“Cats can’t eat this”, “Don’t serve your cat this”, “This is bad for your cat” etc, you must be tired from these continuous ‘don’ts’.  That’s what I was thinking a few days ago while baking cornbread for myself and I wanted to share it with my cat but before that, I made sure to clear my worries and so I googled if my cat can eat cornbread.

Cats can eat cornbread as corn is used in cat food but as filler instead of nutrition. So, yes to cornbread doesn’t mean that it cannot be harmful. The carbohydrate materiel and butter in the dish can make it harmful for cats. So, overall cats can eat cornbread but to the limit, not on the daily basis.

It is fine and natural for a pet parent to share food with their little friend but before sharing it is best to do some research, that’s what I did for my cat and here’s is the result.

Can Cats Eat Corn Bread? Will It Harm My Cat?

Can I Give My Cat Corn Bread?

Can I Give My Cat Corn Bread?

Yes, cats can eat some or a piece of cornbread but in limit. Cornbread is a composition of cornmeal. Cornmeal is used in many cat food products so it is safe for cats to eat. But this doesn’t mean that the other ingredient might be ok for cats.

Basically, if you want to give your cat a little taste of the delicious cuisine made by you then you can. Your feline friend is not going to get sick by eating a little piece of it. But little means limited.

Cornbread is a cuisine that is made of cornmeal, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, milk/buttermilk, and butter. Some prefer it to be salty too. 

The ingredients might sound delicious for you but it is not the same for cats and their stomach.

The sugar, butter, buttermilk, and baking powder can be harmful to cats but not toxic. So, if your cat is facing indigestion after eating cornbread don’t get worried just take good care of her diet.

If your cat is already not on a good diet or is ill then avoid serving them cornbread, the empty nutrition in the dish will just increase the issue.

Is It Safe For Cat To Eat Bread?

In short, cats can have cornbread but limited or it can cause indigestion.

Yes, a limited amount of bread and cornbread is safe for cats to consume but it has almost no nutritional value.  Being an obligate carnivorous cat cannot digest the dairy product very well.

For better understanding let’s look at the ingredients of the cornbread and know how it affects cats;

Is It Safe For  Cat To Eat  Bread?

1. Cornmeal

Corn and cornmeal are not bad for cats but sometimes cats might not be able to digest them. Cornmeal is used in cat food as filler so we cannot observe it to be healthy for cats.

2. Sugar

Now here is a twist, cats cannot taste sweetness! So basically cats will not be able to taste the cornbread rather it is the smell and texture that attracts cats.

Not being able to taste doesn’t mean that it will not affect the cat. Sugar is neither toxic nor good for cats. It can harm the digestive system of the cat and cause indigestion.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is toxic to cats! This one ingredient can make the cornbread harmful for cats to consume as it can cause many health problems in cats. We use 2 teaspoons of baking powder in cornbread.

4. Baking Powder

Little baking powder is not bad for cats and so it doesn’t make cornbread bad for cats as cornbread as ½ teaspoon of baking soda.

5. Butter

Butter is not cat food. Though they need fat or unsaturated butter but here the saturated fat which makes it bad for kitty. Either it will do nothing or it will make your cat’s tummy upset.

6. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is not bad for cats but is not recommended. Being lactose intolerant they can face many digestive issues including vomiting.

Overall, cats can eat cornbread but we can’t say if it is safe for cats. Too little can be fine but too much can be harmful to cats. Make sure the dish doesn’t have harmful ingredients and spices.

When Is Cornbread Okay For Cats To Eat?

A little amount of cornbread is always okay for cats. Though if the cuisine is included in your daily diet then it can harm your cat. But a cornbread with too much butter is never okay for cats.

Every cat parent thinks before serving food to their feline friend if it is okay for your friend. That’s good and important. Cornbread is not toxic to cats but it is doesn’t mean that it is healthy for your cat.

Actually, when talking about nutritional value cornbread is basically good in carbohydrates only. It can complete the basic energy level of the cat but the fat present in it can make it bad for cats.

There is some good news for you! Sometimes cornbread doesn’t contain sugar so it can be finer for cats to eat. Sugar is one of the good sources of carbohydrates but again it is not good for cats (neither it is harmful but it is best to avoid.)

Pro Tip- You can serve your cat some cornbread with a teaspoon of RAW honey as it is good for her immunity.

So, it is okay for cats to eat cornbread but better use it as a treat.

When Is Corn Bread Bad For Cats?

Cornbread with too much layer of butter can be bad for cat’s health. The good news is that cornbread is not toxic for your cat but avoid giving it to your cat if it has any spices or ingredients which trigger your cat’s allergy.

Following ingredients of the cornbread can be harmful to cats;

When Is Corn Bread Bad For Cat?

1. Butter

Yes, butter is harmful to cats as it contains saturated fat, and cats need unsaturated fat. The presence of fat in the cornbread can make your cat feel full due to which they can lose their appetite. Your carnivorous creature needs solid food for a better existence.

2. Buttermilk

Most cats are lactose intolerant so this will cause indigestion in cats and it may also lead to too much drooling and vomiting. Try to add normal dairy products (milk) in cornbread.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is toxic to cats! So, use it to the limit to avoid any problem. Too much of it can cause digestion problems in cats.

4. Salt

Yes, cornbread can be salty. Well, salt is not a good option for your cat in fact it can be poisonous but not in a killing way. Though it may trigger stomach issues and vomiting that can make your cat lethargic.

5. Jalapenos

Some people like the taste of jalapenos in cornbread but never add it to your cat’s piece. Why? Because jalapenos have capsaicin which may give them a bad stomach.  It can also trigger gastrointestinal problems in your cat.

Apart from this, any extra ingredient like jalapeno and spices can be harmful to the cat. If your cat is not on a good diet then never serve them bread for nutrition fulfillment. All can do is make your cat obese.

We need to understand that our cats cannot always eat what is good for us instead serve them solid food and use cornbread as a treat.

Can Cat Eat Corn Muffin?

Yes, cats can eat a small amount of corn muffins. Corn muffins are nothing but cornbread. In fact, corn muffin is among the types of muffins which is fine for cats to eat.

Everything should be within the limit for your cat. Try not to give a whole piece of muffin or they can face stomach issues instead give them it as a treat. Fortunately, it is not toxic for the cat.

Frequently Asked Question

Is cornbread toxic for the cat?

No, cornbread is not toxic to the cat but too much cornbread can be harmful to their stomach.

Can cats eat cornmeal?

Yes, in fact, cornbread is made up of cornmeal. Apart from this corn is one of the basic ingredients of cat food. But use it in a moderate amount.

Can kittens eat cornbread?

Yes, kittens can eat cornbread but still is recommended not to serve them cornbread. This is their growth year so serve them a healthy diet.

What are the things I can serve my cat with cornbread?

You can serve a tablespoon of honey with cornbread to your cat for immunity though your cat is not going to have its taste. Apart from this add a little piece of apple; the crunchy fruit is absolutely safe and good for cats. At last, you can also use pork with no bone for your cat.

Final Words

It is good that you want to share your food with your little friend but make sure to do some good research as what is good for humans is not always good for cats.

Cats are not omnivorous it’s the changing lifestyle due to which they can eat a little vegetable otherwise no animal of the cat family can eat such things. One better option is to consult a vet about your cat’s diet plan.

From this article, we came to know that our feline can eat cornbread still let’s make sure we are serving her some good food but using the human food as treat is not bad.

Hope this article was helpful!


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