences.

To prevent such instances, there are many manufacturers that have started producing food with processed insects in them considering insects like crickets are high in nutritional value.

If you want to keep your feline away from such hunting practices which makes your cat prone to contract any pesticides, opt for the second-best choice that is to get such manufactured food items and provide them to your cat to be on the safer side.

Can Crickets Make Your Cat Sick?

The answer in most cases has to be no. crickets cannot make your cat sick unless they have hazardous parasites attached, it’s unlikely your feline will get sick.

In some cases, your cat may vomit if your cat doesn’t seem to like the texture, scent, or feeling of the insect.

But let me bring this forth, don’t encourage your cat for eating or hunting insects as it might become their natural tendency to feed on every insect that carries the possibility of being toxic too.

It’s better to provide them with manufactured insect-based cat food rather than allowing such hunting or preying practices in your house.

Because let’s admit it, it’s gross and not something you would want to see as your everyday sight

Can Crickets Kill Cats?

No, crickets cannot kill your cat. But it has the slight possibility of making your cat ill in some cases.

All along with the article until now, we have been able to see that crickets are a high source of proteins, calcium, omega fatty acids, iron, etc which is absolutely true but there is still some probability of it making your feline ill.

To the furry parents, who do feed their cats with crickets on a regular basis, don’t worry, it’s a very unlikely possibility, and yet not negligible.

Keep on reading to know-how.

can crickets kill cats?

1.Oral Irritation

Crickets are born with an exoskeleton that is hard which ensures no predator comes near to them. In simpler words, it works to protect them from any prey or hunter.

When a feline chews it, those hard shells may cause cuts on their mouths because of the sharp edges that can give the feline oral irritation.

In such cases, soreness and swelling are the most common symptoms that should be detected in the initial stages, but if not, it’s likely that some of these signs will unfold

  • Drooling
  • Reluctant To Eat
  • Bad Breath
  • Bleeding Gums

You may need to visit the veterinarian if these signs persist for long.

2. Insecticides

Crickets that resided in exposed places have the high tendency to contract insecticides which once ingested by your feline will likely end up in allergies and give it some symptoms that a cat usually shows whenever any pesticide reaches their stomach.

Some of such signs are-

  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Dilated pupils
  • Seizures
  • Abdominal pain

3.Gastrointestinal Complications

When a cat cannot ingest a cricket or doesn’t like the taste of it or when its digestive system that is extremely sensitive cannot cope with the content that swallowed. It’s common your feline will develop gastrointestinal complications such as-

Get your furry baby checked if the symptoms don’t perish.

Insects Harmful For Cats

Unlike crickets, there are many other insects that possess a great hazard for your little feline and can make them severely ill in some instances. Look out for the ones you usually find in your home that you must protect your kitty from.

insects harmful for cats


They may be just a nuisance for humans( okay, not everyone) but they are very poisonous when it comes to our little felines.

Cockroaches carry harmful parasites and bacteria that shouldn’t be consumed by cats any day as it can make them severely ill. Some of the initial symptoms include diarrhea and vomiting.

2.Carpenter And Fire Ants

Most of the time, ants are not harmful to cats but a house that is infested with carpenter ants is a major threat to both humans and felines.

Carpenter ants one bite is enough to tear your skin, they also use a defense mechanism to spray acid on the wound which makes the pain excruciating and impossible to bear. Carpenter and fire ants can give you kitty anaphylaxis.


Never let your feline be around any scorpion as it is one bite can leave your cat in extreme pain that’s quite unbearable and in worst cases, end up giving your feline breathing issues, vomiting, and other such behaviors.

These were some of the insects that have a higher probability of being hazardous but there are many more that possess great harm for your cat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why fireflies are toxic for cats?

Fireflies are toxic for your cats because they contain lucibufagins that cause them to light up but this toxin is known to cause gastrointestinal complications to your little furry and in some cases, death has been reported too.

Are any insects that are poisonous to cats?

Mothballs are very poisonous to cats. Mothballs are solid, concentrated pesticides that can cause vomiting, tremors, seizures, breathing troubles, etc.

What are the substances available in crickets?

Crickets have 58% protein, 10.3% fat, and 8.7% chitin that is advisable for a cat.

Final Words

At the end of this article, we have come to the conclusion that crickets are non-toxic for your cats and can be given to your feline but keep in mind that it has a slight possibility of giving your certain complications that are mentioned in the article above.

To put my words to a halt, I am giving you a question to discuss your answers and thoughts on.

Okay, so what was the first time when your feline had a toxic insect? How did you cope up with that?

Come, help your fellow parents in the comment box below.


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